Odds and Pods respond to customer complaints

It seems avid Bitterwallet readers are unhappy with online retailer Odds and Pods. Following our earlier story about the company, several of you have been in touch concerning delayed and missing orders:

"I ordered a Joby Gorillapod and paid £47 on 17th December which has not yet arrived. I don’t believe it is a postal issue as when I logon to check the order status is just says ‘processing’. My payment was taken on the 17th however I have now left 3 messages on their answerphone and sent 3 emails but to no avail – they have not got back to me."

"Have bought a bluetooth ear piece on the 2nd december.It never arrived.After many phone calls and emails it still has not arrived.Have tried to phone them but no one ever answers.They now owe me £32.94 which i will get back."

"I bought a pair of Dr Dre Monster Beats Studio headphones from Odds and Pods on 27th December, they said it was shipped on 30th December by Royal Mail / Parcelforce and should be with me soon – obviously it should as Parcelforce normally deliver with a couple of working days. However, it is now 7th January and despite ringing them every day and getting the above mentioned recorded message, sending a message through their website, and emailing them I have had no response, and no headphones."

So what the blithering hell is going on? Bitterwallet contacted Odds and Pods for answers, and here's what staff member Matt had to say:

"We have had a very difficult past 5 weeks we will admit. We are fulfilling all paid orders but with the Christmas rush and bad weather a lot of orders sent with Royal mail were delayed and have taken much longer than expected to arrive. Some parcels were returned to us by Royal mail in error last Thursday and we have resent them.

"We have been updating customers and advised them of these delays. It has been very unfortunate as we mainly use Royal mail due to the size and value of many items.

"We are back to normal now and sincerely apologise for any delay caused to any customer over the past 5 weeks."

There have also been plenty of claims on HUKD that some of the goods received were counterfeit. We put this to Matt:

"We have had a few faulty items due to the quantity we sell but they are not imitations at all. We had some people state items were damaged and looked used when they arrived but all items leave here are new.

"The items people were referring to was the iPanda speakers and Headphones. We buy these from a supplier in Ireland and they are the sole importer. They are the official things. I can give you their details if you wish to check.

"We have resolved any issues with customers. Any faulty or damaged items we are more than happy to exchange or refund."

So there you have it. Currently there are no issues according to the company, which doesn't really ring true with what you've been telling us. Let us know if you continue to have problems with Odds and Pods - either with deliveries or customer service - and if so, we'll get our Adrian Mills on.


