Odds and Pods people causing concern for customers

Bitterwallet - Odds and Pods Online retailers Odds and Pods deal in phone accessories and headphones, and are based in Portsmouth. A thread appeared on Hot UK Deals about the company in August and nearly 300 comments later, it's showing no signs of abating.

Unlike scam website Splatt, there appears to be a genuine retail operation behind Odds and Pods, that is also involved in several other gadget retail sites. At first, HUKD members complained of hopeless customer service, the wrong products arriving and payments been taken with no sign of the goods been delivered. A staff member posted to the forums protesting the company's innocence, but it fell on deaf ears.

Then several members started complaining about goods received been of such poor quality that they were almost certainly fake. Odds and Pods disputed the claims and insisted the goods were simply faulty, but still the accusations came - quite a few of them, in fact.

The complaints increased through December; more customers complained of lost orders, no refunds and allegedly fake goods, and the staff that had been responding to comments in the forums seemingly vanished. While there are a handful of HUKD members who claim to have had their problems satisfactorily resolved by Odds and Pods, next to nobody is recommending buying from the site.

Have you had any dealings with Odds and Pods? Let us know in the comments below.


  • zeddy
    Aren't BW getting all Anne Robinson on us? Not so pretty, mind you.....
  • PokeHerPete
    I love theirs site, especially the sale banner. The monotone Comic Sans font on the poor quality jpg tells me that they are a serious company.
  • chris
    Bought some Sennheiser running headphones from them, and was aware of "issues" with their service. I used Google Checkout I think. Item arrived eventually and appears to be genuine. Wouldn't use again though to be honest.
  • Gilly
    I ordered a Joby Gorillapod and paid £47 on 17th December which has not yet arrived. I don't believe it is a postal issue as when I logon to check the order status is just says 'processing'. My payment was taken on the 17th however I have now left 3 messages on their answerphone and sent 3 emails but to no avail - they have not got back to me. I think this sort of customer service is disgusting and I would urge others not to use this site.
  • Simon
    Ordered iPad doc on the 11 dec, no sight. 3 emails, 2 phone calls no response. Looking to contact bank to see if payment can be refunded and considering Hampshire trading standards.
  • Stef
    Have bought a bluetooth ear piece on the 2nd december.It never arrived.After many phone calls and emails it still has not arrived.Have tried to phone them but no one ever answers.They now owe me £32.94 which i will get back. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
  • Martin
    I nearly bought from these guys last week as they were the cheapest. But then after seeing their address was a PO Box, and the phone number blurb saying leave a message as we are often 'busy' made me suspicious. They also have a logo showing they had high Google seller ratings, but I couldn't click on it which looked dodgy as well.
  • groovyclam
    Ordered a gorillapod tripod on 26th Nov. Email from company saying product would arrive in 2 days. 1 week later - still no gorillapod - email to company took 2 days to reply and it said it would be with me in 2 more days. 2 weeks later - still no gorillapod - now no response to emails. 3 weeks later I sent an email headed "Report to Trading Standards" - got a response saying original Gorillapod must have been lost in the post due to the snow ( ha! ) and will send another. Get a standard email again like first saying dispatched will be with me in 2 days. 4. 5 days later I finally get the Gorillapod ( which seems genuine and not 2nd hand ). I would never use them again. It is my personal opinion the guy running the website is taking orders and only then trying to source product at a price as cheap as possible ( hence the delay in orders arriving, or the anecdotes of product appearing used or 2nd hand ). Only my opinion.
  • Rupert
    I bought a pair of Dr Dre Monster Beats Studio headphones from Odds and Pods on 27th December, they said it was shipped on 30th December by Royal Mail / Parcelforce and should be with me soon - obviously it should as Parcelforce normally deliver with a couple of working days. However, it is now 7th January and despite ringing them every day and getting the above mentioned recorded message, sending a message through their website, and emailing them I have had no response, and no headphones. After coming across a couple of scammers on eBay who did the same thing I thought this website could be trusted. How wrong I was. Keep clear of Odds and Pods. I'm contacting my bank today to get the money back.
