Just how low can the obscenely greedy banks sink? Here's a new one...

22 October 2009

_1312161_hbos300 Not sure if we’ve mentioned it here before, but we’re of the opinion that banks are scum. If you work for one, heavens, you must be so ashamed that you probably feel like getting into a cuddlier line of work. Maybe something like human trafficking or designing T-shirts for fascist organisations.

It’s hard to tell which bank is the worst as for the best part they’re just a quivering morass of blood-sucking, human-hating shittiness. But right now, Halifax Bank Of Scotland have risen to the top like cream, except they’re not cream, they’re scum. Do try and keep up.

Not content with the tried and untrusted method of charging customers who go over their arranged overdraft, HBOS will soon be yoinking £1 a day from every customer who is using their overdraft, even if they are within their agreed limit. £365 a year just for having an overdraft with them. If your agreed limit is over £2,500, they’ll be taking £2 a day from you. Unauthorised overdrafts will be charged at £5 per day because of all the court case stuff and that.

It’s almost like they’re trying to say: “Look, we’ve got no interest in operating in the manner of what is commonly accepted to be a bank. We’re only in it to squeeze every last pip out of every single one of our customers who is currently having a tough time of it. We were happy to agree to the overdraft once upon a long ago but now, you know what we’re saying – fuck the lot of you. If you’re not winning and in credit, you’re nowhere, and you should probably be dead. And with these new grotesque charges, we like to think we’re bringing forward the inevitable moment of your pathetic death.”

Of course, HBOS haven’t actually said that – it would make for terrible PR. The new charges are introduced on December 6th. If you’ve got an overdraft and are still with HBOS by then, you must be out of your frigging mind.


