If Nokia's motto was 'we care' they'd be lying through their teeth...

You know that feeling you get when you complain to a major company and their response is a smidgeon less than satisfactory…?

Avid Bitterwallet reader Richard Mason contacted us all breathless and cross after he recently engaging Nokia in some dialogue. Richard takes up the story himself and that…

It's not as if I had asked Nokia about their theory on existentialism, I was simply asking them if it was at all possible, somewhere down the line, if they could move the scrollbar on my Nokia 5800 to the left hand side. That's all."

The reply, which took them three days to get round to sending, looked like it had been put through Babelfish ten times and I was still no nearer to finding out whether they could accommodate my request. Gordon Brown gets flak for sending a letter written with a felt-tip pen, but this lot take the biscuit.

Here, for your own personal dissection, is the reply in question (click on it for embiggeness). We suspect they didn't spend a huge amount of time studying and sympathising with Richard's plight...



  • dunfyboy
    I heard they were changing their name to Notia, as in notia fucking clue what they're on about. I know companies are trying to save money as merely making a modest profit isn't enough for them, but outsourcing their customer service to the other side of the world pisses off the customers and leaves the companies looking like a bunch of tossers. Yes, T Mobile, that was a sly dig at you.
  • Mike R.
    Move a scrollbar to the left hand side? Why, oh Lord, why?
  • Iain S.
    Oh, I don't know; maybe if you're left handed?
  • Jason
    @MikeRouse: For left handed users perhaps? Using your left hand with your phone and having the scrolling on the right means that you can't see the content as you scroll. Most Nintendo DS games that have the console upright (Braintraining etc.) ask the user what handed they are...so the writeable area is on the side or your writing hand and the view-only screen on the other side.
  • Lemon
    He's a spanner, and leftsided scroll bar was his idea? I think they might have moved on from developing the file system for the 5800 by now, but entertaining the thought, Maybe he's left handed and cant get his cack hand to move the bar properly.
  • Ralph
    ooooohhhh, they England speak good.
  • Lime
    Lemon, We appreciates your comments much, we are finding you much funny. We like special your joke about hand-lefters, are you disabled too? i am thinking so. Kind moments, Dickie Nokia Service Amateur.
  • Spark
    Well give the author his dues, he probably was chasing a snake around the office whilst he was writing it.
  • Nobby
    Contact any large company with a suggestion and they will get back to you and not implement it. I once emailed ebay asking for them to reply to my email with a random reply about anything they liked. They actually did what I asked and sent me some random reply. This is quite different to when you ask about something specific as then they don't do what you ask. Instead they send a random reply about anything they like.
  • Gunn
    Was that even from a real person, its probably some automated script to respond to certain keywords which is why it looks like someone just plucked random sentences together to make a letter.
  • TFEB
    Well to be honest what did he expect asking this. I mean if the device has been released and in the market its highly unliky they would change the design of the phone. At any rate for the number of devices Nokia releases in a year he probably has a better chance of it being added to a future device. I appreciate the response was poorly written but to expect anything more than an auto response is daft. I'm sure if millions of Nokia customers did the same they would take note. But for one person its never going to happen.
  • MB
    @TFEB: Have you heard of firmware upgrades? If the option to position the scrollbar on the left is not present, then the design clearly doesn't accommodate for left-handed users. Definitely something any company that gives a damn about HCI should rectify. by3.
  • Jack T.
    TFEB, how many millions of Nokia customers do you think are left handed? If it is only 1 in 10, it is still going to be many millions.
  • A B.
    What, the FUCK.
  • Lemon
    @lime. Yes, and that took me fucking ages to type with my headwand.
  • charitynjw
    Awww, give them a break - the monkeys have almost got the hang of the typewriters..............
  • R. K.
    Thats obviously written by an Indian in their best Britisher tongue. They've done the needful and updated the user with the same. Big ticks all round, lets move all customer service there.
  • Zoey S.
    Some good points there. That aside, my next phone will definately be a Nokia.
  • Nokia P.
    [...] Yours faithfully, Johnson N Nokia Service Professional UK & Ireland Team Nokia CareSource: Bitterwallet Image Credit: striatic, Flickr Tagged as: customer service, fail, Nokiablog comments powered by [...]
  • Ben S.
    A quick note in case the chap who had this problem is still reading here... Someone from Nokia has picked up on the post I did referencing this promising to bring the response to the attention of the appropriate people in Nokia Care and offering to help getting the suggestion submitted. Contact details are available on our site.
  • Richard M.
    Just seen this last message. Thanks for that Ben, I'll get in touch with them.

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