Marmite's 'animal cruelty' advert not banned because people aren't that thick

Have you seen Marmite's 'animal cruelty' commercial? It received more than 500 complaints because some people thought the whole thing trivialised the work of animal and child welfare agencies.

In the ad, you see a bloke crying on his doorstep, while the faces of some children are pixilated to protect their identity while officers rescue neglected jars of Marmite.

Michael Buerk even makes an appearance in the ad, which saw one viewer shrieking: "Disgraceful advert! The implications are dreadful and shame on Michael Buerk for taking part! Hope you take this off air straight away!!!!" while everyone else mewed that it was all in 'poor taste'.

Mercifully, the commercial will not be investigated by the advertising watchdog because it doesn't think that people are so stupid and sensitive, that they'll cry at what is clearly a spoof.

The Advertising Standards Authority said: ‘Most [viewers] would recognise the ads were a spoof. They did not trivialise issues of abuse or denigrate the work of child and animal protection services."


  • badger
    Believe me, people *are* that thick. You only have to see some of the responses on here to see that. Some can't even spell Tennant's.
  • Captain W.
    God help BW if the same viewers ever discover the cesspit of fox bumming and cat fingering that goes on here
  • Chewbacca
    @Tadger You're SO correct. Imagine not being able to spell Tennent's. I still laugh at that fucker who was adamant it was "Tennants", what an utter fucking spastic. So, yes, people ARE that stupid. The fucking morons.
  • Bastard
    "in bad taste".....ho hum.....fuckers just don't like Marmite
  • chimichanga
    Butter is the devil's spunk! Well that's what the margarine marketing board told me. (perhaps that's why it go''s so well with marmite on toast)?

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