  • Steven F.
    My god. They are ready to any thing to survive in this recession. Where is the government? Isn't there any law to put a hold on such inhuman organizations.
  • Andrew
    Does anyone know if this applies the their "free" student overdraft?
  • Whit
    They've already applied it to my bank. I got charged £1 a day for using my OD, which I wasn't aware was coming. This charge took me into an unarranged OD, which I then got charged £5 a day - and at the end of the month, got slapped with a whopping £115 in charges. For a £500 OD! I phoned, I spoke to everyone I could think of, asking them to help me out here, as this was going to spiral out of control with my debt, but no one was willing to budge, offer assistance, or even come to a comprimise. So much for phoning your bank / creditors when your in trouble huh? That being said, they can go **** themselves, and I've moved my account to Alliance and Leicester... 50p a day for being OD, with a max £5 a month charge. That sounds more like the customer service I'm looking for.
  • Joff
    Only a guess but I'd expect it to be free on their student account on the hope you're too lazy to switch banks when you graduate.
  • Andy
    Wow. Just when you think they can't go any lower. If this is all a reaction "the court case", shouldn't they have actually given our old charges back before sticking new ones on? Back to keeping my money in the fridge it is then. Scum sucking pig dogs.
  • Andrew R.
    To be honest, I don't agree with such obscene charges for an overdraft, I myself have been charged £22 for a bank transfer going out on a wrong day (my fault.) But, if the bank is paying your debts on your behalf which would otherwise bounce without a facility to pay them - why shouldn't they charge you for it? P.S. I'm not trolling or work for a bank (designer) but if you don't have the money to spend and the bank is subbing you, then they can charge you a (small) fee in my opinion? It's a bit shady on a current agreed overdraft though, I'll agree with that.
  • Lumoruk
    About time they kicked poor fuckers to the curb
  • elsieraven
    They have to get the millions of pounds from somewhere to pay out the bonuses. I just wonder where they will get it from when they have bleed us all dry, repossessed our houses, turned us into jibbering wrecks who then lose our jobs because we are to ill to work after the stress they've inflicted.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Yeah, down with poor people. Why don't you all fuck off back to Poorland and leave us decent barely-able-to-scrape-by-due-to-fucking-excessive-shitty-UK-taxes people to live our lives without your poorness.
  • Pete
    Yeah I got the letter the other day. Pissed me right off. How can you be charged on an ARRANGED overdraft. I have been with them 15 plus years and I am def thinking of fucking them off (if I can dig myself out the od).
  • SimbaK2K
    You'd have to be stupidly blind to not see this coming. You wrote to them or took them to court over excessive bank charges and had thousands of pounds back and the charges are now lower. The money has to come from somewhere so its either a) you pay for your day to day banking or b) other charges will go up. Don't spend money thats not yours and you'll never have to pay any charges. Simples.
  • The B.
    I'm with the Shabbyfax and I have a £2k overdraft facility but never use it, what's the betting the next move is to start charging for me being able to use it if I want to, I'm off to Alliance and Leicester.
  • Andy
    The difference is that you have agreed with them before hand this time that you can spend some of there (our) money and the fuckers will still charge for a agreement that did NOT state you accept being charged other that inrest incured on the borrowing.
  • CompactDstrxion
    Andrew Robinson- the problem is the banks provide this facility whether people want it or not. Banks even charge when they DON'T provide said facility!
  • Paul
    @SimbaK2K Your point is self defeating. The charges were excessive, like you mention, so why can't the money come from said excess? The charges are now lower, yes, but still more than it actually costs the bank, so it's not like it's costing them anything at all.
  • Graham S.
    I think it's disgraceful! I am currently a HBOS customer and after receiving my letter a few days ago checked my account. I was in my overdraft by only a few quid last month but I was in it for 15 days until my pay came through. So in December that'll be costing me £15!!!! I may as well use and pay minimum amounts on my credit card as even that'll be cheaper!
  • James
    What I like most of all is that I never reclaimed any bank charges because I ran my accounts correctly so did not get charged. Now as a special treat a little fuck you present from the bank, I get to pay for all the people who did not run their accounts correctly so that the poor banking sector employess, just shy of living on the bread line can still get their paltry salaries and bonuses.
  • Lee
    Thank god i'm not with them. I'm already on the link of being able to afford to live. An extra £365 a year for doing something i've had for years anyway would tip me over the edge. I'm hoping a mass migration to other banks is on the way.
  • Matt B.
    What the hell? This is absurd.
  • Chris
    @James I like you ran my bank account (within the agreed overdraft limit) and never attempted to reclaim any fees. Now feeling like I've been slapped in the face by the twats Will attempt to move banks, once I've got out of the overdraft (which will now of course, take longer...) d'oh!
  • DavtT
    SimbaK2K is correct. Don’t spend money thats not yours and you’ll never have to pay any charges. Simples. Oh and stop bloody moaning!
  • applesux
    They gave me a pity 100 quid overdraft when I opened my account and the first thing that I did when I got my on line account was cancel the overdraft!
  • Thatcher
    banks are twats - incuding a certain one who pretends to be all ethical and all that bollocks. Infact, they're probably the worst bunch of fuckers on the face of the earth as at least most of the others are upfront about being wankers. Oh - energy companies are mother fuckers as well. It's taken over two years to admit they were wrong to endorse my credit file with a default. Once they admitted it - it took 3 days to get it removed.
  • Thatcher
    Sorry, forgot mobile phone compancies as well. They're also a bunch of ruthless money grabbing mother fuckers. session over
  • Steve R.
    Thinkn about this. Go overdrawn for £1 on one day and get charged an interest rate of 100%; ten days would be 1000%(?) This is into to loan shark terrritory. Considering that the government is pushing hard to get rid of the loan sharks in communityies it now appears that they may be taking up this occupation themselves, after all they effectively own Lloyds TSB. Will the police be investigating HBOS - LLoyds for possible loanshark offences? (somehow I can't see it)
  • Jamie
    The £1/day fee is instead of charging you interest on the money you go overdrawn by. On a 17.9% APR overdraft, being overdrawn by £500 will cost you 25p/day. Obviously the more you're overdrawn by, the better the £1/day works out. To equal the 17.9% though you'd have to be overdrawn by £2039. If you are withdrawn by more than this but less than £2500 then you'll actually be winning. You'll also be winning if you're overdrawn by £4078 and above with the £2/day fee. Of course going overdrawn by £10 and getting charged £1 is pretty bad, and is approximately 3650% in interest per year. My advice: get their reward account, pay £1000/month in to get the free £5, then use a different bank as your main account.
  • Sing B.
    I received a letter from the fuckers at Halifucks. The letter said that that the pitiful interest would no longer be paid on the account but they will be introducing new simple charges for overdrafts, making it sound like it was a fair if not decent tradeoff: "From 6th December 2009 we'll no longer be paying the 0.1% AER/gross credit interest we pay you on the balance in you account, or charging you debit interest on any overdraft you use. Instead we're introducing new simple and easy-to-manage overdraft fees" Oh thanks... Just as well I only use the account to launder money when it gets a bit dirty.
  • ted
    So is it actually cheaper to use your credit card instead of a halifax overdraft? (for a modest sum at least)
  • Elias
    Funny how only now everyone's worked out that Halifax are a bunch of tossers. Pray tell where everyone thought the bank charge refunds and multiple-times-base-rate savings rates Scallyfax have been doling out were going to come from?
  • Dai
    I rung 'em up. The call centre lady (who was very lovely) said that she agreed entirely it was rubbish and advised me to move my account, as she was doing. Another lovely feature of this account is that if you pay in less than £1000/month you get No. Interest. Whatsoever. You may as well put the money under a mattress for all the good it will do you. I'm almost suspicious that it's all a ploy to close the bank down by losing all the customers...
  • Korky
    I had just cancelled my overdraft with the Bank of Scotland after being told i was in the clear. Yesterday i withdraw £300 which i assumed was all mine as i was told i owe nothing. Now the bank machine appears to tell me that i am overdrawn by £206. I would like to know if it is possible that the Bank purposely did not cancell my overdraft when i asked them to?
  • Phil V.
    The only way to stop these greedy Banks, their obscene bonuses etc, their share price rising, and, make the Gov't and BOE, FSA etc listen to the people, is to start another run on a UK Bank asap. I would target LLoyds Bank first as it was bailed out by the taxpayer, however HSBC is completely arrogant to it's customers, students, etc and openly says it is cash rich, so take the money out of their accounts and move it elsewhere, or make life difficult and leave a £1 in the account.

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