iFlorist: Complaints and anger all over again

iflorist A while ago, we wrote about iFlorist and the fact that there was something a little fishy about a number of reviews they'd received. It certainly looked like positive reviews were being hastily thrown at sites in a bid to counteract all the negative ones.

Well, the complaints and negative reviews are back again, with people furious at what they think is crappy service.

On BW, one reader got in touch to say: "On March 29, 2014, I paid iFlorist to deliver a bouquet of flowers with a glass vase, a card (which was to be handwritten in) and a box of chocolates, which were to be sent to my partner's mother for Mother's Day."

"After Mother's Day weekend, the flowers did not arrive, and after several attempts at contacting iFlorist, they finally replied saying that they would try to get my order out and that they would offer me a £5 voucher for my next purchase – no refund (even though there were no flowers!)"

"Finally, on Wednesday, April 2, the flowers were delivered – and were old. No vase. No card. No chocolates. I've opened a dispute on Pay Pal and am trying to reclaim my money back. What good are flowers for Mother's Day if they're delivered 3-4 days late? Not to mention, 3/4 promised items weren't even included! I've reported them to BBC Watchdog and hope these scam artists are go out of business and SOON."

Over at MoneySavingExpert, there were more complaints. Shouting "AVOID THIS COMPANY", one disgruntled customer said that they had "paid extra for express delivery. The roses turned up on the doorstep at 745pm and the courier didn't even bother to ring the bell. Three of the flowers were blackened and the others looked very sorry for themselves. I cannot believe I ordered flowers through this company having seen them mentioned on MSE Valentines link... their chat link is always dead and they have not responded to support tickets."

Yesterday, complaints were coming in at the ReviewCentre, where someone spat: "Purchased "designer flowers" for mothers day which were appalling. Flowers were half dead and wrapped in tissue paper that looked like it had been dropped on the floor and danced on! Only wish I had read other peoples reviews first because most people seem to be of the same opinion. Never again - my local supermarket were selling better at a quarter of the price and forget customer services - they are as bad as the flowers!"

A number of new complaints bloomed over at FlowerDelivery, saying "avoid", "disgusted" and "took money - no refund given!" and TrustPilot was again rife with angry customers, with loads of complaints coming in this week. One iFlorist user said: "Extremely poor product and appalling lack of follow up service," with products being delivered not as advertised, as well as "the supposed live support service appears to be permanently unavailable" and the customer feeling "cheated and angry. The flowers were a rip off and I have paid for goods and services in addition that I have not received. Now they don't even have the decency to respond my enquiries by email and it's impossible to get through to anyone on the phone."

Other customers said they had been "ignored", "the WORST company I've EVER dealt with", "WORST SERVICE EVER", "AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!"

iFlorist did contact one customer (not all) with an apology and an offer to "e-mail you personally to arrange some appropriate compensation," so it may well be worth peeved customers giving them a ring on 0844 874 5010 or email them again at their contact page. You can send them a letter if you prefer, at iflorist HQ, Jubilee House, Phoenix Way, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 5SX.

In the meantime, if an offer online looks like it is too good to be true, then it probably is.


  • cutthroat_jake
    I also contacted Watchdog after receiving the wrong flowers from iFlorist for my mum. I got in touch with them and they refused to give me a refund, so I took it further. Anyone else who was disappointed with their iFlorist order and hasn't done so yet, should get in touch with their credit/debit card issuer and make a chargeback claim for the amount. The card company will block the payment and raise a claim with iFlorist. One thing to remember however, is that you must tell iFlorist that the goods were incorrect at the point of sale and that they are available for immediate collection, so don't throw them out until the claim is settled, even if they're dead. Which?, the consumer advice company, have a guide to chargeback which can be found here.... http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/problem/how-do-i-use-chargeback
  • Patricia R.
    I received a bouquet of roses for mothers day from my son in France. There was no instructions or feed and within 12 hours 4 had drooped and despite trying everything to revive them ,it was useless. By Tuesday the rest were looking bad. I phoned the no. on the website but was told to email as they were too busy. I was sent an automated reply and told not send anymore emails as if my name came up again it would be flagged as spam. To date I have not had a response. I don't have the heart to tell my son as he would be very disappointed .
  • Ian
    Of course, come 13 June 2014, offering an 0844 number for their customer service line will fall foul of the law.
  • Patricia R.
    Have just received a response to my email in which it said that if my complaint was still to be resolved I had to respond to the email. I have done so and await further developments.
  • Elaine
    I received flowers from iflorist for Mothers Day, which arrived with all the rosebuds tinged brown. After 7 days they had all failed to open & were drooping. I phoned iflorist & was given an email address to send photos for refund. I emailed 3rd April & received no reply, I emailed again with photos on 4th April asking for an acknowledgment of my complaint, again no reply. i have just emailed again today, as well as phoned, but each time I have been put through to message that someone will be with me shortly. Having now found lots of complaints, it is clear iflorist is run by unscrupulous people, who pray on innocent women!!
  • Mel
    I had ordered a nice bunch of roses, a card and chocolates for my mother on mothersday. Had an invoice they was due to arrive on 29th. (i live 800 miles away from her) Mothers day came and went, sent numerous emails and of course i got no response. They finally arrived on 4th april, minus the chocolates. After so many emails ignored, I rang them, 3 times they claimed they would refund me then came the excuses why they havent refunded me. After all that time i finally get a response in email by some silly woman who sent me a copy of the invoice (same invoice i mentioned above) saying it was delivered on that date. So of course i replied telling her she needs to do her job properly etc, then she only resent the same message with the invoice again then blocked me from replying. This is disgraceful and makes me angry they have done this to a lot of people. They need to refund us and shut down their so called company.
