Manager gives sober account of drunken bad pub review

People get drunk sometimes, and it gets confusing as to whether the bad time they've had at a venue was the real deal, or self-imposed and muddled by booze.

That doesn't stop people getting their critic's cap on, and leaving a review, most likely on TripAdvisor.

Well, the people at North Shields bar, How Do You Do?, found they'd been given a one-star review by a customer who said they'd had a terrible time at a wedding there. The bosses replied, saying that what had been written was a "a drunk person’s view of the situation.

First, the  complaint.


As you can see, there's complaints of the meagre food on offer, and bizarrely, complaining about a pub that does lock-ins (pubs that do a lock-in should be cherished, whether they've invited you in or not).

There was also complaints of people being kicked-out, and 'random strangers' being allowed in.

With these complaints, HDYD's Paul Bell felt he needed to address the complaint, which of course, has now been deleted. Bell points out why, if you're going to get hysterical with a review, the management and staff will invariably have far more incriminating tales of their own to share with everyone.

Here's the reply.







That's a lot of words, and quite the take-down... no wonder the original complaint was deleted in haste!


  • **Paul**
    *applauds "how do you do"* Bravo sir!
  • monkeyhanger
    I hope the pub does alright, I live a street away from it and it has been through multiple owners with a tiny trade over the past 5 years since former glories as a successful gastro pub and music venue. Passed it tonight on my way home and the car park was packed for the first time in years, hopefully not just "curiosity" trade a few weeks after reopening. Haven't had a chance to pop in yet. The wedding party sounds a classy bunch, maybe they should've got themselves down the Mariners Arms instead.
  • Jessie J.
    Awesome. Some people are just fucktards. Do it like a brother.
  • bill
    Have a look on their facebook and the way they responded to customers that they let down....shocking how they think it's okay to speak to customers like that, it's no wonder customers are left with a bad taste in their mouth ...and not just from the food!!
  • Father J.
    Brilliant. It's about time venues started to being these review-site abusing chavscum bastards to book.

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