Hapless tourists pay £54 for ice cream

7 May 2013

Being on holiday is an expensive business, but if you're Roger Bannister (no, not that one), you'll be staying at home and having a Mr Whippy in the park from now on. On a recent trip to Rome, Roger, a company executive from Dudley, was charged £54 for four ice cream cones at a pavement cafe.


And it seems that the Rome tourist board is now getting righteously angry about it too, after local councillor Matteo Constantini witnessed the incident at the Antica Roma ice cream parlour near the Spanish Steps.

Poor Rodge, aware that sit-down prices could be astronomical, ordered the cones to take away. But even so, the bill still came to 64 euros.

'The cones had three flavours and a couple of wafers but if we wanted whipped cream that was another three euro on top each. How much would it have cost us if we had sat down?'

The owners of the cafe were typically bolshy about it, arguing that Roger had eyes and could read the prices on the menu and that he should just vaffanculo off back to Dudley if he didn't like it.

'We get this all the time,' they raved, probably putting a fag out in a tub of pistachio. 'We had a similar incident last week with a group of Spanish tourists but the prices are there in black and white. If they don't want the ice cream they can go somewhere else.'

Councillor Constantini offered to refund the tourists and vowed to do something about rip- off Rome, saying 'there needs to be tough action against these people.'

God, I could murder some ice cream now.

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  • Don D.
    That must be one hefty bill if it takes 4 of them to lift it...
  • Alexis
    Nobody in the world has a big sign in their shop saying 'Ice cream - £5 a scoop'. Because they'd have no customers. Tossers.
  • Seymour
    Believe it or not, but there isn't a lot of room for shops and cafes in the middle of rome. Hence, and quite rightly, anyone operating a business there can and should charge a premium. Especially during the high tourist seasons.
  • Tom
    Seymour, who you fuck are you? Yes you can charge what you like in a monopoly but when news gets out it makes the place less attractive to tourists. This is why the tourist board have spoken up to try and smooth over the situation instead of saying, 'Well if you don't like it, fuck off some other country place for you holidays'. The last time I went to Rome, there were loads of shops same as Venice, I paid 28 Euro for a cut of tea and a glass of wine.
  • chewbaccca
    @Thomas "a cut of tea" Did you snort it?
  • kv
    they only charge that much because there are plenty of idiots (including the guy in this "story") out there who are prepared to pay it.
  • shiftynifty
    In Rome...don`t be a cone
  • Justin A.
    Well within his rights to say 'fuck that' and walk away without the ice cream and without paying, surely? Only a spineless wimp would sheepishly fork over the cash and choke on the ice cream. Then bitch afterwards.
  • shiftynifty
    Obviously that ice cream seller`s bitch...
  • Kevin
    They could have bought a £2.50 ice cream each if they'd wanted to but they didn't apparently.
  • Russ
    With a name like his, I'm surprised he didn't run a mile when he heard the prices
  • Dick
    Why did they take a photo of a receipt which no-one can see the details on? They should have taken a photo of the ice creams, so joe bloggs can judge who is in the wrong. I reckon it was the old woman that done it.
  • Touchwood
    Caveat emptor
  • Her L.
    @Touchwood Gino Ginelli.
  • wOnKeY h.
    I bum f0xes.
  • chewbacca
    @Thomas Jayne Seymour seems to be quite new here (or else is so insignificant that I hadn't noticed her until now). She owns her own business sucking off sailors down the docks. The money isn't great, but it's all cash-in-bra, so she doesn't pay taxes. It also makes her an expert in dried Italian foodstuffs and on the correct pluralisation of words. Quite how they're connected is another matter. The ducking boron.
  • Nick
    What a dick paying for it.

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