Moonpig swamped with Mother's Day complaints

moonpig Moonpig have said sorry for a Mother's Day they'd rather forget. Their social media channels were inundated with complaints, after deliveries of flowers and cards didn't show up, and those that did, some were smashed or damaged.

The online card company spent a lot of their Sunday dealing with angry customers, before stating that they'd had problems with one of their suppliers.

A spokesperson for Moonpig said: "We can confirm that an issue with one of our suppliers has delayed the delivery of flowers to some of our customers this weekend."

"We know how important Mother's Day is and we have apologised to and compensated all customers who have experienced a delay."

"We've been working hard to put things right and by the end of Mother's Day almost all orders have been delivered. We hope our customers accept our sincere apologies."

One customer tweeted photos of the complete state that their delivery was, showing a smashed vase and flowers that weren't anything like 'as pictured'.


Moonpig's Twitter replies is a steady stream of apologies, trying to rectify the mess that had been caused.

In one case, Becky Peters tweeted: "@MoonpigUK two years in a row you have disappointed me, you've lost a customer. Don't advertise your cards to be delivered on Mother's Day if they're not going to arrive."

Of course, some customers had a decent service and everything was fine, but we all know bad news travels much more quickly than good news. Anyway, if you got lousy flowers, or were unhappy with your service yesterday from Moonpig, call them on 0345 450 0100 or contact them through their other details to make your complaint, here.


  • Albi
    Our Tesco yellow roses have wilted after 24 hours. 7 days guarantee my arse!
  • mrs g.
    I am writing to inform you how disappointed I was to receive flowers from Moonpig on Saturday for Mothers Day from my daughter who lives at the other end of the country to me. She sent them in good faith believing your T.V. marketing ,the flowers were very few in number and virtually dead you couldn't even sell them in a Petrol Station . Considering that Mothering Sunday is one of the most important days of the year I cannot understand how your company could get things so abjectly wrong and it seems obvious to me that you are really only interested in profit . I shall spent the next twelve months promoting my disappointment to all and sundry and I hope that the day after mothering Sunday next year you will reflect on your choice to put profit over customer care
  • Jessie J.
    Mrs Gill's pissed off now........RUN!! Dear Mrs Gill, please go to the relevant website/twitter/facebook and moan about your flowers there. Thanks for your cash, MoonPug. Do it like a dude. (this happens every fucking mothers day)
  • Dave U.
    Why are you writing here, Mrs Gill, you daft old bat? Tell the people that can do something about it, we don't care!
  • George C.
    My mother was so disgusted by the service that she died 15 years ago. I demand compensation.
  • A B.
    Dear Mrs Gill, oo am yaw? wot yaw dooin on ere? yaw shud be on the propa websiiite cumplainin, yaw sillay monkay!
  • Jordan
  • Meh
    I care Mrs Gill. I really, really do.* *no, I don't.
  • tin
    I think it's a bitterwallet in-joke that isn't funny.
  • Gary r.
    No flowers have arrived at mothers in Norfolk Not good enough and over 5 pounds postage Not happy
  • Han S.
    "I shall spent the next twelve months promoting my disappointment to all and sundry" - Highly doubt that
  • Pie M.
    This and all the threads on here announcing recruitment drives remind me why I worry about the future of this planet* * I'm assuming the rest of the world is proportionally as full of cabbages as this fair nation.

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