  • Alexis
    So no explanation why they don't answer emails or the phone or why they have been so rude by not returning answerphone messages?
  • Issac M.
    To be fair 2 of the examples published aren't that late, are they? I mean Royal Fail are still delivering me Christmas cards sent weeks ago. Have to remember that in addition to snow and Xmas there was also the addt bank holidays
  • Spod
    Anyone who orders from such a crap looking website should perhaps be more circumspect. Looks like it was put together by a 5 year old with learning difficulties.
  • Danuta
    Odds and Pods = no product and no refund!!!!!! I ordered Jabra Headset 04.12.2010, they sent order confirmation but not the product!!! They ignored my phone calls and left voice messages, they did not call me back, only once on 17.12.2010 'no surname' Mike offered me different product via e-mail, when I did not accept his offer and cancelled the order - that was it - no response since then, no product, no money back!!!! Today is 08.01.2011, I reported them but it is a loooong way, keep away from this fraudulent 'company'. Look up other review sites like trustpilot or hotukdeals : http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/oddsandpods-co-uk-is-it-legit/738992?page=14, they scammed lots of other people aready. Danuta
  • Finch
    Rubbish response by Odds and pods! My GF ordered on the 7th dec her transaction had an error do she emailed to ask if the transaction was completed, she was then informed (instantly) by mike to try again. Same error. So she left it. No confirmation e-mail received from company. She then discovered that 2 payments were taken by odds and pods totalling £150. We then had no contact from the company, no confirmation or reply to emails or calls !! NOTHING! I then contacted the company separately to enquire about the same item (7th jan) stock and delivery!ike responded within 30 mins informing me that he had 6 in stock and delivery would by 2 days! UNBELIEVABLE! I then asked why then had my GF two items not arrived that were ordered over a month ago and silence again! Something is wrong with this company very wrong! It's not delivery issues or supposedly stock? Are they just con men? I don't know but we are £150 down and no sign of the items purchase, 4 weeks and counting. DISGUSTING behaviour!
  • Finch
    Money has been returned with this email attached: Hello I have searched and an account was registered under email address [email protected] on 7th December but there are no orders on file as competed at all. I searched all payments for £75.94 and we have 12 in total. there are 2 in yor name that we have refunded in full. I am sorry for the delay in resolving this matter but it seems you paid on the sagepay screen and either the browser was closed or you were not redirected back to the website in error as we have had no order details on our site at all from you. I apologise as had the order been there we would have sent it on time as we have had these in stock since November when we bought 100 of the iP90 Alarm clock Thanks Mike Resolved but the whole process took far too long and couldhave been resolved much easier with better comms! Christmas present eventually received today using AMAZON!
  • Russ B.
    I've been waiting for an order made on the 27th December. Two e mails have been ignored and the complaint form on their website does not work. all I want is an idea of when I can expect delivery.Them not being prepared to do that is very worrying.
  • Steve B.
    I've been emailing & calling regarding my order (number 15425) from 16th December, but they don't get back to me. All I want to know is if my order has been dispatched yet? Not the kind of service I expect. Steve Boyer
  • Burdett
    We ordered a Joby Gorillapod online from Odds & Pods on 29th November. It has still not been delivered. We have never managed to get through to them on the telephone, messages have never been replied to and emails and complaint forms not acknowledged. Unacceptable.
  • STEF O.
    12th January 2011 and still waing for my blue tooth.Ordered it on the 30 th november 2010.ODDSANDPODS ARE COMPLETELY USELESS. Once again they have lied to me.Broken promises,excuses,no return phone calls. Customer services nil. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ,THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS.
  • Ian D.
    I too am in the black hole of Odds & Pods, you cannot get any reply from thic company. I have phones and left voicmail at least five times, emailed twenty times with no reply. They should rename themselves Odds & SODS !
  • Neil G.
    I have a faulty set of headphones from this company and cannot get hold of anyone to explain what I can do about a replacement set. The phone number quoted just rings onto an engaged tone and the several emails and complaints I have raised have brought no response. I would be happy with any sort of correspondents to prove they still exist but fear I will be writing this one off and using reputable companies in the future. If anyone has success in making contact then please advise how you did it? Thanks
  • Steve A.
    I have also been trying to contact these people for nearly two weeks. I work in IT and have a mind to give them a lesson in messing with customers. Maybe a Facebook camain would sread the word that they are unrelyable and put a stop to this bad trader. Whats more websites like this are invaluable. I only wish I had seen it before I bought from O&p. I have reported them to consumer direct,hopefully they will learn.
  • Ian D.
