Final Call for Nominations: Worst Company in Britain Contest

It's now time for Bitterwallet's 1st annual worst British company contest.

Nothing brings a corporation to the ground faster than a Bitterwallet web award.

Do you have any horrible consumer-related experiences with companies this past year?

Is there a company you feel should be dragged through the mud and slapped with mother's broomstick?

Submit your nomination below, tell us which company you think is the absolutely worst, and why, or email us at bitterwallet at gmail dot com, and we will add it to the list.

We will then round up the baddest of the baddest and start a tournament ladder to decide on the winner by your votes.

Here is the list of current nominations from all of you so far:

  • Alstom
  • ASDA
  • BAA
  • BAE
  • Barclays
  • Bayer
  • British Airways
  • British Gas
  • BT (British Telecom)
  • Dennis Publishing
  • Dialaphone
  • Easyjet
  • eBay
  • HBOS
  • McDonalds
  • Morrisons
  • National Rail
  • Nestle
  • Northern Rail
  • Orange
  • Overclockers
  • PC World
  • Phones4u
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Royal Mail
  • RyanAir
  • Sainsburys
  • Setanta
  • Shell
  • Somerfields
  • Tesco
  • Three
  • Three
  • Virgin Media
  • Walmart

Any others you would like to add before we officially launch the tournament, please let us know!


  • Juan K.
    Empire Direct. Useless.
  • John
    Not really a British company but one with a large British presence RYANAIR
  • Jakg
    "PC WorldShell" typo!
  • Steve (supposed to be retailer of the year. Play now allow rogue ticket sellers to profiteer by selling numerous tickets, many at 5 times their face value on Play. In a time where young people are being fined for downloading a small number of fairly worthless tracks, it is outrageous for sites such as Play to allow unscrupulous sellers to defraud artists, fans and record companies by charging unfair prices, which they get quite a big cut of.
  • acecatcher3 split everytime
  • Film B.
    Odeon Cinemas. Overpriced tickets for screens which are, in some cases, the same size as an average size TV. Hideous.
  • sara
    ryanair refused hot water to warm babies milk had to pay £2.50 for a cup of tea minus the teabag in order to feed my little em!!
  • big-boy H.
    Has to be REDSAVE after their, (alleged SCAM for), hidden monthly sign up payments, then trying to intimidate and sue anyone who dared to be honest about the BAD service or problems encountered. Vive la revolution :)
  • black g.
    hey guaise, wats goin on here.
  • Mrs.Z
    BT - Bl**dy useless! Took about 5 months, 8 appointments where they just didn't show up and countless phone calls just to put our phone line in!
  • eve01 Really wanted James Bond @ £9.99 stupid consistent mis-pricing
  • linw
    british gas is the worst company silly me changed suppliers to british gas .and on the day i changed over my prepayment meter ran out of electric could'nt put emergency on phoned and was told to buy more electric still didnt work. had a baby so needed electric bottles and what not . eventually had to get on to watch dog and then a man appeared after about 7 hours of no electric and reconfigured my machine .next day needless to say i swapped companies did'nt even get an apology. was totally disgusted .
  • Maria
    T-mobile Just genuinely shocking customer service. When I moved house they could not provide me with a web and walk card(mobile internet for my laptop) that worked in my new area but yet refused to cancel my contract insisting that I paid another 10 months for a service that I wasn't going to receive. Absolute joke, it took numerous phone calls and letters spanning 6 months before it was resolved and even then I ended up having to pay for 3 months of no service just to put an end to the matter.
  • Snakebite
    La Redoute - took more money than authorised from my credit card and then wouldn't give it back!
  • Strike
    Virgin Media
  • lawe
    PC World - These need a good kick in the customer service department
  • Mr A.
    Natwest - constant incompetence over a period of 12 months, culminating in the Financial Services Ombudsmen getting involved and me finally being offered £425 compensation over a month ago - but have they paid me the compensation yet??? What do you think! And while Im on a roll - can anyone tell me why they are spending millions advertising the fact they are now open on Saturdays? My local Barclays, HSBC, Halifax and just about every other bank have been doing this for years!
  • bidrick
    Pixmania Trying to get a refund out of this company for faulty goods is like trying to juggle eels!!! Bought and returned TV in September, eventually refunded April I HATE TEAM PIXMANIA!!!!! grrrrrr.
  • cabal10
    talk talk, they make out they are bt. give a shocking service and then blame everything on bt... you are the service provider talk talk... its your responsibility. plus don't give out numbers to solve your customers issues that are actually for another service providers customers. I don't know how they get away with it... especially phoning people up and telling them they are bt, or even worse going door to door and doing the same...
  • Bex
  • Peter
    RyanAir . Shocking
  • Gavin S.
    It's simple:- Littlewoods....
  • Ritchie 2.