  • groovyclam
    For those still without orders fulfilled I left a scathing review of Odds and Pods on the review site trustpilot.co.uk and also sent an email headed along the lines of "Will Report to Trading Standards if you don't deliver" and I finally got my order fulfilled ( after another week and a half ). Once I got my order in the post Odds and Pods contacted me and asked me to retract my review on trustpilot.co.uk I suggest those still waiting do the same as I did and you might actually get your order.
  • Odds B.
    [...] seems avid Bitterwallet readers are unhappy with online retailer Odds and Pods. Following our earlier story about the company, several of you have been in touch concerning delayed and missing orders: “I ordered a Joby [...]
  • George R.
    Do not use this company!! Orders guaranteed to be late!
  • stevie s.
    I ordered stuff on the 13th of December, I have tried contacting them over 10 times and still no one gets back to me. The stuff I ordered was xmas presents, so as you can imagine I look loike a right xxxxxxx, my girfriend actually said did you really order the stuff :( This company is utter rubbish and if I ever find their real address, god help them when I get there......
  • stef o.
    Still waiting for my bluetooth that i orderd on the 2nd december 2010.Many phone calls and emails later.Its now 10 january 2011 and still no bluetooth. This company is a total scam....... DO NOT USE. I am now in talks with TRADING STANDARDS who are going to sort this rubbish company out...
  • SkippyDoo2
    I ordered from Odds & Pods early in December and like most others here have no goods, no refund, and just one reply blaming Royal Mail.
  • Smithers
    What is the recommended time to wait for a product? I guess these guys need to be given the 7 days they say i will take for a product to be delivered from the point of warehouse picking? That is tomorrow - at which point I guess the Trading Standards threat will need to be used. I am amazed that they are still going given all of the bad press that exists on the web - I am kicking myself that I didn't make the effort to check these guys out first. Bloody annoying that there are individuals out there who feel they can take this kind of advantage. Odds and Pods should be tracked down and shut down in my opinion.
  • Tom B.
    At the moment im in no posisition to judge the company, "Odds and pods" however, im getting a very bad feeling about this because of previous reviews etc. I have been waiting for 14 days now for my dr. dre headphones. Also when i usually buy products online i check the location of the shop using google street view, unfortunately i did this after i placed the order. I have emailed the company using the website's email address and unlike other reviews i got a reply...FROM MIKE!!! in other reviews people are receiving emails from mike, is this an actual person im talking to? Because i think its an pre typed response. So overall from my research of this company, it has a fake location i reckon and also a fake response to and email however this is my opinion
  • Smithers
    Update on above posting - my headset has just been delivered so all products have been received. I still maintain that communication should be improved.
  • Tom B.
    Smithers, what is the condition of your headphones? are they fake? is there anything at all wrong with them? this goes for any1 who has bought and received a product from oddsandpods.co.uk
  • SWFCLee
    Where should i begin? We ordered the I Pig docking station on the 2nd December which after much chasing finally arrived on the 23rd December. Nothing to do with postage, their site clearly shows it wasn't dispatched until the 19th even though they said it was in stock when ordering. Along came xmas day and guess what, it didn't work. Requested a returns authorisation, no reply. Made a complaint via the site to which someone replied, apologised and offered to send a replacement within the week. 10 days later no replacement and no response to any communication. We have purchased another I Pig from Comet and when you compare the two products i am convinced the item sold by Odds and Pods is actually a fake I Pig. The product from Odds and Pods does not have any branding on the packaging, nor does it have a serial number. Informed Consumer Direct who have said this will be reported to Trading Standards. I would stay well clear of this company.
  • Mark W.
    Ordered 5 IPhone solar charging cases 22nd november. No sign of them and the same lack of replies to email and answer phone messages described by other posters. Clearly a dodgy bunch. Now have all the hassle of trying to get our money back.
  • Dee
    I ordered dr dre beats headphones, for a christmas present they arrived in good time, however the box was slightly damaged and the sound quality is very poor, I contacted Odds & Pods via email to arrange a return on 26th dec 2010, they responded the same day, someone will contact me soon. I am still waiting I have called left messages and now I am getting a busy tone.