    Further to my earlier post of the 13th January I was so annoyed with this company just ignoring me I resort to threatening legal action, reporting them to Trading Standards and the Police for fraud. Unsurprisingly I got an immediate response that they would post out my purchase, it arrived Saturday 15th January. After the threat of legal action it took just two days to get my goods. If they will not communicate with you you must report them to Trading Standards, it’s the only way to close businesses like this down.
  • SWFCLee
    I have threatend legal action but that does not appear to have got me anywhere. Took advice from Consumer Direct so will see what happens. I am certain the faulty product we were sent is actually counterfit.
  • victor
    I bought the dre beats headphones for £126 from this guys. I thought i was in luck saving over £50 but afyer a week use One side has stoped working. I am absolutely furious especially after sending up to 6 emails with no reply. What can i do please to get my money back or what form of legal can i take
  • geedub
    I've had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this 'company', after a lengthy delivery period, the item I ordered was, what I consider, to be fake, I've so far received relatively quick responses to my emails, probably because I threatened to go to the authorities from the off, I've been offered a refund/exchange, not sure how far this will get me as I have a feeling I'll get no response to any return. I'll be sending the goods back but I'll still be reporting this company as I think its better off for everyone if it no longer existed, which is unfortunate as I feel the guy running it is probably trying to run a legitimate operation, but may have bitten off more than he can chew and possibly been blinded by quick profits from cheap products and cheaper tricks
  • Steve A.
    Update from Jan 14th post. headphones arrived the day after I sent an email threatening them with legal action too. However, the "Senheiser" headphones I got didn't seem to work in both ears and on the third occasion I used them they snapped off. Considering these normally retail at about £70 I am very surprised by the poor quality of this product. I am also surprised that Seheiser let this sort of product get sold with thier emblem on it. I have asked for a replacement or refund and got a quick initial response and now NOTHING again. Watch this space!
  • Chris
    I ordered a case and in car holder for my mobile phone on 22nd december which has not arrived, they have responded once to emails and phone calls on the 13th January with . "I am so sorry i cant seem to locate it with royal mail.. i will resend the order today to:.." I have now emailed them asking for a full refund and advising I will be contacting trading standards in their area, as no goods have arrived and are quite frankly unlikely to arrive, please avoid this website if at all possible. if they are not out and out scammers, they are at the very least grossly incompetent.
  • Ann
    I too have ordered from this site. Only been waiting 2 weeks for goods so short time compared to others although I was assured by them 10 days ago that my parcel was on its way. I have never received the I-Panda I ordered on 7th January and they wont respond to emails. Tried phoning but cant get through! I normally do my research online before ordering but this time I didnt. That will teach me!!
  • John B.
    I too am trying to get a response from this company. I did belatedly get the goods I ordered, a Jivo travel charger, but it arrived with only 3 adaptors instead of the 4 it says in the advert and on the box. No explanation and no response to numerous emails. it seems I am not alone. At least I got something, even though it wasn't the complete set. Shall not use them again.
  • Gina
    Oh I'm not alone! Also getting very suspicious of Odds and Pods. Panda ipod docking station DID arrive in time for christmas (not surprising as we only live about 10 miles away) but after one play it no longer works. Have emailed but with no reply and have called EVERY day since 9th Jan at random times of day - always just an engaged tone. Thinking of sending round the heavies!
  • Jahedur
    I sent a return 4 weeks ago after a Seinnheiser headphone went faulty. Got an email back with RMA and I sent it off. Now I havnt' heard anything from them. Left over 20 emails and voicemail. I will threathen now with Trading Standards. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CRAP! PROBABLY USING A 3RD PARTY COMPANY TO DROPSHIP THE ITEMS. Regards Jahedur
  • Max B.
    Ordered a set of Apple in ear headphones. Took two weeks to arrive and are fake. No response from customer care. How do we get these guys shut down?
  • Paul D.
    I ordered a pair of Sony EX85's from Odds & Pods but nothing turned up for 3 weeks so I sent them an email to chase them up. They replied pretty quickly and blamed the delay on the Christmas rush and said they would post the goods the next day. Two days later my goods arrived, Yay! Except that when I opened the package I found a suspect looking pair of 'Sony' EX90s - Boxed with no security seal instead of sealed plastic pack , accessories that are listed by Sony as included with the genuine product missing, no English (or any other European language for that matter) writing on the box or instructions, no warranty and a few physical details on the headphones - not to mention appalling sound quality - give the game away. YES I'VE BEEN SOLD COUNTERFEIT GOODS. I have emailed Odds & Pods about this several times and have received NOTHING by way of a reply. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ODDS & PODDS, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CON ARTISTS.