    The Fraudulent website which makes you think your buying the cheapest ticket when in actual fact your buying the most expensive ticket and if you want to cancel you have to pay a £10 'admin' fee, when in actual fact you can take the ticket into any major station and get a full refund. The whole setup is a scam, it's supposed to be a money saving website when it actually the exact opposite. In most cases you pay more than if you walked down to your local station and paid in advance.
  • Andy
    Littlewoods surely
  • Dan C.
    Tried to move from e-on to British Gas twice and twice British Gas were told by e-on that I changed my mind and no longer wanted to switch when I had no contact with them!
  • Andy B.
    BT - Had a perfectly good working phone line with them. No problems. Then 3 months into my contract they cut me off for no reason. I'd paid all my bills on time so it wasn't that. Apparently they had just decided to reallocate my phone number due to an error on their part. It then took 4 months to get reconnected after more dumb errors by them and countless attempts to get an engineer to actually turn up to the booked appointments to reconnect us. Because according to them they can cut you off from anywhere but need an engineer to reconnect!
  • Stephen B.
    BT and why the hell is SKY not on the list, they are both a bunch of shabby crooks, and very much live by the once your in the door we'll treat you like horse manure tact. Well they were for me anyway.
  • Paulacol78
    Took money out of account when order had been refused by them. Have never been able to get my money back or get the phone. Hundreds of phonecalls and visits to store to cash in old phone for other phone I had bought - would not do this either. Rubbish. Robbers.
  • leehustwait
    British Gas, keep sending me court letters, to claim money for electric supplied for an address we lived at two years ago... Keep asking for a copy of the bill, keep claiming they have sent one, but not received it yet... two collection agencies have refused to chase any more because British Gas havent done their bit... This has tarnished my credit rating, and stopped me opening a new current account with First Direct and I have done nothing wrong, I just want to see a bill before I pay because I belive they are trying to charge me for electricity used after we moved out... Rant over... For now!!!
  • Paulacol78
    Carphone warehouse that was. sorry.
  • warmspace i.
    shoddy workmanship and sub standard work that is just bodgged together and ruined the cavity's in my house and and my interior im still going to court to get a refund for my damages and it looks like the company will fold rather than pay me what they owe me as i found out when they personally called me....reports also coming in that they damage and steal from various property's (inside loft)when employees are supposed to go through a vetting procedures.. this is goverment funded and still they dont want to know what they are paying for and is the worst performing company in this field of work... BEWARE..BEWARE
  • Dennis T.
    A shambles from the boardroom to the bootroom.
  • Alison
    Ticket master! They took almost £100 from me, and didn't even give me tickets for the event. I travelled 60 miles to the event only to be told oh the seats you bought have already been sold to someone else. It then took the threat of legal action and 4 months to get a refund! Also AOL - I am sure many people will back me up on that one!
  • Disgruntled G.
    HM GOVT (Alistair Darling, Brown etc) for wasting BILLIONS of taxpayers / OUR MONEY, on bailing out city FATCATS to save their own sorry Ar$es, also fighting the war in Iraq whilst the NHS is sadly underfunded & in MASSIVE debt with NO MONEY to help out. Just so wrong :( Sadly though the fat cats and Darling & Co WILL walk away with HUGE payoffs & life time pensions for their short term highly paid incompetance.... Will we the hard working taxpayers... sadly NO :( Unlike the ironic Mr 'Bliar' now with a HUGE pension & working as a UN peace envoy....OH the IRONY whilst Iraq war drags on which he dragged us into !!! Anarchy anyone ???, seems to be the only sensible option left
    Tesco is the most worst company in UK,very poor customer service and very rude staff.Then virgin media comes 2nd worst company with crap service.
  • David C.
    The whole of the littlewoods company with their inflated prices and their taking back of money off vouchers!
  • UK s.
    I can't believe we are shit & bust in recession due to gorden brown being such a useless cunt
  • Karen
    N Power! Oh don't get me started on N Power. Absolutely useless and incompetent. Awful customer service. No wonder 80% of all Ombudsman complaints are about them. They are disgustingly useless!
  • Sindy
    Ebay....Their customer service is horrendous!
  • Sindy
    Posted by Mr Angry | October 24th, 2008 at 6:19 pm Natwest - constant incompetence over a period of 12 months, culminating in the Financial Services Ombudsmen getting involved and me finally being offered £425 compensation over a month ago - but have they paid me the compensation yet??? What do you think! And while Im on a roll - can anyone tell me why they are spending millions advertising the fact they are now open on Saturdays? My local Barclays, HSBC, Halifax and just about every other bank have been doing this for years! And why do their employees all look weird!?!? I was in a Natwest today (not my bank, I use a real one) and everone of the CS assistants looked odd! I thought I was in Royston Vasey , scary!
  • holly100
    m& s online ordering lets you order then keeps you waiting weeks for delivery - when it does turn up - never complete - contacting customer services waste of time unless you are determined shouldnt advertise what they havent got!!
  • Dino
    HUKD for being ignorant and not responding to my PM's and emails regarding lifting of suspended posting permission. If I am banned put 'Banned' under my ID or allow me to post again. What IS the problem?