  • Cheryl
    Oh my god! I live in Australia and ordered Mother's Day flowers for my mum from Iflorist. She's only just told me she got 8 flowers 2 of which were dead. And not even close to what I ordered. She's been emailing them to no avail. So so disappointed. I've sent flowers to her many times, from other websites and she's had some gorgeous arrangements. I'm about too try get some resolution with them myself but now I've read this I don't fancy my chances.
  • David F.
    I ordered flowers for a persons birthday from first flowerfete.co.uk and as ther was no confirmation again from iflorist.co.uk. I was in a hurry so didn't have time to check the companies. Big mistake. Iflorist sent an email the next day saying the flowers were delivered, 4 days early, but they were not. Flowerfete has never sent an email but claim when contactex on Facebook they delivered also that day. Contacting iflorist on facebook they then delivered half dead flowers with no water a day after the birthday. I have warned both I want a refund. Neither seem to be cooperative, so I am setting up websites and social media sites to make sure all complaints and reviews get bundled so they never receive another order. http://www.iflorist.info http://www.flowerfete.info
  • Keith
    They were brilliant - then they weren't. Similar story to the article - ordered, didn't deliver (Friday delivery paid for), then delivered on the Monday after - a dry, dead bunch. Been in a warehouse all weekend, no wonder. I also got no further than the £5 off the next order. Which is worthless as I've given up on them. Asda Flowers have been brilliant, every time. Who would have thought it.
  • Han S.
    I'd received my full refund by 14:30 on Mother's Day and certainly wouldn't have let them get away with such piffling offers as a £5 voucher!
  • Anne
    Something should be done to stop this company. I paid for flowers that were not delivered plus they took a further unauthorized payment of £63.80 from my account. It has taken 3x months to get this money back. They initially refused to return my money, then offered a £5 voucher to use against another order (who in their right mind would place a second order with this company) Three months later they offered to return half of my money they stole from my account. I only got my money back as I was prepared to contact the Consumers Association... When you read the reviews, it's clear that hundreds of others have had the same treatment. I am shocked that this company is allowed to stay in business.
  • Proffessional f.
    Word of advise, order flowers direct from a local florist, check bottom of website to ensure they are based where they say as there are lots of order gathers which take a cut. A lot of on line florist /large companies take a % or they come from main warehouse. Flowers take specialist care if you want quality go to the professional. Some times you can get flowers which don't last as long as you want, you will get better service from an independent florist, all my flowers come with 7 day replacement. At busy times a lot of warehouse stock pile, you can stock pile most things but flowers are not one of them. Mother's Day us florist work around the clock to ensure your mums are happy, I had no complaints Mother's Day and I am the only florist in my business and I sent out over 100 deliveries over the Mother's Day weekend. Buy local most bouquets can start from £20- £30 including delivery. Sound like a lot of the above comments spent more than this.
  • Kate
    I have just talked to this company about a non-delivery of flowers to Australia and they refuse to reimburse me (£50) as the delivery was over two weeks ago and I should have complained earlier! I only learned of the non-delivery as my friend arrived over from Australia 2 weeks ago and said nothing had arrived. Now I have read all the other complaints and realise my mistake - never use this bunch (excuse the pun) again!
  • Brenda S.
    I ordered flowers for a wedding that took place on the 3rd September. They arrived at around 7pm on the 4th September. I have spoken to the company who tell me they will let me have a voucher to recompense me. I told them that this was not satisfactory and I wanted a full refund of my money - just over £30. That can't be done they said. I am now awaiting someone called Emily to e mail me - but I am not holding my breath. If she does reply to my e mail I feel she will still give the same story - I can have a voucher. I too have only just read the reviews and a voucher would be an absolute waste - I do not trust them. Brenda Shapeero
  • graeme
    what a joke of a company !! I was a member of their relay service and can only say DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY ! my company is no longer working with Iflorist and we would not recommend them to anyone, by the time a customer has ordered flowers and the charges from iflorist have been removed you are left with barely nothing and as for their customer service , complete waste of time ! DO NOT USE IFLORIST !!
  • charlotte
    Ordered some mixed chocolate dipped strawberries, dipped in White, Milk and dark chocolate. They arrived two days late and where totally unediable and not what I had ordered. They were all dipped in dark chocolate. I have tried to get a refund but they are not giving me one suggesting that they where dipped in dark chocolate due to the season and that a greater substitute had been supplied. Not in my eyes! as I didn't get what I had ordered. If I had ordered roses would they have sent me daisies? I doubt it...... Am in the process of taking them through The small claims court (can you believe it) for a £14.90 refund!! Only use this company if you want to be totally disappointed and not get what you ask for.
  • Sylvia
    I have just successfully processed a paypal claim against iFlorist to get my money back for a plant that was never delivered to France that they claimed had been delivered, and refused to give me a refund on. I wish I'd read this page before buying with them.
