How to get your message to the News Of The World's advertisers

News of the World - featuredSunday-News-of-the-World-006Following the News Of The World phone-hacking allegations over the past couple of days, thousands of angry consumers have risen up and spoken out against those companies that advertise in the paper, in an attempt to hit the Screws where it counts – in the pocket.

Here’s a quick recap as to what you can do if you want to join in...

*  If you’re a Twitter user, you could send messages to them – here’s a simple-to-use page that allows you to send tweets to some NOTW advertisers with the greatest of ease.

*  Or, if you prefer an even more personal approach, you might consider emailing senior executives at some of those companies. Click here for a PDF containing a list of email addresses. There’s also a version of the list here in an Excel file, which you could use to mail-merge if that’s your sort of thing.

*  Alternatively, if you’d like to contact the Press Complaints Commission, @msjenniferjames adds that “For the form, the codes violated by #NOTW are: 3.1, 5.1, 10.1 and 16.2.”

(’Tweet This’ list created by @The_Z_Factor, @thegreatgonzo and @profanityswan, and email addresses compiled by @EroticPuffin)


  • Mark's M.
    It may also be worth mentioning that boycotting News Of The World, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times will send a message to advertisers. As well as this, shuffle the newspapers around in WHSmith's so that all News International newspapers (News Of The World, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times) are covered up with other newspapers.
  • Ross
    How about everyone cancelling their Sky subscription too. Won't ever happen
  • The B.
    I'm still buying the Times and Sunday Times, Murdoch's always been a scumbag and the News of the World has always been the worst guttersnipe journalism, it doesn't affect the journalistic integrity of The Times at all imho.
  • Steve
    Is there anything more tedious than hearing people moan and tweet at advertisers? No, thought not.
  • Craig
    @Steve, what's wrong with trying to target those who advertise in there? I'm quite sure that if a relative of yours went through what Milly did, and they suffered the same treatment from such a rag, you would want them to be hit where it hurts. Just because we haven't suffered in the same way doesn't make us tedious for wanting to be active. It doesn't take a genius to work out who the tedious one is.
  • Niall
    Well, there's you Steve, for one.
  • Shinkyshonky
    Steve....your so tedious
  • Frank C.
    And don't let Ford fool you - they've cancelled ads in the NOTW, but are just switching to The Sun. They look good in public, but don't do anything that would upset Uncle Rupert. Cancel your Sky subsciptions, don't buy the Times, the Sun or any other Murdoch papers and let's who advertises in the NOTW this Sunday.
  • Mark H.
    @ The Real Bob 'it doesn’t affect the journalistic integrity of The Times at all imho' Have The Times covered this story in depth and treat it with the significance that it deserves. I think not.
  • Why S.
    [...] story has turned into a major scandal in Britain, and advertisers are being urged to boycott the newspaper. So far, one major advertiser – Ford UK – has agreed not to advertise in the paper, and the [...]
  • Grim R.
    He's a newspaper proprietor, not the anti-christ. Do we really think the Australian born, US-based octogenarian is culpable? Or any worse than Mssrs Barclays, Desmond, Rothermere or the murky Guardian Media Group (with all their tax efficient schemes)? Otherwise, fabulous website.
  • Alex
    Surely the next move is to target the big stores and get them to boycott selling the News of the World. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and WHsmiths. Get these 5 stores on board and that is 90% of the News of the Worlds circulation gone. Then they might understand they have done wrong and need to act responsibly in the future.
  • Scummy C.
    Nice work, I can read that scumbag rag with no adverts on scumday. Shame that the adverts are the only thing worse reading in it. Thanks Mofos.
  • nigeleaston
    The vermin Murdoch and his brood have cast a long ,dark shadow over the western world for far too long .Boycott their products, influence their advertizers and suppliers and try to disrupt them whenever you can .
  • toby
    great links, have been tweeting and commenting on advertisers facebook pages this morning. keep on pushing everyone, lets give NOTW what they deserve for such immoral journalistic practices.
  • Shinkyshonky
    Now we have a advertising boycott going on, is it possible we could get the tweets/email addresses of guest columnists who write for NOTW, to try to get them to walk, this is in response to Martin Lewis`s stance on his column in the NOTW which I think is totally wrong , guys at bitter wallet...can you help?
  • Shinkyshonky
    Sainsburys have now suspended their advertising
  • The B.
    @Mark H, I don't know tbh, I only read it at weekends, weekdays it's a 10 minute read for £1, which frankly is taking the piss. A quick search on their site on the word "hacking" shows that they are publishing articles on the NoTW story but how in depth they are is another matter.
  • Frank C.
    @Grim Reaper Everyone who knows the way News International operates knows that Murdoch sets the tone. His papers have been doing awful things for decades now. Look at what Steve Dunleavy did in the 70s as part of reports on the Son of Sam serial killer. Murdoch could have stopped this. Yes, other papers do bad stuff and they should be called out for it. However, News International is the biggest, the worst and we have hard evidence on them. Finally, are you seriously saying that because the Guardian has used tax law to its advantage to reduce its tax bill, that is in any way comparable to a News International paper hacking the phones of dead soldiers' relatives, murder victims, terrorist victims and their families, obstructing police investigations, giving false hope to the parents of a murdered schoolgirl? I printed out some personal stuff at work the other day - does that mean I'm not allowed to criticise child molesters, because I'm no saint either?
  • Dick
    Well, it looks like they are shutting down NOTW now.
  • Dick
    Here you go ...

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