  • noseley
    Pixmania hands down worst company by far, if you have ordered from them before and had an fault you will experiance a costly nightmare!
  • tim
    hilton hotels Refused to heat up a sealed food container in thier kitchen microwave! 5 stars? more like -1 star. will never use again. how hard is it to microwave something.
  • Jack2008
    city link- courier service is just terrible-avoid
  • JADE
    Fashion Republic - ordered item in early September, they sent the wrong one which I returned within days, they didn't know if they had stock for replacement. I chased them for replacement and was told they had none left so I would get a refund. Put it this way, nearly 2 months later I am still waiting for the refund. Have chased countless times to be told it is in process, chased this week and was told there was a problem with the refund system and I would receive a cheque refund within days. Still waiting....
  • Sam T.
    Having previously worked for PCWorld up until the Summer for over a year, I know how bad PCWorld is from the inside. Working for PCWorld is like going to hell and back, and then back to hell again, and some of the complaints and how badly they are dealt with would amaze you at how incompetent PCWorld is as a business. In my books every customer is an important customer, but that's just not in PCWorld best interest. If im helping someone out with memory upgrades (~£30 at stake) and they really need me help as they dont have a clue, I often find myself pulled away for a hardware deal (£300+). As a business it's understandable - they need big money... But half the time the manager will either give the memory-guy bullshit advice to get rid of them (they dont have a clue about the products) or leave him waiting 30mins until all the other customers leave... What's £40 to them when £400 is at stake? Then theres the tech desk... There's like 2 techies working there at any one time, with a queue of 20+ waiting for complaints or refunds. Even if there are 10 customer advisers floating around with nothing to do, the techies are kept busy and the customers kept waiting...even though advisors are perfectly capable of doing returns and refunds... Talk about unhappy customers. And dont get me started on complaints... If you have any anger or frustration in your voice the manager will get the security to "calm you down"... If you have a complaint of course you'll be a bit angry or upset, so complaining in-store is useless because you'll just get tarred with the same stick as everyone else. Quite honestly, PCWorld dont give a damn about their customers or staff... Every single moment, every step of the way... all they care about is squeezing every last penny out of the customer that they can, even if that means telling some false truths or letting the customer hear what they want to hear - even if strictly speaking it's pretty much a lot of crap.
  • Mark
    ebay - piss poor customer service and "cut & paste" email replies, even when you ask them specific questions. Sky - treat exisiting customer badly as they have a monopoly
  • Andy F.
    BT without a doubt. I didn't even sign up to them, and they're billing me and threatening me. Apparently, if it's your first time having a phone line, you MUST sign up with BT... WHAT? I asked them to turn my phoneline back on, and they did, then they asked me if I wanted to sign up, I said no. It turns out I'm now somehow in a 12 month contract, even though I didn't agree to anything. They're thieves. Takes 1 hour, and 10 explanations to 5 different people to get an answer... and even then it's wrong. Useless people. Go with someone else!
  • David W. / Yellow pages They phone me three times a week despite me telling them to go away!
  • David W.
    And of course Ebay/Paypal. Firstly ebay is a rip off with no customer service whatsover. Then paypal make a mistake meaning you can't access your money, so you don't givethem more money to settle a bill, and they pass the 'debt' onto a debt collection agency, even though they owe you just as much as you owe them! Asked them to take the matter to court as it would be the only way I might actually be able to put my case forward, haven't heard from them since!
  • Sulphur M.
    Two Left Feet - a baby goods website. I'd like to nominate this heinous bunch of lying mongrels. Thankfully, we're *only* still waiting for a parasol for a pram, but dozens of other customers have their money debited almost instantly and then no further communication as the 'in stock' items invariably aren't. Put simply, their 'in stock' claims are largely bogus. (I've had this confirmed by another large baby goods retailer who are angry at the damage they're doing to consumer confidence in general). What is particularly heinous is that many families have tight budgets (particularly right now) and need good service and value to make life as comfortable as possible for their new arrivals. But this amoral company just take the cash and supply the goods when they feel like it. I understand they've already been baptised on Watchdog. I'm presently pouring more fuel on the fire. Try googling 'Two Left Feet', to see various tails of woe and distress. If you need stuff for your children, or gifts, or whatever, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TWO LEFT FEET. SM
  • v2drinkers
    BT Worst company ever, overcharges and lies to customers as much as they can Second would be Three with the lies they tell you.
  • Nick
    Anglian Windows. Truely the most aweful company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. It took 2 years to get our installation sorted and even then I almost had to take them to court. Incompetant, dishonest and unorganised. Avoid at all costs!
  • Fistral
    Littlewoods. After last years fiasco with the discount codes which were removed at a later date leading to threats of court action between them and thousands of customers. And it looks like they are still doing it.
  • CRAIG C.
    Most Definitely LITTLEWOODS. Poor Customer Service and Never delivered the right thing after 4 attempts!!