  • Sally
    Wow I wish I had found this page before ordering! I ordered flowers last week to be delivered to my friend in England (I'm in Australia) and was a bit worried when she hadn't mentioned she had received them (I knew she would love them and at least thank me for them!) so I had to ruin the surprise and ask if they had been delivered, which they had not. I emailed iFlorist and was basically told I was wrong and they had been delivered, although they definitely had not! I replied demanding a full refund, threatening to take the matter further to which I was told it would be emailed to the refunds department... Never got a response from them. I emailed every day for a week and then saw the money refunded in my account. No email confirmation of a refund though, and no apology. Absolutely appalling service and like others have said, it is stealing and fraudulent. Do not order through iFlorist, you're wasting your time!
  • Natalie
    I ordered from iflorist mainly because they would deliver on a Sunday. I live in England and wanted the flowers delivered in England, and ordered a month in advance. The flowers were not delivered on the date, although I had spent £50 on the flowers, so had to ruin the surprise and ask my mum if they had been delivered. She then stated an card had been pushed through the letterbox simply saying "unable to deliver", no contact number, no explanation. Luckily she knew the courier so rang him the next day and he simply stated that he refuses to delivery to neighbours as it's "not worth the hassle". So I contacted iflorist to tell them I was unhappy and I got the most unapologetic email from Rachel Hilton simply saying "If the recipient is not available then we; leave with a neighbour, leave in a safe place or reattempt the next day". So I asked why it was not left with a neighbour, and she replied "It required a signature", again with no apology, I've asked why a signature from the neighbour was not sufficient. I was obviously upset and annoyed that my mum didn't receive her flowers on the day I specifically set for her birthday to which I get no empathy from their customer service team. I will not be using iflorist again, I'd rather plan to get the flowers delivered a day earlier than have to use iflorist and it be delivered late!
  • Adam
    After reading all the horror reviews of this site, I bit the bullet and ordered some flowers to be delivered to my mother in Spain. Flowers arrive on time, in perfect condition! I think we are all to quick to post negatives, yet not so for the positives. I would highly recommend them!!
  • Fiona R.
    I recenly ordered my mum flowers from I florists for her birthday when she received the flowers she was very disappointed . The flowers arrived late and some were dead the others were practically dead. I wish I had seen this sight before ordering.
  • nancy
    How I wish I had found the content on these pages before ordering! I had ordered a bouquet of roses on December 24, was to be delivered on December 30, 2014. This was for my sick best friend in Essen, Germany. Now I had checked with her......none received. I knew she would love them so I had nothing than to ruin the surprise. I am extremely disappointed.........dealing with con artist! Beware......
  • jane
    Ordered flowers for my mums Decemberg birthday, but very disappointed with quality and amount of flowers wish I'd gone to Asda or M&S would of got a decent and would of lasted a lot longer. The positive they arrived on time. But never again, I will always google reviews in future, don't know why I didn't Christmas head on?
  • Carolyn
    I ordered flowers to be sent to France for my daughter and partner to cheer them up after a traumatic time, the flowers were ordered 21 Jan 15 for delivery 23 Jan 15. I received confirmation of my order, all good!! I then received an email form the service centre requesting information for the delivery driver as the address is a bit different, I replied to this request within the hour and also gave specific directions direct to the house including the make and colour of the cars on the driveway. On Sunday due to not receiving a thank you which my daughter would have done right away I enquired through a third party as to if the flowers had arrived to with there was a negative response. I contacted iflorist and left a ticket on their website while trying to access their tracking service to see were the delivery was up to. The tracking threw me out without allowing me to access were the order was up to and I did receive a further response from iflorist to say delivery would be made within the next 24 - 48 hours. On 29 Jan (STILL NO DELIVERY) and an email to say I had not responded to their initial enquiry until 24 Jan which delayed the order due to the weekend my email confirmed the response was sent 21 Jan and the time email was sent. I responded to that email disputing the information contained in that email and attached copies of my previous email response also demanding delivery by lunchtime 30 Jan or a FULL refund. I have since been in contact with my daughter and at 16:20 30 Jan still no flowers. Not only is this disgusting service but the whole surprise to cheer them up has been destroyed. I am bitterly disappointed and annoyed at myself as usually I read reviews for before placing any online orders, had I seen the reviews for this company prior there is no way I would have made this order. I am just glad this was not a wreath I had ordered. I will update this if/when I get a further response from iflorist but meantime would advise anyone to stay away form this company.
  • Anoochka
    So disappointed. Paid a fortune for wrong bouquet sent to me. Still waiting for a reply from them.
  • Debbie
    Last Mothers Day was my experience of iFlorist - dreadful! Still have a sour taste in my mouth when that name appears. It took me 6 months of constant harrassment and re-opening complaints posted on their site and posting numerous ones! Emailed photos and explanation about 20 times to different email addresses and sent 5 letters with the same supporting documents. Eventually got a full refund, will never use them and at every opportunity I advise others not to.
  • Agreat
    Unfortunately I fell for the same con. They were promising free delivery on Valentine's Day, but the flowers never showed. When contacted, they rudely pointed me to some fine print. Any honest company would not be advertising free delivery for flowers on Valentine's Day under these conditions, but clearly these people are con artists. There are hundreds of honest florists out there. Use them instead. Avoid iflorist / flowerfete.
