Npower fined £2m by angry Ofgem

31 October 2011

npower Naughty Npower. Naughty, naughty, naughty Npower. They’re about to become lighter to the tune of £2 million pound after being fined that amount by Ofgem, who are unhappy with the energy supplier’s methods of dealing with customer complaints.

The energy uberlords have come down hard on Npower after discovering that they weren’t recording complaints properly or giving upset customers the details of the Energy Ombudsman and their redress service. Probably loads of stuff written on the back of beermats and angry customers being haughtily referred to as ‘chum’. Or maybe not.

However, Npower have sorted it all out now and have apologised, grovelling: “We are very sorry, we let our high standards slip on this occasion. A small number of processes were not correctly adhered to. We have zero tolerance for this type of issue and we'll continue to work hard to make sure our customers are put first.”

The fine follows a similar one (£2.5m) for British Gas for the same offence, and Ofgem are now investigating EDF on a similar ‘tip’. New minimum standards that customers should expect when complaining were introduced by Ofgem in 2008, so you can understand why the energy companies haven’t been able to sort it out just yet can’t you? Dickheads.

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  • oliverreed
    And this will be passed onto customers eventually, genius.
  • Haggis
    @olivereed - You could say the exact same thing to any fine handed to any commercial organisation ever, genius.
  • oliverreed
    @Haggis then the entire punishment needs to be thought out, punish directors maybe?
  • Nick T.
    @oliverreed Many directors of large corporations are barristers, former MPs, or MPs to be, so that ain't ever gonna happen.
  • captain c.
    As someone who spent over 6 months in dispute with NPower, and was never referred to the Ombudsman in all that time.... when does my cheque arrive??
  • corbyboy
    So where does this fine money go then?
  • coffee m.
    I work for npower customer services and we are guilty as charged. We are directed to raise a closed complaint for the slightest point of dissatisfaction on a front-line call and major concerns are ignored as a result. There is no clear instruction on how to handle a customer's complaint as the process is always changing. What is claimed in the press is counter to what is said to us employees. For example the cheapest tariff cannot be offered unless the customer asks for it.

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