  • Chris
    I've had poor experiences with many of the nominees, but for sheer consistency I'd have to go with British Gas. I've had a £6000 final bill which was actually a £1000 credit balance, no meter readings for 4 years, no response to complaints. I was sadly with them again temporarily when we moved and they have given me an estimated bill of £1400 for 12 days. At the end of everything they actually had the gall to ask me why I was leaving them and could they persuade me back. I simply can't sum up the problems I have had with them in a few sentences.
  • PaganWolf
    Safestyle UK Pester you constantly on the phone if you say no to one of their salesmen after a quote. Feed you bull like "You were misquoted it's much cheaper than that". I fell for it once, and had a salesman get close to refuse to leaving my home when asked. Had it been someone elderly it would have been incredibly intimidating. Sky They offer all these great deals to new customers, but they aren't available to existing one. What a crock!
  • Sheila K.
    Vodafone Dreadful customer services, then bombard you with sales calls when you want to leave. William Ball Kitchens Design a kitchen with doors and cupboards they don't make and cannot supply.
  • Chuckles1066
    Empire Direct. Virgin Holidays. eBay. Paypal. Orange.
  • dejezz
    GAME have got to be worth considering - if only for openly admitting to sending their managers to buy over half of sainsbury's reduced priced consoles earlier in the year.
  • RM
    Three!!!! useless company should be liquidated and their equipment burned so they can never haunt us ever again!
  • cricks
    The worst for constantly mispricing products has got to be ASDA. After a shop I have to check my receipt and you can guarantee 3 offers which have not been taken off. WARNING- CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS !!!!
  • snowtiger -.
    FIRST CHOICE GET MY VOTE .. This company really take the biscuit! Send 100's of holiday makers to the Holiday Village in Sarigerme, Turkey for at least 2 years running knowing full well there is a rampant sickness and diarrhea virus which will hospitalise them or keep them in their hotel rooms because they are so ill.
  • samwhitewick
    Sainsburys Didnt serve me red bull as you have to be over! Didnt even say so on or near the product and they were rude
  • kEV
    Vodafone. Worst customer service EVER !!! Lies on the phone and failing to honour what they say on the phone. Not backed up with updates on the account and mis-selling.
  • Michael
    Eclipse Computers
  • kaz
    a poll should be taken on the number of mcdonalds staff falling(on wet mopped floors),my son came home with many bad bruises were he had fell against metal kitchen machinery,he wasnt an exception,most of his fellow workers suffered various related injuries too,the store managers should be forced by law to log all injuries in accident book, h.s.e. should monitor problem... my son has just been hurt again while working,a very large fluorecscent light fitting fell from ceiling and crashed onto his head,causing bad swelling and bruising and trip to hospital ,luckily caught on store security cameras,with independant witnesses,our kids should not be injured on a daily basis ,lets face it,there not worthless,there human beings,and they have rights,and most importantly they are our babies
  • aztech
    Wow! Littlewoods isn't on the list yet!
  • John M.
    Game are the worst company ever Game target parents who have no iea of prices for games and parents think Game will be cheap as they are the biggest games chain They charge RRP for everything and give kids pennies for their games when they trade them into them
  • John M.
    Carephone Warehouse also
  • Karl
    alliance & leicester awful! Rude, inflexable, unaccommodating, "no can do" attitude. complaints procedure was a chewed bic pen and a peice of photocopier paper, im dyslexic so was hard for me to write. i felt like i was an inconvenience rather than an asset! i pay in large ammounts each month but they have a culture of poor customer service and they couldnt care less. I felt angry,and unsatisfied even after i spoke with customer service, they didnt care either! i have had better C/S at macdonalds,staff huff and puff when i need to pay in.They advised me to use post office for my banking in future and not to come to bank. AVOID IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY. 8.5% AER, SO WHAT!!? ITS NOT WORTH THE MISERY.
  • daniel
    ABBEY NATIONAL!!!!! (SATANDER) worst company ever!
  • Paul
    PC World
  • matt
    three worse customer service ever nothing ever gets sorted just escolated and e-mail send to another dept to sort within 48 hours which never happens
  • Claire
    I can't believe HSBC haven't had a mention. Surely they deserve a good kicking?
  • jeff
    Can't believe that Pipex/Tiscali are not on the list. Setanta has to be the winner though. I'm sick to death of all these companies that use every trick in the book to screw you, particularly when you want to leave them.
  • stevie
    has to be littlewoods (kays, marshall ward, additions etc...) discounts they give you personally hardly work, slow customer service. or Halifax, £70 for paying a £12 cheque!!! never willing to help either. one of the worst banks out there. Matress Next Day - Matress on sale for £180, ordered for delivery NEXT DAY, didnt turn up, called them to find out they are out of stock of the matress (which is on clearance) and are awaiting the next delivery which will be with them in 2 days, wait the 2 days and nothing, after more phone calls, more promises 3 weeks later i got nothing, not even a refund, took 6 weeks to get a refund off them.
  • roger
    The most useless company in the uk-lazy arrogant And hopeless in every wayn also tesco for stunning mediocrity
  • Christopher
    deffinately a toss up between DSGi (my "new" game DVD had scratch and smudge marks all over it) or eBay (money grabbin bas....) I think eBay takes it though, at least I made money out of DSG.
