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iflorist We've spoken about iFlorist on a number of occasions here at Bitterwallet. Quite like no other company, we've seen huge amounts of complaints about them.

And, just after Mother's Day, it seems they haven't learned their lessons, despite the fact we first wrote about the company's shortcomings all the way back in 2010.

There's been customer complaints about flowers being delivered that were half-dead and wilting, late and missing deliveries and hampers that were part of deal not showing up at all, even though the flowers to accompany them were delivered.

Let's have a look at some of the complaints we've received.

Manue said: "We ordered a lovely basket of flowers for my mother-in-law as we couldn't be with her that day. While I do not expect the flowers to arrive at 8am as I know I am not the only customer, I was actually hoping for the flowers to arrive during the day. The link supposedy tracking the flowers was not working, there was no phone number to call. As we wanted to keep the surprise until the flowers arrived, we didn't say anything (bad move). The flowers arrived at 8pm with the poor excuse that they had tried to deliver from the morning. Apparently, they didn't find the house easily as the address wasn't complete… it was complete on confirmation invoice sent to me by email!!! I can see when I read the other reviews that I should count my blessings as I least I received the flowers. Their respond to my email to them (just stating the obvious and being sarcastic) was: “don’t complain, at least you have got them on mother’s day”. I quote their unhelpful reply “Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us, Your order was delivered on Mother’s day. Kindest Regards Iflorist”.that’s an apology??? Never mind!!!"

Not great customer service there. Ian Douthwaite told us: ""Ordered flowers for mothers day. Never arrived til monday! Emailed and got a reply saying that it was a 48hr window for delivery. In their own T&Cs it states that all mothers day flower deliveries are guaranteed in time for mothers day. My mother spoke to the delivery driver who told her that they do not deliver on Sundays so it was never really going to happen! Would rather swim across the Irish sea with the flowers in my mouth than use these cowboys again. You know what you can do with your £5 voucher as well!"

Patrick O'Neill told us: "Ordered flowers well in advance for Mother’s Day. Eventually a dead bunch of flowers were delivered a day late for £40. No phone number on website to phone. Note the number listed dosen't work and they don’t answer emails. Awful awful awful" Meanwhile, Paul Archer said that "the flowers were in a terrible state looking half dead, l have been refused a refund, I am reporting iflorist to trading standards they are a joke of a business taking people’s money and not providing the service they were paid for."

Dom, meanwhile, said; "this company is clearly a scam" while Marc wrote: "Wish I read reviews before ordering, ordered and paid for flowers and a hamper to be sent for mothers day, the flowers arrived on time, however, still no sign of the Hamper (£50). I have sent an email first thing this morning but as yet no reply."

Suffice to say, again, we advise that you might want to weigh-up your options before using iFlorist.

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  • William G.
    Unbelievably, having read the reviews here, I have had a good experience with iFlorist in the past. However, this Mother's Day has been a bit of a disaster. I ordered a few days in advance of Sunday and everything seemed to go through ok once I'd checked my order online. There was no sign of the flowers during the day so I used their online message system to ask about the delivery. They answered relatively quickly saying the order will arrive by 5pm. No such luck. I messaged them again saying there was no sign of anything and they replied telling me they would look into it and be in touch (I also got a confirmation e-mail about my order that night even though it looked like it had been accepted on their website days before..). I am yet to receive any reply or have the flowers actually delivered - It's nearly a week later. I have sent another message asking what is going on, what compensation I am going to receive and have seen that my account has been debited for the amount of the flowers. Have also tried calling directly, but good luck to anyone getting hold of their customer service line, I got bored being on hold for so long. I won't be using them again.

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