  • northeastspotter
    Same as above, flowers ordered for Valentine's Day 2015 didn't arrive and response was a reference to the terms and conditions that free delivery may result in a 1 or 2 day delay. I pointed out that there was little point giving a delivery date in the order if that was the case, but surely to meet the expected delivery date they should despatch the order 1 or 2 days early. They ignored that. By Tuesday 17th no flowers so I contacted them again and this time got a grovelling apology, the offer of an upgraded bouquet and a £5 voucher. I responded that this was aceptable and suggested Saturday 21st as the delivery date. Concerned today, so checked the order to find it not updated and on checking the 'ticket' found my response simply showed the date and time, but not my message. Rang and confirmed nothing had been done and as their original email had no name on it they could not track it further. Order again rearranged, now hoping for Tuesday 24th!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN INCOMPETENT FLORIST.
  • northeastspotter
    Forgot to say, I ordered the original flowers on 12th January.!!!!
  • Emma c.
    Received flowers on Friday 20 feb from this company sent by my mum, who has impeccable taste. Opened smallish box to find v small "bouquet" of bedraggled roses, lilies and freesias. Only a few stems and leaves half dead, broken stems, flowers falling off. Shocked, so told my mum to complain. Was horrified when mum advised it had cost £40. Looked like a £10 max supermarket offering. She complained and they said it would be resent, it arrived today tues 24 feb. Hardly thought it possible, it was worse than first bouquet. Quality of flowers appalling and amount of stems for £40 price tag just shocking. These people are rip off florists with no integrity.
  • whyz
  • Clark
    Ordered flowers to be sent to Canada on 6 th March. By 9 th they had not arrived. I was told that there was an issue with the post code and that someone had sent me an email. I did not receive an email. Called their office again today as I was told that they would be delivered yesterday 10 th March. I have now been told that they will be delivered today 11 th. Would not use this company again. Just hoping they arrive.
  • lb
    Extremely disappointed. I ordered my Mother some flowers for Mothers Day-'gerberas and chrysanthemums' in 'yellow and orange shades'; what arrived was 5 pink roses. I emailed iflorist informing them that they had sent the wrong flowers, and their response may aswell have said 'not my problem'- they have offered no resolution or compensation. I would not recommend this company, the customer care is appalling, and so is the quality of their flowers, and the likeness of the flowers to their photographs.
  • Becky
    I ordered some flowers for mothers day which came with a free card and chocolates. The flowers were received but without the card and chocolates. So I rang up to complain. I spoke to a woman who was absolute useless to say the least. She could not figure out who the order was delivered to even though I must of said the postcode and name a thousand times! When she finally did, all I got was a 'ooo, well there's nothing we can do about that now'. Not, 'O I'm so sorry!' Absolute fuming! Said she'll give me the delivery charge and a five pound voucher back and then put the phone down on me. Will not be using the voucher or their service again. And I recommend you do not either. Useless, rude, rip off florist! Rant over.
  • keva k.
    Mother's Day order never turned up. Checked Twitter and it was the same for lots more. Rip off merchants with horrendous reviews dating back years.
  • Jo W.
    My daughter ordered flowers for me from iflorist for Mother's Day and paid extra for a Sunday delivery, nothing arrived and still hasn't, will be requiring a full refund failing that l will be reporting these scammers of a business to trading standards.
  • Linzi s.
    Placed 2 orders on Friday for delivery on Mother's Day Sunday paying the additional Sunday delivery charge. Only one delivery turned up, were left under the caravan on the drive with no card through the door to advise they were there and they were half dead and not what I ordered. They other delivery still has not arrived. Finally got through on the phone to be offered a 10.00 voucher! I told them why would I spend more money just to use a voucher! All they can do is apologise and asked me to email Becky. I have done this but won't hold my breath for a reply. They haven't replied to so called 'tickets' or returned my calls from the messages left on their answerphone. My bank have advised they can raise a dispute if they don't refund me but I too will be complaining to trading standards. I have not received the goods as advertised and paid for. DISCUSTING RIP OFF COMPANY
  • Dom
    Order Mothers Day flowers which never showed up..this company is clearly a scam. No response from customer support and phone line is dead. I will be looking to get a refund via my bank.
  • Janet W.
    We have been similarly let down with our order for Mother's Day flowers for my husband's 96 year-old mother. I actually phoned them on two separate occasions leading up to the delivery date (the Saturday before Mother's Day) to request an email confirmation of the order. Both times, the order details were confirmed with me and I was assured an email would be sent immediately. Needless to say, it - like the flowers - never arrived. I have tried phoning them on both the o844 and o333 numbers and even went through the motions of leaving a voicemail. We have now sent the email ticket stating that only a full and immediate refund will be acceptable. Not everyone delivers to Northern Ireland addresses and their site looked fine, but we will certainly be checking reviews for any and all online companies from now on!
  • Marc
    Wish I read reviews before ordering, ordered and paid for flowers and a hamper to be sent for mothers day, the flowers arrived on time, however, still no sign of the Hamper (£50). I have sent an email first thing this morning but as yet no reply....
  • James M.
    Another disgruntled customer, the flowers didn't show up yesterday for mother's day and not been able to get hold of them today. As for the offer being two good to be true, it was nearly £40, so not cheap. About the same as I've paid with interflora in the past.
  • Mavis J.
