How to contact your (least) favourite CEO

monkey bank manager

This might be common knowledge to some of you, but it’s one that we like to mention here now and again. If you’re having trouble with a consumer complaint and the normal avenues have all been exhausted, you could do a lot worse than express your grievance to the CEO of the company in question via email.

Sounds complicated, but it isn’t if you use this directory of UK CEOs and their contact details. Ta-daa! Obviously, we recommend that you be courteous – a flame-attack isn’t going to help anyone. And include as much information as you possibly can – dates, order numbers, a full timeline of your issue with the company.

You never know, you might get lucky. Or if you’re complaining to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, you might get hit with the threat of a cease-and-desist order. It’s a lottery.


  • Chris S.
    I could not find the CEO of bitterwallet on the list, pah
  • lol
    anyone find details for Parcelmonkey or City lInk ceo
  • Mr M.
    No HTC, what a pile of poo
  • I F.
    Emergency!!!! who's the CEO of
  • PaulH
    @ I Fellonit I think the number your after is '999'
  • SmashRobot
    Good effort but its out of date by 6 months....
  • Wonky H.
    Do you think if you badger these CEO's enough they will do anything anyway ?
  • Boots B.
    [...] As news of this catastrophe resonated around the wor- oh, fuck it. It was a sandwich without enough filling in it. That’s it. Despite this and against all odds, we’ve somehow managed to spin a second post out of this story, thanks to avid reader David taking his complaint to the Executive Chairman of Alliance Boots, using the indispensable guide we published earlier in the month. [...]
  • Versace s.
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