Man tweets four hour battle with Virgin Media

Man tweets battle with Virgin Media

Breaking up is hard to do, as we all know, especially if it is with a company that will try to retain you at all costs.

Well, one chap decided to livetweet his wife, who was trying to cancel her Virgin Media contract.

Mr and Mrs Bull decided that they didn't want to be with Virgin Media anymore, with husband John saying: "For about two years our relationship with Virgin Media had been somewhat one-sided: we'd pay them about £50 a month and in return they would send us lots of glossy leaflets telling us how amazing a deal we were getting whilst singularly failing to provide any kind of usable internet connection."

His wife was left to make the call while he fired up his mobile to tweet about the whole thing. They were there for four hours.

After a reasonably cheerful start, he tweeted: "Oh WOW. @virginmedia now trying to say we signed up for a new contract. By accepting their suggestion they up the line speed to try and fix."

Of course, Mrs Bull tells the company that she doesn't recall agreeing to any new contract, and Virgin say they have a recorded phone call, which they play to her, to prove it.

Apparently, by ringing up Virgin to see if they'll fix the shoddy service, this is tantamount to signing up to a new contract. Either way, Mrs Bull then asked what the early disconnection fee would be.

Mr Bull tweeted: "160 POUNDS! THEY'RE DEMANDING 160 POUNDS NOW!"

As for the updated contract, Virgin say that they should have an email confirming this, which Mr Bull found. It looked like this.

The Bulls say that no such letter was received, and the whole thing seemed to be going around in circles.

Mr Bull tweeted: "Ironically this phone called is perhaps the LONGEST we've been stabily connected to @virginmedia"

Then, after 1 hour and 20 mins, Virgin Media decide to hang up on Mrs Bull.

After calling Virgin back, and flustering about the amazing lack on managers that could be spoken to in the Virgin Media offices, they spoke to another person, who said that the company are "LEGALLY not allowed to let us out of the imaginary contract."

And eventually, Virgin Media hang up on the Bulls again.

After jokes about Olly Murs, Communism, four hours on the phone and more, Virgin finally cancelled the Bulls' contract. The Bull family went off to the pub to celebrate too.

You can read the round-up of all the tweets (which should make you laugh and madden you at the same time), by clicking this Storify link here.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said: "We wish Mr and Mrs Bull the best of luck with their future online 'adventures'. We're sorry to see them go and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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  • mooch

    It was their constant mailings that drove me incandescent with rage when I was their customer. Point being - I was already their customer. SO STOP SPAMMING ME. Oh, and they put the price up just 7 months into my contract - and this was before you cd leave them for doing that. Then they put it up 5 months later aswell. The only reason I didn't cancel as soon as the 12 months was up, was because my bastard tenancy contract was uncertain and there was no point signing up to another ISP for 5 minutes. But I could not wait to leave them when I did. Richard Branson I hate you.  

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