Have you been overcharged by Argos?

Have you been overcharged by Argos?

The owners of Argos - Home Retail Group - are putting £30 million aside for compensation payments, after the company confessed to overcharging some of their store card customers.

A review has been promised, but the company didn't disclose just how many people have been affected by this.

This is all to do with the Argos "buy now, pay later" plans, and the Home Retail Group have been aware of this problem since some time last year. They said that they'd "been advised that a more extensive customer redress programme will now be required".

"A preliminary estimate has been prepared, which indicates that the existing customer redress programme may need to be increased by an amount in the region of £30m."

The group's financial services team had discovered that they'd "erroneously collected excess fees in relation to the late payment of amounts due from certain customers".

Argos will be contacting customers who have been overcharged in due course.

If you want to contact Argos directly, to see what they're doing regarding overcharging you, then call 0345 640 2020.

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