  • M S.
    I ordered a Jamo i300 £243 at the end of October, I have sent numerous emails and tried to phone but the phone just clicks to engaged tone. They keep replying, sorry and that they will get onto Parcel force. Do not buy from this company!
  • HBBear
    Oh dear it seems I'm just another of many people who have been scammed. I ordered a case for my mobile phone on 17.01.2011. Their website says it was dispatched by 1st class post on 18.01.2011. Here we are at 29.01.2011 and nothing has arrived yet. Like others I have left messages on their answer machine and written e-mails via the mechanism on their website and have heard absolutely nothing. I'm not expert in these situations - is it possible to get the money back via the protection afforded by the credit card?
  • Platty
    Seems as tho I'm not the only one having probs, ordered charger and earphones 16 Jan, payment made 17 Jan and supposedly despatched 17 Jan, still no order or response to 3 emails sent. will try phoning, if no joy will have to try charge back thro bank to card. anyone had any luck at all with response from odds and pods.
  • tim
    oh dear...more of the same from me I'm afraid...wish we had seen this site before we purchased. My product allegedgedly dispatched 8 days ago....Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. I have learned.
  • meguiars p.
    Brilliant post, Im now one of your feed followers
  • Jef
    I ordered 4 x-mini speakers about 10 days ago - the website states they were shipped (to my work address, so always someone there) 8 days ago. I haven't received anything, and despite many attempts to contact them, I have received no response. This guy deserves to go to jail for this clearly criminal activity. Perhaps he's skipped off abroad by now?
  • Graham
    More of the same here. Ordered an iPig on 10th of December for my daugther's Christmas present. Paid £49.94. Only contact from "Mike", when queried on it's whereabouts, was on 10th of January saying: "Sorry this was sent to: "XXX" is that the correct address and i will resend it as royal mail should have delivered it by now. Mike" No further contact from "Mike". Poor old Royal Mail and Parcel Force getting the blame yet again. How is this thief still operating??? What can be done to get the site closed down?
  • Thomas, C.
    Even more of the same here. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM ODDS & PODDS! Ordered several things to my son's mobile phone on the 18th of December for Christmas and paid £58. When queried on it’s whereabouts - I got the same reply from “Mike” : “Sorry this was sent to: “XXX”. "Is that the correct address and i will resend it. Mike” No further replies from “Mike” to my emails. Mike, you should be glad you don't live in Copenhagen, otherwise ...
  • sheri t.
  • Chris
    Bought two pairs of headphones, both were fake. I have had an email from the company confirming they were fake, and he promised to send out new ones. after many weeks the new set still hadnt arrived, i then told him i wanted a refund which he said he would do but still no money in the account.
  • MAT
    Ordered a Nokia in car holder and have yet to receive it, even thought they have taken my money. I have emailed Odds and Pods and have not had a reply, I have also left 2 voice mail messages and again had no response. Please don't use this company as there customer care is none existent. As my order was for under £100 is can ask my bank for a Visa Charge back form, this is part of Visa’s internal rules rather than a legal requirement but even so I should hopefully get my money back.
  • Myles
    Same old story, ordered some sony MDR-EX77LP headphones, and sure enough they are fake with one look at them! The plastic packaging was torn, the Sony text was on the wrong part of the headphone and the headphones that were delivered were actually MDR-EX77SL and did not have all the items that the packaging indicated that it was supposed to be supplied with (carry case and cord adjuster) quality is a joke. Thought is was a good deal and sure enough it was too good to be true. Now starting the process of getting the money back!
  • Phil L.
    My girlfriend ordered me some Sennhieser headphones for Xmas. First of all they sent the wrong model (white instead of Black) We e-mailed them three time about this but gave up as it didn't matter that much. Within three weeks the sound had started to crackle and has now gone within one ear. Despite repeated e-mails and phone calls NOTHING! This is really fustrating! Can you help?
  • L o.
    The Grinch that ruined Christmas Ordered Dr. Dre headphones for Christmas present from them took more than two weeks to arrive . When they came they were faulty. Very disappointing. Asked for a replacement several times by phone and email. Finally got pre-paid envelope so I can send product back. Have yet to receive replacement. So I asked for a refund. Received an email saying that my replacement item was shipped. Bare in mind I only live an hour away from Portsmouth, they still have not arrived. Hence the saying if it is to good to be true it usually is. Still waiting.
  • Chas W.
    Same story here. Still waiting for a refund for over a month. NO communication of any kind. However, I will pusue it to the courts if necessary, and I'm reporting them to the Portsmouth Trading Standards.
  • Steve A.
    OK eveyone. I have seen enough. Has anyone put this on Twitter yet? How about charge back, contact your card provider for details. Power to the people!
  • Liz
