Lucozade ad banned by ASA

Sports drinks – and the people who drink them – are extremely annoying. All that streamlined, blue liquidy nonsense: it’s enough to put you off your pork pie. But the recent Lucozade Sport ad, claiming that it ‘hydrates and fuels you better than water’ made everyone’s eyes roll. Even, it seems, the Advertising Standards Authority, who have banned it.

lucozade sport

The ban follows 63 complaints, one from the National Hydration Council - which say that Lucozade have breached the advertising code. Why? Because they used the word ‘fuel’. The EU code states that in order to advertise a product’s health benefit, the claim must be specific. What the copywriter SHOULD have said was:

‘Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged endurance exercise’

Catchy, eh?

So in the future, health companies like GSK will have to say their products contribute to the ‘maintenance of performance' instead.

Also, on another slightly more pressing note, the Lucozade claim is kind of b******s, unless you're Usain Bolt. The National Hydration Council said:

‘For the majority of people participating in exercise and sporting activities, water is all that is needed for effective hydration. The majority of sports drinks contain calories and may only have a positive contribution to make to professional athletes and those participating in high intensity, endurance activity.’

And that ain’t you, January fat man in the gym with a lycra wedgie.


  • Dick
    Surely all the sugar they put in it is the fuel.
  • Denny
    Lucozade are no longer made by GSK. They were sold to the Japanse, according to, er, BitterWallet:
  • Dacouch
    I never realised there's a National Hydration Council, do they spend all day worrying about spilt milk
  • shiftynifty
    Another ludicrous health claim from GSK, it`s actually full of crap....and makes your piss blue/orange etc
  • Meh
    @shiftynifty, ummmm, my piss has never changed colour...perhaps a quick trip to the doctors may be in order if your piss is blue?
  • Nathan
    GSK doesn't own Lucozade any more.
  • shiftynifty
    Meh...piss off

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