  • steph
    I placed an order for a digital photoframe on the 17/12/2010 - still haven't received it! I've sent 2 emails and tried calling but the number doesn't work!! I'm not sure what to do now either as i've paid for the item but its nowhere to be seen! :(
  • GPB
    I ordered some Sony headphones as they were about half the price of those seen on the High Street. Order placed on 6th January and still not delivered. I've emailed twice, and have just sent a message through their online contact form, although from the reviews on here, I'm not holding out much hope of getting a response. Just wanted to add my frustrations to the ever growing list.
  • Luke
    I ordered a set of Dr. Dre Beats Headphones for £125 late December and was very pleased when they turned up just before Christmas. Because of the box, packaging etc, they appeared to be a genuine product, however the left earphone rattled so I sent them back for a replacement. They received my package on 6th Jan (I know this as I tracked it recorded delivery) but no confirmation has been of the item being received and after numerous emails and calls (which is useless by the way) still no response. Total nightmare. How do you contact an online company that doesn't seemingly want to be contacted! Amazes me that these such companies believe that this type of customer service is a sustainable business model. I am hoping a replacement will turn up any day soon, but am not holding my breath having found this page.
  • mjb
    after seven weeks of phoning \ sending emails received my earpiece on friday 211\2011 a discusting dirty second hand ear piece which should go stright into the bin . i suppose now i will have an even longer battle trying to get my money back. have informed trading standers .this firm is the pitts and should be stoppted trading, if anyboby knows how to put the wheels in motion to do this. please reply
  • Jamie S.
    Absolutely atrocious customer service! I purchased an item from them and requested a refund on the 14th Dec 2010 as the item was faulty. After over 15 emails I finally got a postage return form from them and they confirmed a month later on the 19th Jan that they had issued the refund. Now a week later on the 25th Jan I have had no refund. I contacted them and they confirmed they had sent it with a screenshot of the transaction. They have sent the refund to the wrong person, yet are adamant that it was sent to me. On the end of every email I have put my name, yet they still have managed to refund the item to someone else with the same surname as me. Now after over 20 emails both to their complaints department and customer services I have had to pass the issue to Trading Standards as they seem absolutely incapable of dealing with a simple refund. They broke the data protection act by showing to me personal details of another customer and also the consumer protection act as confirmed to me by Consumer Direct. I told them this to no avail.
  • Kris t.
    I have pay £49.98 to oddsandpods for iPhone earphone ,pink sony headphones and a iPad stand on the 16th of jan a week later no email to confirm order and check bank and see money had left me account so sent them at email and return so contacted my bank and report the company nearly two weeks pass no deliver and no money back!!! By looking on this site I see that this is normal for this company. Hopefully visa will get money back and close them down please report it so this will happen so other people don't get rip off like us
  • S
    I ordered a pair of Sennheiser IE8's from oddsandpods. No complaint with the delivery - slow but the time between ordering and having them in my hands was one week. However, while the earphones sounded OK, they didn't sound like a pair that normally retail at £200+ or like a friends pair (even with 20 hours + burning them in). Searching round the internet found detail on how to identify fakes and, surprise, surprise - they are. I won't buy the - let down by their supplier line - anyone taking the time to look at the packaging could have seen they weren't genuine!!! Registered for a return but heard nothing yet - so have contacted my credit card company to put the charge in dispute. Avoid like the plague ladies and gentlemen - pay a bit more and get legitimate goods
  • Another s.
    Ordered a charging cradle for HTC Desire. Wrong one was delivered to me ( I think a fake), I contacted them for a 'returns' number, but still waiting for it despite numerous calls and emails(some hopes!!). I am in the process of getting a refund from my credit card company. Very shoddy company, would never deal with them again.
  • Steve
    I ordered a set of headphones form these guys and yes they did arrive but they were knock offs. The sound from them is shocking. I tried contacting them on several occasions but they simply ignore me. These guys are con artists. I have noticed that I am not the only person to be conned by them. They should be shut down!!!