    Hmmm. I really wish I had found this site BEFORE placing my order ... It seems they aren't improving. So far it's (by the sound of things) early days as I only placed my order on 17th Feb. Payment was taken the following day but so far, no goods, no response to emails, no repsonse to voicemails .... I could cope with the idea that my deliveery would take a whiel if only they would reply to my contacts and at least tell me what was going on ... Somehow I can't see this happening.
  • Neil
    Ordered 7 Iphone 4 docks as advertised on their website on 5th Jan. 10 days later 7 Ipad docks arrived. Items were sent back for a refund and still waiting ..........................
  • Steve f.
    Looks like I'm at the end of a very long line. I placed an order on 16th Feb, and so far nothing, the order is 'processing' according to there site. I have had no responce to emails or phone calls. I have just made a complaint on there web site but wont hold my breath for a responce or refund, looks like I'll be contacting my Credit card company to get a refund.
  • Kyle D.
    First time ever I have been scammed on the internet, and I've used ebay on a number of occasions. Ordered on 4th December 2010 (£30), Item was faulty, requested return 4th Jan 2011, got a reply on the 17th January 2011, sent the item back, email saying they were being processed at the ware house 31st January 2011, numerous complaints/calls etc, still no item as of 24th February 2011. Now ordered them from Amazon, 3 days later fully working pair of headphones. Charge back being processed by the bank and complaint to trading standards in the process. STAY AWAY!
  • Gary K.
    Dont buy anything from this website as aftersales service is crap!!Ordered a set of Monster Beats by Dre back in Aug 10 they arrived mid Sept but were faulty only one earphone working, sent them back after numerous attempts to get a returns number. eventually got another set in Jan 11 but low and behold the same problem and now thinking they are fakes, trying to get a refund with no joy as they are ignoring my emails.
  • Robert
    Same thing here, 12th Feb ordered sony x10 desk charger, been dispatched for well over a week now, emails and voicemails left but still no response (not even from this ever popular "Mike" some of you have actually spoke to) surely there is something we can do? is it really enough to rant on about this company on here? if we all get what we want, we are still allowing them to do this to others, others that may not fight and just end up doing without? does anyone know of any sites similar to this? maybe create a group?
  • dayal h.
    I brought a pair of dr dre headphones just b4 cristmas received a conformation email but no receipt or warrenty card cable for headphones were faulty so got in touch mike told me i would receive a replacement cable in about 2 days time 2 months later and i am still waiting emailed them about 20 times but no reply so i am serouisly pissed off i highly recommed not buying anything from these cowboys there lairs i now have a pair of headphones that i paid 280 pounds for that are useless
  • Tim C.
    I bought some Sony earphones from this site a few weeks back; my bank statement confirms that the payment went through to them OK at the time. I received an email confirmation from them in reference to my order but I have not received anything in the post. I have emailed and called them numerous times but have not yet had a single response! It seems to me that they are happy to take the customers cash but to either not provide anything in return or (gleaned from the posts here) send something of poor quality/counterfeit. I will be in touch with Trading Standards by the end of this week if they continue to avoid responding to me. I encourage you all to do the same. @Robert - Trading Standards should be in position to ensure that the Odd and Pods site is shut down if something fishy is going on.
  • Martin
    Might I suggest we also steam over to Kelkoo and leave a review there. Start giving them the low star ratings they deserve. As Google Product Feed also uses Kelkoo as a point of reference, this will start to hit them hard. I for one have been waiting like the rest of you and getting f*** all response from these wasters. I will be pursuing them hard.
  • Anders S.
    Like some other pointed out before me "Odds and Sods" should be their name. I have send at least 5 e-mails = no reply, I have left two voicemessages by phone=no reply. Now im pissed off, I say everybody should report them for fraud, and then nuke'em away from the Internet. Blacklist the fu**ers....Oh did I mention, nothing that I ordered have reached me except the bill from my creditcard company.
  • Jake
    I've had a similar experience to many people it seems. I placed an order on the 14th feb. It's still "processing". They claim they will respond within 24 hours so I'm emailing them every 24 hours until they do. I don't know if this will get me anywhere but maybe it will annoy them enough to respond. If anyone else would like to try to get in contact their email address is: [email protected]@pods.co.uk I've also found another email address at: [email protected] If anyone knows of any others please let me know. Good luck!
  • Helga
    I bought an iPod Panda from Odds & Pods in December 2010. The order did arrive and in time for Christmas. However the remote does not work. Send an email and got a response that asked if I wanted a replacement remote. You can probably guess that I haven't received a replacement and further emails from me have not been answered. I can't believe there is nothing we customers can do to stop these people from operating an internet company! Please do not buy anything from them.