  • Dave
    HBOS has one of the worst customer "care" departments ever. Moved my ISA from Abbey to HBOS due to a more competitive rate - from 5% to 6.3%. A month after moving money found they had actually put it into a 3% account. Speak about dangling the big juicy worm and then hoyking it away. After 5 visits to the branch and a raging argument with the branch manager the could not give a toss. Took it further with the customer care by phone - again getting nowhere. Every time i was told we will get back to you but it was me that had to phone back to kick up a fuss. Finally after 4 months and many phone calls complainging i was told they have agreed they are in the wrong. But yet still no compensation or written confirmation that the rate is backdated. Clowns, balloons and a bunch of monkeys - AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.
  • mandy
    Can't beleive you forgot this bastion of awful customer service!
  • mandy
    Forgot to add 'Currys'.
  • grex9101
    Somerfield DOES NOT have an "s" at the end.... My vote is for PC World and their stupid requirement for taking your details before making a purchase. Yes, I realise you can tell them any old carp but the fact that they are arrogant enough to ask in the first place REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS!!!!
  • kat
    Paypal are crap - shockingly bad customer service, terrible policies that favour fraudulent buyers over authentic sellers, and a nightmare to get a consistent reply from given you have to explain the same situation multiple times in every email/phonecall you make, to simpletons. Topshop/Arcadia Group - For making mistakes with 3 of my recent orders and subsequently after the last mishap - banning me from ordering from them online! ("though you are still most welcome to call in out high street stores!") ...Oh really. Tesco, Ebay - for various annoyances & general greed.
  • Mr B.
    I can't believe you have allowed me to remain in power whilst I have utterly fucked your future financial welfare, pensions & stability of the UK up so much. I have effectively run the country into the ground and basically been an utterly worthless cunt who needs sacking ASAP. Please vote for me here, (or maybe in the next election??), even if you don't I'll walk away with a HUGE pension and leave you with the shit legacy and ruin I have created. Welcome to the 21st century.Thanks Gorden
  • Mr B.
    I am impressed also by this poll allowing such words as: cunt, shit fuck piss, wank as this too describes most of my cabinet members & running down of the UK to a tee ;). Lowly servants bow down & feel free to contact me:
  • Pastaman
    NORWICH UNION !! I defy anyone who phones them, not have their hackles raised within the first 10 seconds of speaking with a representative. I dread to think the pain you would have to go through, should you have to make a claim !!!
  • rian
    HSBC They closed potentially 30,000 accounts this year without giving any reason. Making the customer into great trouble.
  • 3860
    BT BT rips us off even in hard times. My new internet provider couldnt take the line rental because i had talk talk free line rental till now.Now i have to sighn 12 month contract with BT. Took me around 2 hours to get to their costumer service.Dominates the market that why its really hard escape their claws! Also i will be not suprised if I get a bill for those 2 hours i spend with them.
  • emma
    ebay is very poor now. Paypal commision is too high HIGH final fees. not worth using anymore. a typical good company gone bad. Just too high of final value fees. Paypal is just the last straw. AVOID selling here
  • shaplad
    virgin trains -they are a joke ,overcrowded ,late ,clueless and customer service is awful
  • Louise
    TESCO. I've worked for them for 10 and half years and they don't give two shits about their staff I can tell you that!!! 10 years ago it was great and it's been a slippery slope til now. We have to watch training DVDs etc on "think 21" and how your manager will "always support your decision to ask for ID" then when the customer goes in a rant they turn up and TELL YOU to sell them the alcohol.. thus making you who is SELLING the alcohol personally responsible for a fine and criminal record... oh how that's only a small thing in a million I could sprout bout that company.... I've just qualified at a new job after going to uni ann will be leaving there in the next couple of months. And I cannot wait. ARIA COMPUTERS Bought a brand new custom made top of the range gaming pc last December... came with a faulty disc drive. Even after twice weekly emails and weekly phone calls I never got a new disc drive for the computer til 6 MONTHS LATER. Meaning for half a YEAR I could not install ANYTHING, not even my antivirus package... CO-OP Attitude from staff when asking for ID for purchases. I am 27. Yes I look young and I really don't mind getting asked - it's their job to, and I have to in mine. However their ATTITUDE when they ask stinks... They ask in such a tone that they are implying they know damn fine you're not 18. Like they're speaking to some kid who is obviouly about 14 years old trying it on to get some smokes.. ah "oh smartass" tone. It's not necessary and extremely rude!! And you never get a sorry out of them for the attitude. STAGECOACH buses WAYYYY Overpriced and Just a joke! Don't run on time. Often don't show up at all. Sometimes the DRIVERS don't even know where they're meant to be going....
  • kc
    Aria Technology what a joke
  • therealslimkaty
  • happy h.
    Aria computers 6 months for a refund not to mention trying to do me and having to get the credit card company involved.
