Indesit tumble dryer recall - there's still a hold-up

Indesit recall

We told you about the fire hazards with Indesit tumble dryers last November, in 2015.

It concerned the risk with machines sold via the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands over the last 11 years, with particular concern over two types of tumble dryer which were manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015.

Many users have registered their machines on the Hotpoint website, but there's been complaints that not much has happened since, apart from some basic advice to keep an eye on them, and clear the lint out of them every time you use it.

So what's happening? Well, some customers have been offered money off a new tumble dryer, but obviously, this isn't an ideal scenario if you've not got the money for a new one.

Well over 3 million people have been in touch with the company, and there's invariably more than that, who haven't seen the recall.

There's an estimate of a 10 week wait for a repair, and in some cases, a 9 month wait for an appointment with a representative of the company. This is little consolation to anyone who has something which might set on fire in their home.

We contacted Whirlpool, who own the company, and the response is not exactly useful. They basically said that they are "working hard to resolve the problem", and that more engineers are being trained to deal with the backlog.

If you missed the recall and think you have one of the recalled machines, then you need to find out if your model has been affected. You can do that here.

Obviously, the backlog is so huge, that you shouldn't expect anything to be done about the problem any time soon.

We'll keep looking into it, and hopefully, there'll be a resolution to this sooner rather than later.

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