    I received a special mothers Day box of white flowers (50022 Blanche Elegante) from my son. They were delivered by Hermes at dinnertime on Sunday 16th March but were already shrivelled up and dying. The three white roses in it were brown and tatty and the other flowers looked the worse for wear. It looked as if some had been eaten away with petals only half there. I took photos and tried to fill in a form on line. It would only allow me to upload one photo and then would not accept the email without an order number which of course I did not possess as they were a present. I tried all the different numbers on the box and the back of the card but it would not accept any that I entered just kept stating that I had not entered a recognised order number. I tried to send the email with order number not known and that did not help. After wasting hours trying numerous times I decided to phone the number listed the next day (today 16th March) and surprise, surprise, it is just clicking and going to engaged tone and I have tried 50+ times. My husband then found these complaints and I am sharing my feelings. I do not really want to tell my son as I know he will be upset but what can I do now? I think that I will have to as he is out of the country at the moment and may be able to cancel the payment.
  • Al
    Ordered a nice bouquet for Mothers Day on Friday 13th with a promise that they would delivered in time. Surprise surprise nothing arrived so I posted a email request on their website only to receive an apologetic response and a £5 gift voucher!!!!! Am now waiting for a full refund but judging by the comments here I won't be holding my breath...... Please do not use this company you would be better off giving your money to a charity
  • Jo W.
    My flowers ordered for Mothers Day Sunday 15th of March arrived on Monday the 16th at 5 o'clock no apology nothing for the late delivery, absolutely disgusting, flowers quilting and dieing, wrapped in what looked like tissue paper that had been used previously, chocolates out of date, do not order flowers from iflorist complete rip off !!!
  • Paul A.
    I ordered flowers for my mom for Mother's Day they arrived a day late, and we're not the flowers I ordered, the flowers were in a terrible state looking half dead, l have been refused a refund, I am reporting iflorist to trading standards they are a joke of a business taking people's money and not providing the service they were paid for, bewarded do not order flowers from iflorist.
  • Patrick n.
    Ordered flowers well in advance for Mother's Day. Eventually a dead bunch of flowers were delivered a day late for £40. No phone number on website to phone. Note the number listed dosent work and they don't answer emails. Awful awful awful
  • ian d.
    Ordered flowers for mothers day. Never arrived til monday! Emailed and got a reply saying that it was a 48hr window for delivery. In their own T&Cs it states that all mothers day flower deliveries are guaranteed in time for mothers day. My mother spoke to the delivery driver who told her that they do not deliver on sundays so it was never really going to happen! Would rather swim across the Irish sea with the flowers in my mouth than use these cowboys again. You know what you can do with your £5 voucher as well!
  • Manue
    We ordered a lovely basket of flowers for my mother-in-law as we couldn't be with her that day. While I do not expect the flowers to arrive at 8am as I know I am not the only customer, I was actually hoping for the flowers to arrive during the day. The link supposedy tracking the flowers was not working, there was no phone number to call. As we wanted to keep the surprise until the flowers arrived, we didn't say anything (bad move). The flowers arrived at 8pm with the poor excuse that they had tried to deliver from the morning. Apparently, they didn't find the house easily as the address wasn't complete...it was complete on confirmation invoice sent to me by email!!! I can see when I read the other reviews that I should count my blessings as I least I received the flowers...Their respond to my email to them (just stating the obvious and being sarcastic) was: "don't complain, at least you have got them on mother's day". I quote their unhelpful reply "Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us, Your order was delivered on Mother's day. Kindest Regards Iflorist".that's an apology??? Never mind!!!
  • will w.
    Another non-delivery on Mothers day 2015. I live in Singapore so don't have opportunity to vist on Mothers day and have always doen my best to get lovely flowers dlivered to my mum. I wish i had read reviews on this company before i used them. I cannot get a refund from my bank as it is a local bank and cannot claim back across border. SO FRUSTRATING!!! My delivery link said they had left the depot on the day before mothers day, BUT there it ends... If anyone has any luck contacting them, shout at them for me.....
  • Jan
    My daughter order a £40 bouquet of flowers and paid £6 deliver for Mothers Day ... no flowers, sat in most of the day waiting. My daughter tried contacting Iflorist but to no luck. Her email stated that the flowers were out for delivery on Mothers Day. Monday ... still no flowers, we tried contacting the company, phone constantly engaged. We did however get notification that delivery was out for Monday not the day that my daughter paid for. The flowers arrived ... they were thrown through the porch window, the driver didnt even bother to knock!!! What a disappointment, we could have bought better from a local market stall. Nothing like the photo and a much smaller bouquet and they didn't arrive on time. A word of warning DO NOT BUY FROM IFLORIST. They are not interested in their customers, they only want to rip you off. Still unable to get in contact with the company to demand a refund for non delivery on Mothers Day.
  • Kirstie
    Ordered my mother a bouquet chocolates and card to be delivered Mother's Day! Absolutely nothing showed up after telling my mum to wait in all day for a suprise! I live over an hour away from my mum and couldn't get over to see her so she's received nothing off me for Mother's Day I am absolutly furious! After phoning all day Sunday and Monday and being on hold for over an hour on Monday I finally spoke to a lady who said she was sorry, but nothing she can do about them being late as they were out for delivery all weekend, and it should be delivered some point today (Monday)! This meant nothing to me as Mother's Day has been and gone! To make matters worse it's now Tuesday! Nothing has arrived and have had no contact from Iflorist!! I want a full refund and I will be ensuring I post this review on every forum possible, including facebook and Twitter! Worst customer service I have ever received not one person has been in touch with me, my money's been taken and no replies to any emails! Definitely do not recommend this florist! Also pictures I have seen of other customers bouquets, the flowers look nothing whatsoever like the pictures they are meant to!! Appalling company !!!
