Man invites train company to insert letter of complaint into anus

Letters of complaint are, for the most part, pretty unimaginative. However, one fella decided to get creative with his letter to Anglia Rail Services, and enclosed instructions on how they could forcibly insert it into their bum holes.




  • Craig
    well done, now if we were all to do that.......
  • chewbacca
    So, the twat who wrote the letter waits over a month to complain about a cancelled train, then is upset when they tell him to fuck off? If only he had referred to their conditions of carriage before making a complete cunt of himself. Also, "stick it up your arse"? Any decent human being would have said "insert it into your rectum" or something a bit less... scummy. The guy's a fucking moron, and if I were the TOC, I'd be barring him from the service. The fucking moron.
  • Warwick H.
    dont hold back there chewbacca love it.
  • chewbacca's c.
    @ Chewbacca Yeah you go dad / bruv / uncle
  • Meek
    Just to make you aware, the guy who wrote this did it for a 'joke' as he's a 'comedian'. What a load of wank.
  • shiftynifty
    Chewbacca...the orator of our times.....true facto mondo....fucking moron
  • chewbacca's c.
    Chewie needs that wicked tongue of his to perform expert anilingus on me every night. He is that good.
  • Kevin
    Chewbacca is totally right, why did he not do it in the time allowed. He had a whole month!
  • Inspector G.
    Hmmm....The lack of creases in that letter lead me to suggest that it was never sent.
  • chewbaccca
    This thread equals the record for the most positive comments in one thread! I am indeed awesomes.
  • Ed B.
    Is chewbacca awesome? I'm going to make a sandwich to ponder on this.
  • chewbacca's c.
    Chewy, remember when you had a strop and told everyone your mum was dead because you couldn't handle the abuse you so often gave out? Remember that? And you still don't respond to suggestions that you don't own a car or house and have a menial job.
  • Dick
    Fuck it. I was going to make a comment, but I'm too late now.
  • Terry P.
    PS The letter isn't folded as it ws sent in an A4 envelope - so the tightly-rolled response would fit better in the envelope - thence up the arse

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