  • disneyfan
    B&Q Bathroom fitting service When fitting (almost) a bathroom suite, the work took in excess of 6 months to complete and eventually I gave in and accepted compensation leaving the work still undone. Examples of the mis-fitting include - Fitting a toilet under a 4 foot high overhang. (Im not that short) Fitting the wrong shower. Mis fitting a shower cubicle causing it to leak, then sending 7 different fitters to attempt to fix it, eventually replacing it 6 months later. The new one still leaks. The shower fell off the wall when first used. The shower was mis plummed into the mains water, causing a seal to fail and flood my garden. Having to swap toilets as the one they were going to fit didnt fit. Receiving 8 seperate Bath panels as each one was damaged. Still dont have an undamaged one. (I still have 5 damaged ones if anyone wants one!) Leaving a 5 inch hole in my bathroom floor. Displacing the drain from my heating system when fitting the bath, causing a flood in my internal wall cavity. Not to mention the repeated calls, letters, emails, days spent sitting in waiting on deliveries (never mind the deliveries left with my elderly neighbours without my knowledge and consent)
  • Daniel
    Ebuyer should definitely be on this list. Check out the following link for details of why:
  • ftse100
    N Power, by far the worst company i have ever deallt with on any scale, awful customer service, and lack of organisation.
  • Smithers
    npower. As above - taking me to court for a gas supply I don't have!
  • bennyb0y
    easyCar - Categorically THE worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I fully complied with all of their terms and conditions but the rental car company would not give me the car due to a technicality. Completely easyCar's fault but they would not give me my money back. Customer service call centre in Lisbon have the most rude staff and supervisors I have ever known. Now taking them to the small claims court to get my money back which I am rightfully owed. An absolute disgrace.
  • m1c
    dirty, overpriced, poor cs..... DAVID LLOYD
  • standardtoaster
    Sainsbury's Kitchen Appliances Sainsbury's take payment for kitchen appliances they don't have in stock when they have no means of obtaining further stock. They don't tell the customer until weeks after they have taken their money but continue to offer unavailable items for sale on their website, take payments and make delivery promises they can't keep. My experience isn't isolated, there are plenty of reviews saying similar things on other websites.
  • argk342
    SAMSUNG.UK Their Customer Services Department are unbelievable. January 2007 I bought a 40" LCD television at a cost of nearly £1000. It worked fine until September 2008. Phoned their local Service Department and took the TV to them. £40 for a diagnostic report. 2 weeks later, having heard nothing, I phoned them. "Needs a new part at a cost of £200." Fair enough, order it and I'll take that complaint up with Samsung. 2 weeks later, again with no reply, I phoned. "Samsung don't have the part and have now deleted your order but don't worry we'll contact them." I contact Samsung by Email. "Send us all the details of your TV and we'll look into it". I phone the Service Department and obtain all the necessary details and forward them to Samsung. I receive no reply despite sending the details 3 times over the following week. I phone Samsung Customer Services. "Your TV is out of warranty and we don't have the part" "So a £1000 TV is disposable after 20 months of use ?" "Send us a copy of your receipt of purchase and we'll look into it" I get one and Fax it to them. 3 days later. "We haven't received it". I Fax it again. 2 days later I phone Samsung Customer Services Department. "We need the Engineers Report". "The Repair Centre have already sent you it." I tell them. "We haven't received it" "Here's the Job Number can YOU not contact your own Service Department and obtain it ?" "No we need it from you" "So I've to ask YOUR Repair Centre to post me a report and then post it on to you. A further week will have passed in this electronic age and I'll still be without a telly ?" "Yes" I phone the Repair Centre. "We've already sent it and, in fact one of their staff phoned about it last week". They send it again. The Repair Centre also tell me there have been MANY complaints with this model of TV and I'll get a new one. They also tell me that the Repair Centres do not deal with Samsung Customer Services Department. They deal with Samsung Head Office.........and I can't contact Head Office directly. I phone Customer Services. "Head Office are now looking into it and will be in contact with you shortly". That was 6 days ago and still no reply. So there we have. 5 Emails, 2 Faxes. A total of 12 telephone calls. 2 journeys to the Repair Centre. And I'm still, 7 weeks later, without a TV" DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG !
  • Binhead
    SKY. pay to watch repeats over and over again
  • eric d.
    Sky Only offer help when I cancell service Make it difficult as possible to contact them Customer service lines engaged Rude and aggressive customer service Expensive Poor value Loyal customers get a bad deal
  • gerald p.
    virgin media i rang them about getting connected they said they would come in 1 week they sent me a letter the day b4 saying it was going to b a month then after that rang me again and delayed it by another month waisting 2 days al grr then the time came again they never turned up and said it would be another month wtf then half way through that month said they couldnt connect us after 3 months of messing me about i sent them a letter to eplain my frustration and all i asked for is an explanation of why this had happened and why they wouldnt connect me they didnt read it and sent me a check 4 £30 i didnt really want this just an explanation would b nice in the end gave up and cashed the check lol
  • Andy F.