  • Diana
    I ordered a pair of headphones for my son from Odds & Pods and although they arrived, they were the wrong ones. I eventually received a returns number from Matt and duly posted back the item on 11th February by recorded delivery. According to the post office they were delivered on 12th February. However still no refund, despite numerous e-mails. There should be a list of companies like this informing customers to avoid them at all costs.
  • Matt
    Just found this thread and now feeling depressed! Bought an i-panda dock at christmas which has since shorted out and no longer works. Same story, can't get an RMA number despite two requests and a separate email to custoner services - can't get any reply from them at all. I see their website site is now down. Looks like they are going out of business to me - reminds me of the old Long Firm scam, updated for the web. B*stards.
  • Ella B.
    I do wish I had seen this email before buying from these con men! I ordered my BF a remote control helicopter after xmas, one turned up 4 weeks later (broken may i add) after i had reported I hadnt received the item. I had an email from "Mike" who said he would send another and if two turned up would i let them know! I emailed to say one had arrived but it wasnt working and I havn't received a second. NO REPLY! No reply to voicemails left and currently website says down for maintenance! I SMELL A RAT! Anyone got a contact number for them as it seems there website as it is "down for maintenance" cant provide me with that either!
  • Jeffers
    Ordered 2 x docking stations (ipig and ipanda) for my kids on 23rd February - nothing yet. No reply to 3 x emails and no reply to 3 x answer machine messages. Now cannot get into their website. Just come off the phone to the credit card company who have frozen the payment so hopefully okay. Don't want the stuff anyway now as sounds like they'll only send me faulty goods!
  • Charlie
    Same old story. Ipanda ordered 8th Dec Eventually arrived 24th Dec but not made by Amethyst. Requested RMA straight away, after 3 more emails and 3 phone calls eventually got one sent 24th Jan. Returned item recorded delivery and they received it on 26th Jan but still no refund. No reply to emails or complaints. Should have kept it but maybe not cos reading everyone elses experiences it probably would have broken or shorted out anyway. I'll put it down to experience but still need to make sure they can't carry on doing this- although if the web site has gone then I guess it's too late to pursue them?
  • Steve
    Same story as all of you. I emailed every day for two weeks (so Jake, go for it, it makes you feel better!!) with the same email to their "complaints" manager (although I did also highlight some customer service training courses in one email). After suggesting that I'd stop emailing if they bothered to respond, I got a two line reply to say they couldn't trace the item (no ... really) so had resent it. That was 10 days ago. Guess what?! Yep - still no goods. Luckily I used a credit card. Have just processed a charge back (have to wait 30 days) with my credit card company. I think you can do the same if the goods are not as described as long as you give them the opportunity to refund, and if they haven't refunded you after returning the item, again, go to your credit card company. The website is still down for maintenance (ha). At least no one else will suffer. But that should also strengthen your case with your credit card company. What bugs me is that this puts a nail in the coffin for other great online retailers as people will be suspicious of anyone who isn't a corporate company. I just re-ordered my item from Amazon - at least you can leave feedback and have systems that look after you as a customer. But not good for other retailers.
  • Agi
    Guys... Same story as all of you... I returned the item 2 months ago and I still haven't seen the refund on my debit card. I've sent about 20 emails ... no response. I paid about £60 for 2 headphones. I want my money back. Is there a way to threaten them? Who can you turn to? I wouldn't want to sue them because that would cost a fortune I guess. Pls help me! I guess because I didn't purchase the goods with a credit card ... I can do nothing? £60 it's a lot of money for me!!!!! I really want it back!!! Pls help what should I do?
  • Agi
    Don't get mad, get even, it's simple! My order too has not 'yet' arrived and had no response from the company. Rather than get mad about it, here's some simple generic advice: 1. If you paid on Visa Credit card and order was over £100 section 75 of the consumer credit act states that both the retailer and your credit card company are liable to resolve the issue, they can arrange a full refund for you. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/31/creditcards-31.htm 2. If you paid on Visa Debit, Visa Credit and your order was under £100 ask your bank for a Visa Chargeback form, this is part of Visa’s internal rules rather than a legal requirement but still works, so you get your money back. 3. Let Trading standards know, they have the power to order companies to cease trading http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/advice/index.cfm Be sure to build your case on false advertising, misrepresentation, anything else which is contraversial to the contractual agreement or advertisment. Make sure you read the small print too to be sure your in the right. 4. Write bad but honest reviews, this will discourage potential buyers reducing their sales profit. If you also have a good experiance, it's only fair you write a good review too! 5. Follow their internal complaints procedure, in the event you are not liable for Visas protection, then the small claims court is a fairly simple process to follow, if sucessful they will have to pay back all your legal costs too! I advise you use your own e-mail account rather than their online form so you have a record of your communication in sent box. ;) Anyhow like I say, no point getting emotional and post crazy comments about all the people in press blah blah, I know kung fu blah, simply give them a chance to put the problem right, then pick your options from above. As It's only been just over a week for me now, In the meantime my Dads 65th birthday is on the 12th Feb, hope I don't have to dissapoint him but If I get my order soon I will update this review and score to reflect that.