  • Liz
    I too live in Australia and ordered Mothers Day flowers for my Mum to arrive on Sunday. They of course didn't (now that I have read all these complaints I should have avoided the company with a barge pole). I was extremely disappointed and will be following up. I thought that an order placed the week before Mothers Day and to be delivery on Mother's Day was too good to be true- I was right!
  • Lorna
    No customer service at all, I ordered my mothers day flowers a week in advance, she still has not received them, sent countless emails, left countless messages, someone needs to put a stop to them ripping people off!!!
  • Anon
    I ordered Mother's Day flowers last week with plenty of time for delivery and paid extra to have these in time. No sign of them on the Sunday. On Monday morning (11am) I called to chase them up and heard an automated message declaring the offices are closed even though the website clearly states the opening time as open. I then raised an email enquiry which took absolutely ages to find as they try to avoid you contacting them it seems. Did not hear anything back. The flowers then arrived on Monday evening around 5pm. An absolute horror show. The box and it's contents looked like a bomb had exploded. Soil everywhere, dead flowers and a blank notecard (my message was missing). The vintage, chic garden basket was dirty, absolutely ruined and everything was upside down, in a sorry heap at the bottom of the box. I called Tuesday and waited for 20 minutes on hold. Spoke to a lady who was so uninterested and was not at all surprised in what had happened and asked me to just email photos. I received an email back with one sentence - 'sorry and here's your refund'. On a separate note - the website is filled with spelling mistakes, bad grammar and all in all, I am inclined to think this is a one-man-badly-run-band. Save your money and stay away!
  • Lucy B.
    I live in New Zealand and ordered Mother's Day flowers which of course never arrived, first time using iflorist - I am so mad. I got an email after the day saying order was rejected due to the local phone number being an error. I responded confirming the number and still nothing, phone goes to voicemail. They offered a voucher. You click on the delivery link which doesn't help. How do you report them??? I have now cancelled my credit card and the bank will try to get my money back. Cheers Lucy.
  • Lianne D.
    We're the same unfortunately, Mothers Day flowers never arrived. No response to our emails and when you call the contact number the message says the office is closed. I called Trading Standards who suggested I write a letter (recorded delivery) telling them they've breached their contract and that I was a full refund and give them a deadline for that. They also say to contact your bank so I've done this now and my bank are looking into it. Hopefully they will refund us and hopefully the company get ivestigated and closed down!!
  • Lianne D.
    I've also contacted BBC's Watchdog as the Citizens advice say that my problem is a civil issue and Trading Standards will only get involved in criminal cases but to me this is criminal as they are taking peoples money and not delivering the goods!
  • Nick E.
    Same for me. Ordered flowers for UK Mothers day, delivery on the SUNDAY, as offered. They turned up on Tuesday. I did get a response from them, as follows: Thank you very much for contacting Iflorist. Please allow me to offer you my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused in this matter. I can advise that as you have opted for free delivery on this occasion, this allows for a 48 hour delivery window from the delivery date you have chosen. This is stated in our terms and conditions and is also visible on the delivery option page when placing your order. I have issued you with a £10 Gift Voucher to your email address as a small gesture of Goodwill to use off your next purchase. Kindest Regards So, even thought the website says delivery was available on the SUNDAY, and that SUNDAY delivery date is truly available, its actually not, because they only guarantee a 48 hour delivery window. They suck. Avoid them!
  • Sue r.
    Placed and order for a delivery for Mother's Day, received email to say will be delivered on 14th March, well my mum is still waiting.. Contacted iflorist to be told I should read the FAQ and sorry is all the can say. Have emailed the MD and no surprise have received no reply. Have tried for 2 days now to get through and number is just engaged, so they have my money and my Mum has no flowers. Not sure what to do now as I want my money back and also to make sure people NEVER use this company. Very angry, I work in the customer service industry and I would never deal with a complaint in the manner that I have been dealt with as well as being totally ignored.
  • Stef
    Same happened to me and now they are telling me that Thurso is not part of mainland UK, so they could not guarantee delivery. How interesting, I wonder if the North of Scotland knows that it has broken off from the mainland and is floating away somewhere. There must be a way to close this company down?
  • Will
    Unbelievably, having read the reviews here, I have had a good experience with iFlorist in the past. However, this Mother’s Day has been a bit of a disaster. I ordered a few days in advance of Sunday and everything seemed to go through ok once I’d checked my order online. There was no sign of the flowers during the day so I used their online message system to ask about the delivery. They answered relatively quickly saying the order will arrive by 5pm. No such luck. I messaged them again saying there was no sign of anything and they replied telling me they would look into it and be in touch (I also got a confirmation e-mail about my order that night even though it looked like it had been accepted on their website days before..). I am yet to receive any reply or have the flowers actually delivered – It’s nearly a week later. I have sent another message asking what is going on, what compensation I am going to receive and have seen that my account has been debited for the amount of the flowers. Have also tried calling directly, but good luck to anyone getting hold of their customer service line, I got bored being on hold for so long. I won’t be using them again.
  • Maureen
    what a disgraceful company to have dealt with ! My son ordered me a bouquet for Mothers Day. He rang me late afternoon and asked if the flowers had arrived. They finally arrived on the Friday 5 days late. I read reports on here that they say that they have a 48 hour window for delivery. It seems reading the complaints that this is their excuse for none delivery. They don't appear to make any refunds so where is all this money going ?? When they eventually arrived they were dead and weren't even worth putting in a vase. I have taken photographs and I am about to display them on Facebook and warn people not to deal with these disposable people ever again.