  • Tracey
    I think I got off lightly by the sounds of things, I paid £9 for phone case on 24 November 2010 and it has never arrived. Despite loads of emails and phone calls I 've never even had an acknowledgement... funny they were quick enough to take my money out of my bank though. Only consolation is that it was £9 and not £90! I would certainly agree with the mos of the comments on her and AVOID ODDS AND PODS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!
  • Remy
    i ordered iPhone accessories for £5.99 + post&package 3 weeks ago, it hasn't arrived yet. i've been emailing them every day for the past 5 days but no answer... i've been calling them, no answer or call back...
  • dribs
    i've been trying to get a refund on a pair of fake headphones they sold me for weeks now and no response. I suggest anyone who has had problems with this company reports it trading standards. The more reports they get the more likely we will get out money back and the criminal behind this will be fully invetsigated and charged. im also going to go to watchdog @ bbc. If youve been ripped off like I have join me and we can hopefully put an end to this
  • gaz
    ive also been sold a pair for fake beats headphones, had conversations with mike via email prior to arrival of the goods, and the mails definitely wernt automated. Now I want a refund its all gone quiet. Not sure what to do from here, I guess my only hope is trading standards. This shop seems to be selling a mass of fake electrical goods, this kis fairly uncommon in the UK, I'm suprised the site is still in operation. There is a way you can do a reverse P O box check online, I will be looking into this. bottom line is i will not let this rest until justice is done!
  • H G.
    Ordered Ppad dock two weeks ago, numerous emails requesting goods have fallen on deaf ears. Wished I'd done a background check on the company before placing order. Now looking to go through credit card company and trading standards to get a refund.
  • r B.
    Ordered docking stations from this company , i have been unable to get any information regarding my order .I am unsure if they intend to supply the goods or not .There appears to be no customer service ,or any way of getting in touch with anyone from the company .
  • Stay B.
    [...] about Odds and Pods – nearly all of them are complaints. You can read them for yourself here and here; comment after comment alleging that goods were fake, that they haven’t been [...]
  • D L.
    I too have been duped into giving odds and pods my order for two sets of Sony earphones. The money was taken from my account the day after ordering (4th Jan 2011) but surprise surprise, I am still waiting for my goods and am about to make a formal complaint to the office of fair trading. I would urge everyone having these problems to do the same. They will investigate and hopefully stop any more people losing faith and money when internet shopping through this awful company. As a point of interest, if you paid via visa debit, you can claim your money back through the visa debit chargeback system. Speak to your bank about it. They are supposed to be able to initiate an investigation. I would urge everyone thinking of buying from this company to go somewhere more reputable, like Amazon.
  • Daniel G.
    I have emailed this company numerous times and have phoned them but they continue to ignore me. I purchased a pair of dr dre tour earphones on the 13th of January where I was lucky enough from the looks of it to receive the item, however were faulty (counterfeit by the looks of it) on arrival. I contacted them where they provided me an address to return to but have heard nothing back since. I put recorded delivery on the item so I know they have received the item. I am just annoyed how a site can get away with this to so many people. I have decided that I am going to take this further and have contacted visa debit and BBC watchdog and will be contacting trading standards. I urge everyone to do the same so we can all get our money back and get this site shut for good.
  • Brian M.