  • Anders S.
    I used a credit card and have processed a charge back. Got my money back from my credit card company within a week. I think you can do the same. Go to your credit card company!!! ODDS AND SODS Fu** off!!!! I aint gonna pay for your scams...........Good luck all of you who have experienced this fraud company. O&P fpr you I have only bad things to say ( xxxxxxxxxxxxx loads of bad language )
  • Agi
    My last post was actually copied from another blog ... I thought it may help to some of you. Problem with me is though ... I paid through visa debit and I didn't send back the goods with recorded delivery. The bank says that because they don't have proof they won't do the chargeback. Now Trading Solutions suggested that I send a letter in which I inform them that they breached the distance selling regulations by not refunding my money within 30 days. I did that ... I gave them 14 days to refund the money. Now I can wait... If they won't ... I can then send another letter in which I threaten them with court action. And after that ... ? There's only one way for me I guess ... court!!! Just not sure it's worth it. Court costs money as well and it's a long procedure. Does anyone know how it works?
  • Sue W.
    Xmas 2010 I purchased a remote control helicopter frrom Odds and Pods. This was faulty from the very begginging of recieving it. I would not fly correctly just spun round on the floor. Both my husband and I complained to Odds and Pods via their email adressess, It took a month of complaints before they replied, and told us to send it back to them by courier. [We paiid the postage of couse] and they would replace it. We posted to them by 1st Class Recorded mail, to ensure Odds and Pods did receive it. This was the end of January 2011. It is now April and we still have no correspondance from them or replacement helicopter. Naturally my son is very upset as this was a xmas present. This companies customer service in my mind is very poor. We are now seeking advice with Trading Standaeds to resolve this issue. Odds and Pods have made very little effort to resolve the problem or offer us a refund of the price of the Helicopter or the return postage. Sue and Bob W.
  • Abu
    I purchased a set of sony headphones from this company the headphones were fake. I tried them once and it was so bad the sound quality could damage your ears. I tried to get in touch but they never replied back so i emailed and reported the company to sony and now it seems they closed down the site. Hahaha whose having the last laugh now!!!!
  • Alex M.
    AGI: Suing a party for a defined amount of money is very easy-go to moneyclaimonline.co.uk and follow the instructions. To issue costs about £35 and the papers are sent out almost immediately. I was sold a car which was a bit dodgy and required repairs. Two letters and phonecalls got nowhere, so I issued and a cheque arrived by return. It really is pretty easy-and the last thing VISA wants to deal with is the negative press or a CCJ.
  • Martin M.
    I bought an ipanda speaker for my niece's christmas present from odds and pods in october last year. She used it only a couple of times and it broke. After many emails odds and pods accepted it back but up to now I still haven't had a replacement or refund from them. I am currently going through consumer direct about this matter and seriously considering legal action against odds and pods.
  • Michelle T.
    OH DEAR! At least I am not alone then. I have waited since January of this year for my refund from O&Ps! I initially had email contact with Matt, sent the I-pig docking station back as per his instruction, but have NOT had any refund. I have not yet heard back since my last email in Feb either. Given the time that has now passed and the really unfortunate loss of my proof of postage for the return - can't believe I must have thrown it out with others from Christmas gifts I sent!!! - I will now have to wave good bye to the £50. WHAT A STEEP LESSON!
  • AGI
    Alex Menary Thanks. Will you though get back that £35 too? I already paid £60 for the 2 headphones ... and now I can pay another £35 but will I get back £95 then? If I won't then I lost another £35 :(((
  • Raiden Y.
    Wonderful, kudos.
  • cach l.
    Hello, Neat post. There is a problem with your website in internet explorer, would test this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace chief and a big component to other people will omit your magnificent writing because of this problem.
  • Frank c.
    I purchaed a pair of Dr Beats studio for £190 ,after 1 year they are Faulty and have tried contacting them for a Refund ,When i rang Beats ,they had not heard of odds and pods ,and as they where not a licensed Dealer ,My warrenty of 2 Years was Void ,so im stuck as to what to do please HELP

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