  • Kristine p.
    I can't believe this company...so many complaints, and I never checked the reviews first either!! I too placed an order of 40 tulips for my daughters birthday, she is a one parent family with 2 children, I thought sending her beautiful flowers would cheer her up and make her feel special on her birthday, I didn't find out till days later she hadn't recieved her flowers, but Iflorist took my money but didn't tell me they hadn't delivered the birthday flowers at all. Nor have they given me my money back, no reply to emails, will try phone, but judging from reviews don't hold out much hope. SO THANKS FOR NOTHING IFLORIST!!!!! You're £50 richer which you've fraudently taken from me.
  • Natalie s.
    I ordered flowers for mothers day. They were delivered the day before and left on the step. The box was damaged and the flowers were poor. Roses broken in the box , dead leaves. Have been phoning every day with no reply. Have left messages, but still no reply DO NOT ORDER FROM IFLORIST
  • Christine
    Just read some the reviews. My sister sent me flowers through iflorist from the UK. We live in the USA. Flowers arrived as arranged, I sent a thank you note together with a photo of flowers sent to find out that was not what was ordered! My sister is dealing with the situation in the UK, but after reading comments I don't hold out a lot of hope with this order. When I send flowers within the UK I go onto Amazon.co.uk and send flowers through them.
  • SS
    I had asked for flowers to be delivered to a residential address. First iFlorist did not inform me that their delivery agent was unable to deliver the flowers. This was absolutely unacceptable as the flowers did not reach on or before the date they were supposed to, which defeated the entire purpose of sending them. Finally when I enquired myself as to what was causing the delay, I was not given a reliable estimate as to when they would be delivered. It turned out the flowers were never delivered! So what did I get in return when I lodged a protest? A £5 voucher to use iFlorist again. Yes, exactly what I need – a voucher subsidizing a further waste of my money? Please AVOID at ALL COSTS!
  • Alison L.
    these comments mirror my complaint exactly. Poor service and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Don't touch them.
  • Sarah C.
    Bitterly disappointed and wish I'd read these reviews before ordering. It was bad enough not being able to attend my late Mother in Law's funeral but then to be shown a photo of what iflorist delivered, that made it even worse! Wilted flowers bearing little resemblance to the image on their website. Lodged a complaint at their support email address only to be sent a link to another 'ticket' page. Determined not to be fobbed off, I completed the form and this time got an auto-generated reply: this order not sent from this email address. Since it most certainly WAS, I can only conclude that it's another way to ignore dissatisfied customers. Another company that makes it's money from one-off orders?? I won't be using them again either.
  • Jane K.
    Ordered an arrangement of 8pale pink roses in pretty green container to be delivered to a friend in Texas. Flowers delivered were four sad-looking red roses in a tacky red jar, obviously nowhere near the value of my payment. Having just separated from her husband red roses were the worst possible choice. On complaining I received an apology and £5 voucher off my next order. I replied I wanted the correct flowers sent free of charge or other pastel roses. This was refused. NEVER use iflorist! I wish I'd found these reviews, next time I will use Interflora.
  • paula
    Absolutely disgusted they acknowledged my E-Mail on dead floral bouquet delivered on Mothers Day the customer service is poor and have heard nothing since Am still trying to get my money back!!!!!!
  • Deo R.
    Very bad experience. Ordered flowers for my wife's birthday. Flowers were not delivered. Received email confirmation of delivery even if there was no delivery that took place. Told me it was my fault because of mixed up with delivery address. I was informed that flowers will be delivered 2 days after expected date. I was told I cannot cancel my order. They ruined my day. I have to go Tesco and buy flowers for my wife. Please do not buy from iflorist.co.uk. They promise 100% customer satisfaction. It 's not worth your time and money.
  • Jan A.
    I wish I had found this review site before I ordered from iflorist! I am still waiting for their response to my complaint regarding the embarrassingly poor standard of flowers delivered to my friend in Australia for her birthday!
  • Sam
    Same bad experience, ordered as was one of few companies saying they deliver on a Sunday, but nothing arrived. Have just lodged complaint.
  • Jan A.
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Awful flowers, disgraceful customer service and lies!!! I paid almost £40 + £7 delivery cost for a 'florists choice' bouquet to be delivered to my friend in Australia. What was delivered was awful, less quality than a £2 bunch of flowers from a petrol station! I complained, and after several emails & phone calls I was promised a replacement bouquet would be delivered to my friend. That was from 7th August...still no flowers have been delivered. Now my email is being ignored. I waited to give them the chance to rectify my complaint before posting my review...waste of time! DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED, I will never use this company again. ***AVOID***AVOID***
  • Ian C.
    My daughter is away in Spain for a year and it was her 19th Birthday yesterday. For the first time ever I would not see her on her birthday so I sent her a dozen red roses from iflorist to arrive on her birthday. They arrived a day late! They were dry, clearly past their best and some of the stems he'd lost their petals which were in the bottom of the package! NEVER AGAIN!!!
  • Scott B.