    I ordered an extended battery for my HTC Desire from OddsAndPods around 17th February. I received an automated email thanking me for my order and stating I'd receive another email within 2 working days updating me as to the status of my order After 4 working days I'd received no further email so emailed them to ask how things were going, etc, etc. No reply. I then searched Google and came across the enormous number of complaints and Do Not Buy from warnings about this outfit (I wished I'd done the research before buying from them - there was only about a quid in it between OddsAndPods and Amazon who I've ordered from since and the goods arrived something like 3 days later). Anyway, after a week or so enough was enough and I decided to cancel the order as per my rights under the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 - and contacted the site to inform them of this. Shortly afterwards I had another automated email - this time informing me my order had progressed to the 'warehouse'. A coincidence - surely not! I then received an email from a chap named Mike saying my order had gone to their warehouse 'for picking' (?) and could no longer be stopped. I maintained my line that I'd since ordered from another supplier, had no need for this order and asked that he stop it to prevent postage charges being incurred. I asked that if he was unable to prevent the order being dispatched that he instead let me have an RMA to facilitate its speedy return, as I still wanted to cancel. Mike replied saying he'd gotten to the warehouse just in time and managed to remove my order from the dispatch queue, and agreed to refund me. This was on February 22nd. I've since had nothing by way of refund and the two emails I've sent in the meantime (to the same email address incidentally that 'Mike' was able to reply to very quickly when it suited him) have been ignored. Today I've sent a final email letting them know I'm referring the matter to VISA Chargeback and their local Trading Standards Office. I think they're leaving themselves very open to charges under the Distance Selling Regulations or possibly the Trades Descriptions Act (re the counterfeiting allegations) if not more serious criminal offences such as obtaining money by deception and other offences under the Theft Act (failure to refund, etc). Trading Standards should have a decent file on the operation and should be well positioned to take any action deemed necessary.
  • Anne A.
    Ordered skin and screen protector for Kindle, did not arrive, no response to numerous e-mails and phone call, at least I only spent £10.42. Guess I can say goodbye to it.
  • sarah
  • sarah
  • Frank
    I purchase a pair of Monster Turbine Pro's gold edition from odds & pods on the 8th of March, the Monsters arrived on the 16th of March, im really pleased with the headphones but was not happy to find there were items missing from the box such as, quarter inch headphone jack plug, a second wallet and maybe some ear tips missing also, i have emailed them later that day to let them know that the items were missing, im now wondering from everything ive read here if ill get a reply, ill write again later to let you know what happens.
  • Sylv
    I ordered some earphones on 23rd Feb from Odds & Pods and got a standard email indicating item was being disptached but nothing arrived. I've sent 4 mails, all without a single response. A complete rip-off!
  • Frank
    In response to my first post Odds & Pods never did get back in touch with me, i contacted Visa/Mastercard who opened a dispute for me, if anyone here paid by Visa/Mastercard this is the best route for you to take, in my case i sort of got what i ordered but there were items missing from the box, if anyone is experiencing the same problem call visa/Mastercard and tell them the problem your having, they will more than likely send you a letter asking for copies of emails Odds & Pods have sent you (if any) and copies of emails you have sent them and any other correspondence you may have, Visa/Mastercard called me back about a week later telling me to email Odds & Pods asking them to send you a prepaid envelope to return the item back, Visa/Mastercard instructed me to forward an exact copy of the email i sent to Odds & Pods concerning the prepaid return envelope as proof that i at least tried to contact Odds & Pods regarding whether or not they reply, as i say if you have paid by visa/Mastercard what ever your problem is you should get your money back.
  • Frank
    Update to my last post, i have now been refunded by Visa/Mastercard, i also received an email straight from Monster Turbine Pro regarding if all there Monster Turbine Pro headphones are sent out with the same items in each box to which they replied yes, they also asked me where i had purchased the headphones from and this is the email that was sent back: email Odds and Pods are a company who sell counterfeit products, they have just been shut down as the English and US police have uncovered their operation which was making millions of pounds worth of fake products.
  • Gerry
    I think the posts from Frank say it all. I had major problems with two orders I placed with oddsandpods- wrong goods sent, and faulty goods sent. They never replied to my attempts to contact them so I complained to my credit card company about them. It took a little while because visa need you to return the goods before a refund can be issued, but I argued my case that oddsandpods state that goods should NOT be returned without a returns number, but since they would not reply to my correspondence, I did not HAVE a returns number and therefore could not send the goods back. Having forwarded all my correspondence to them, visa accepted this as proof that oddsandpods were not complying with their own conditions and making it impossible for me to have my situation resolved, therefore I was refunded in full by visa. It doesn't surprise me at all to see that they have been shut down and I'm just glad that I got my money back before this happened. I feel sorry for all those who have been cheated out of their hard earned cash by these crooks.
  • Matt
    An absolute disgrace Odds & Podds need to be shamed of their phoney excuse of a company.

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