    MARSHAL WARD!!!! every user of HUKD will know that they never obide by the voucher couponst hat the issue and that everything is over priced, let the HUKD users loose here and this will easily be voted the worst company of 2008 and every year after that they are in existance.
  • Tony M.
    Ryanair, Surely no explanation needed,the scumiest company on the face of the earth.
  • Bunf
    BT - consistently crap customer service. I could go on and detail the issues, but I wiuld be here forever and it would just make me angry.
  • Cruella
    DSG, particularly Currys ( Cardiff Npt Rd) for their really bad/rude attitude when asking them to price match local Comet deal, it's their policy and they make up reasons why they can't are not willing to do the deal evan after you point out that none of those reasons are listed/visable in their t & c's . Sky and 3 mobile etc 'new' customer deals only what about their loyal customers? 3's overseas call centres nuff said.
  • spiderwoods
    Awful customer service, staff have lied to me on several occasions and had a really bad attitude. Customer loyalty counts for nothing with O2.
  • Amy
    3Mobile are USELESS. Their wireless internet is rubbish. Their customer help line is HORRIBLE. And their customer serive instore was just a waste of time.
  • yz3x
    It must be BULLDOG Broadband (if they still exist) It was my worst nightmare to deal with them. Absolutely a useless, hopeless bunch of idiots!!!
  • Paul W.
  • Diane
    I nominate TICKETMASTER. It is virtually impossible to get to speak to a real person, and you have to jump through all kinds of hoops before you can even email their customer services. I would rather buy I ticket from Seetickets any day, and know that there is someone I can talk to if I have a problem than this bunch of cowboys.
  • magoohouse
    i have a tv wating to be collected since december 2006!!!!!!!!! also they have billed my for a suite of leather furniture, never delivered!!!!!! beat that, hot dealers
  • magoohouse
    sorry forgot to mention it's LITTLEWOODS.COM
  • wolf359
    city link i cant believe nobody has nominated them
  • amanda
    Genesis Cinema in Mile End (E.London) Cheap private run, money hungry company. Refused Orange Wedn' even after stating over the phone they accept it Refused Student discount even after confirming 2 times over the phone that the accept ANY student ID card... at the till they said they need a nus card to prove you are a student even though my student ID card litterly has STUDENT written all over it! Both confirmations were refused at the till !! False advertising Will never use again Stick with Cineworld or Vue
  • Caroline
    SAFESTYLE UK Got a quote (stupidly) from them. Was over double what another company wanted. Then they wouldn't leave my house, I was 7months pregnant at the time and this was extremely intimidating. He kept saying he needed the office to call him back to he could inform them that I was 'refusing discount' because I wouldn't sign his stupid piece of paper. CROOKS!
  • Artonox
    I thought I'd like to mention Paypal. Despite all evidence that this is a scammar etc etc, they don't wanna know and their service is just a cash cow. Nothing gets resolved if something goes wrong with them except you have to take the losses.
  • Steve
    got to BT, i took out a 12 month phone contract and 18 month broadband contract, when i moved house part way through the contract they wanted to charge me £125 to transfer the line in my new house to them as the previous householders were with talk talk, when i told them to stick it they said no problems- its £220 to cancel your contract!!! Needless to say I stayed with them, anyway my contract is up now- ive tried 3 times to get the MAC code off them- keep telling me theyll email it within 5 working days after trying all sorts of ways to keep me- TOSSERS!!! Setanta not far behind either!!!
  • Cooey
    Carphone Warehouse..... need I say more??
  • Moudi
    I really honestly dont think anything could possibly be worse than Three. The most ridiculous excuse for a mobile network. I honestly would never go with them again even if they paid me! TOTALLY RUBBISH!!
  • Neil
    Carphone Warehouse. Dreadful company.
  • Vikash
    In general I have had all kinds of experiences with so called British utility companies. My general view is as long as things are working fine - everything is fine - the moment somethying goes wrong, the CS department has no clue and then once you end up on the wrong side, you can spend hours going round and round in loop with no end in sight - they are all equally bad....:) But if you ask me to vote, I would choose British Gas...sent me a bill months after disconnecting (even though I had been chasing them for the first three months as my account showed credit) and then within 10 days of the bill being sent with some debit against my name, I had 5 phone calls and 2 letters threatening me to pass on the case to Collection agents - not at all professional. My next vote would go to BT - CS has so many hierarchies - you end up repeating the same story to each one who then passes it to next guy and then when you reach someone who can really help, the call gets disconnected...luck perhaps...:)
  • Cuzzy
    Worst broadband supplier has got to be Kingston Communications, here in Hull our telephones are all connected via Kingston, we cannot connect to any other supplier and therefore miss out on other suppliers special offers. Prices are high, they can charge what they want because they know they have you over a barrel, over the past few months they have added £1 a month charge for caller display, then another £1 per month for an increase in broadband charge, now this week we are told we must pay our bills online or they will add a further £1 to have a paper bill delivered. Even the elderly who have no internet connection will have to pay the last charge, how on earth can KC justify this latest charge? If there are any other suppliers out there reading this, PLEASE CONSIDER COMING TO HULL, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF UNHAPPY INTERNET USERS JUST WAITING FOR YOU!
