It's National Consumer Week so complain about something! Even this story!

An angry consumer, yesterday

It’s National Consumer Week! But stop reading now if you’re labouring under the impression that it means you can stuff your face with as many sweets, chips and cans of pop as you can manage for the next seven days.

No, it’s all about raising awareness to help you, the punter take on and defeat them, the unscrupulous trader who increasingly see you as nothing more than feckless prey to be feasted upon.

New stats show that it’s a war that is being stoked up on both sides. Results of a survey by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills shows that 58% of consumers have complained to a retailer, asked for a refund or exchanged an item in the past three years.

On the other hand, a report from the Trading Standards Institute shows that 42% of businesses fail to adequately tell customers what their options are when it comes to complaining.

Plus, Anne Robinson is back on BBC1’s shitty Watchdog, so we can all feel as though there’s a dark force for good on our side. Then of course, there’s Bitterwallet.

We’re feeling quite hard-hitting at the moment and will be celebrating National Consumer Week by attempting to pull the rug out from under another lying, scheming mobile phone provider and maybe lifting the lid on another consumer-related piece of skulduggery – one you definitely wouldn’t expect…. so watch this space.


  • Me
    Yea right
  • Dodgy A.
    Brilliant. Hopefully DSG pocketing the VAT cuts is going to be exposed. They have sneaked their prices up back to those reminiscent of the 17.5% rate.
  • Oh
    Most of your stories are crap.

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