    Ok im going to be careful what I say and just keep to the facts as I feel everybody should know about the dreadful customer services and rude and unhelpful phones calls this company seems to pride itself on. So on 16/09/15 I ordered a Lovely Motherly bouquet to the sum of 58.90 euros plus 4.90 euros for delivery to my very ill fiance in Paris on 17/09/15, so the next day delivery. I informed my fiances mum that they would be delivering to her apartment as thats where my fiance would be recovering from her operation. I gave iflorists her phone number and password on the address sheet as i was actually in Bangkok away on business. So the 17/09/15 comes and then disappears and nothing from iflorists, no tracking number or email to say that its going to be late (very good customer care, wouldn't you agree? just what they advertised on their website. You would think, and I quote "Over 10 years experience". So obviously need to go back to the beginning then as they suck at customer satisfaction). My fiance's mother decides to phone England as the French number they have advertised doesn't connect (nice to see you check your website regularly for mistakes, a basic thing to do for web advertisers?). In her best English (as she is French) she asks them when is the bouquet arriving. The woman reply that it would arrive tomorrow, sorry for the delay. Now you must understand with the time difference in Bangkok they got the order at 05.25 English time, so its given them nearly 36 hours to arrange this, now i thought they were "specialists" at arranging for flowers to be sent all over the world? and yet they cant even get it right for flowers to be sent less than a 2 hour train ride away! alarm bells are ringing now. I sent them a facebook message to which i shall include un edited for you all to see: Scott Bennett To whom it may concern, Scott Bennett 9/18, 8:53am Scott Bennett I paced an order (order number: 914282) from Thailand with your company on the 16/9/15 to arrive in Paris on the 17/9/15. My fiance was very ill in hospital and im away on business at the moment. This is the first time i have used your company as im abroad. You have not kept to your word as you should of delivered the order yesterday when she was out of hospital. When I hadnt heard that she had got them I asked her mother to ring on my behalf, she had told me that you were running late and that you would deliver tomorrow (today). Not once did you advise me of this and not once did you provide the tracking information as advertised. It looks to me that you spend more money on advertising and fake promises than you do on actually getting the job done. Im giving you today (18/9/15) to put this right or I shall start complaints procedures. Regards Scott Bennett Friday iflorist 9/18, 3:07pm iflorist Hello Scott, please accept our sincerest apologies, we are extremely sorry for any upset and inconvenience caused. Thank you for providing your order number I shall escalate this through to a senior member of the customer care team and be back in contact. Many thanks for your patience. iflorist 9/18, 3:20pm iflorist Hello Scott, many thanks for your patience. I have had confirmation from the customer care team that your order is out for delivery today, however could we kindly ask you to provide a digicode please. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, many thanks. Scott Bennett 9/18, 3:29pm Scott Bennett ok so the door code 1247 but this still doesnt make up for the lateness of the delivery Scott Bennett 9/18, 3:40pm Scott Bennett I was counting on your company doing what you advertised. Clearly you are incapable of doing that and keeping your customers happy. What sort of recompense will you offer me in way of an apology? At first I was quite relived that I'd had an answer. It then dawned on me that they were over 24 hours late and this was totally unacceptable. It was now causing my mother-in-law stress as she was having to stay in and wait for the flowers. Its now 11pm thai time and I have to be up in the morning for work. I send them this message (below) and wait for a reply. Nobody does. Ive had enough now so decide to phone the English number off my mobile. Friday Scott Bennett 9/18, 10:40pm Scott Bennett Its now 5 o'clock in France and she still hasnt received her flowers. Can you give me any answers? I get through to a lady. I explain my case and explain to her im very angry the flowers were meant to be their yesterday and have been assured they would be here today but its nearly 5pm in france. I was told they deliver until 8pm. I said to her that mine should of been priority as it was already late and not left until last. She knew nothing about my case and asked me for the details all over again. The phone then went dead......... KEEP IN MIND IM PHONING FROM THAILAND .....I phone again, the phone gets answered and then gets put down....... I phone again, this time the Manageress speaks to me, i then have to explain to her the mess all over again. She then says she knows nothing about it. I explain to her that she should take an interest as to what is going on in the office and start looking after the customers as they advertise. I told her if the case wasn't solved within the hour I would be ringing back. I still wanted to know what was being done for the lateness of the flowers and the appalling customer service, they seem to think that if its on its way or in the van that's enough for a customer. The flowers were delivered about 20 minutes after the conversation with the manager. Almost 48 hours late and without a reason (not even management knew what went wrong) without a proper apology. The next day when i got to work I sent them a FB message to ask them to give me a reason for this happening and a chance to make it right. I offered to give them a day for them to reply as i understand the time difference and still no reply. This was an appalling experience for me and my family in france. This company have know idea about customer service or customer satisfaction. Although the product was satisfactory I still wouldnt use this company ever again especially if you want your flowers to arrive on time. They dont care for tghe customer only the end result..... THE MONEY!!!
  • Hannah G.
    I would like to stress my concerns on the service I have had from Iflorist also- I paid for flowers to be delivered on 22nd December after calling twice on 22nd December after 3pm as the person reciving the flowers was leaving the office at 5pm i was told my flowers would be delivered by 6pm- 23rd December no flowers I call to be told that they wasn't delivered and earliest they could get to me was 31st that's almost a week late- I've requested a full refund which ive been told will get to me in 5 days! highly advise no one to use this company! EuroFlorist/Iflorist
  • Vanessa
    We trialled I florist who were then bought out by eflorist I am yet to be paid for any orders I have processed for them from May 2015 to September 2015 a considerable amount of money is owed to me but they are ignoring all requests for settlement. As a small family run business this has had a huge impact on my business!

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