  • Jim
    Mobiles2yourdoor = cash back rip off
  • Callum
    NATWEST I needed to get a proof of identity form countersigned by my bank, and (in my home branch, Harpenen) was told by the branch manager that my drivers licence, bank card, and passport weren't good enough.....because "none of our staff recognise you". She didn't even want to look at the ID I wanted to show her!! I then pointed out that I had two bank accounts with them and could provide the name of my business account manager, WHO SHE THEN SAID SHE KNEW, but told me that even if he acknowledged he knew me it was STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! I think it was probably due to me being 22 (nice bit of discrimination going on there)....she didn't even bother to ask me how much money passes through my accounts. It was a TERRIBLE and DISGUSTING experience. The manager made me feel like shit. I shall be cancelling my business account with them....losing them an account that will have hundreds of thousands of pounds in it next year. GOOD RIDDANCE. If any newspapers want to give some exposure to this absolute joke, I'll be happy to oblige...I still need the form countersigned so we could give it the hidden camera treatment. Best Regards Callum Ltd
  • Callum
    ...oops make that *Harpenden as the branch.
  • Damian
    Ebay Paypal (just to join the herd) ODEON - Screens that 1 in 2 times have faults (surround sound not working - screen upside down etc) and costs a bomb.
  • JB
    Nearly one year now "N.Power" have failed to understand that if you take one reading from another this gives you the amount you have to pay for. Person died nearly a year ago. Rude useless staff!!
  • Tim H.
    Littlewoods (Shop Direct Group) The way they tried to rip off thousands of people two years ago, by cancelling a £25 voucher and then actually opening up credit accounts for people without their consent was a disgrace!
  • Koochie
    Got to be Littlewoods. They don't honour codes. Really rude and obnoxious when I rang then and wouldn't cancel my order even thought they had quoted me delivery in 6 WEEKS time. Ridiculous.
  • Error 4.
    Sports World. If you don't believe me, go into a SW store and listen to the conversations that the staff are having (F** & S** - and thats about the manager). Then try to buy something - its all too much hassle... The only thing that makes me go there is their stock is sooo cheap...
  • newbs
    T-Mobile - Worst customer service I have ever come across.....try getting beyond first line support.
  • ODB
    Ebay - absolute joke with continually worsening policies and changes...F****** joke!
  • cuddles37
    moore electrics, ballymena. the guy who owns this store is a law until himself. all smiles and pleasantries when he's trying to sell you something. don't be fooled! i tried to take something back that was clearly faulty. what a nightmare! shop there at your own peril. trust me, i'm speaking from experience. i will never set foot in that shop again. you have been warned.
  • Broadsword
    Ebay and paypal equally. Does the current ebay vote also cover paypal? If not then paypal gets my vote. The lowest of the low IMO. Legalised theft and fraud on the internet. I hate the way the introduce changes which are blatently designed to protect them from fraud or to increase there income but try and announce it as a benefit to customers. Urgghhhh.
  • Adam
    Dabs - Worst customer service i have ever experienced. For a company owned by BT it is impossible to talk to someone over the phone.
  • Westwood23
    City link-do not deliver parcel on time
  • Mr T.
    Has to be Nationwide. The most incompetent, useless financial institution I've ever had dealings with.
  • Ellie U.
    Hmmm British Gas. When I moved in it took over 35 minutes (my phone clocks the time of the call) to actually get to talk to someone to change from a pre-pay meter - I can't tell you how frustrated I got waiting all that time (had to wait cos I'd rang before and given up which was a waste of money). Also on other enquiries I've had to wait for soooooooo long that I now have a handsfree phone and do jobs round the house while I'm waiting. Ive just found out you can go to which I will be using in future to save the phone bills getting through to these people. Is it a coincidence that if you ring their payment line that you get through straight away???? cash is king obviously not people.
  • Ellie U.
    Woooooops... how could I forget, please let me nominate EBAY and PAYPAL cos they are far worse than British Gas (and thats saying something)! grrrrrr
  • Terry M.
    Virgin Media. Too many problems after the change from NTL.
  • Mark
    Why does a major telecommunications company such as BT have an incessant fear of answering their own phone? I only wish the irony was amusing:x
  • casparwhite
    paypal/ebay nuff said
  • Jools
    BT For their constant useless way in dealing with customer complaints and refunds,total nightmare to deal with,and find it utterly unbelievable that a telecom company only takes complaints by e mail or snailmail!!! Secondly for Currys, once again very bad customer service,taking over 4 hours in total and numerous e mails to obtain refund on 4th faulty tv ;-(
  • Byron
    Just wanted to even this out and say some of the companies iove had great service from!! Sky - Existing customer for around 10 years and just give them a call and they have given me all incentives available to new customers as an existing customer. Just be nice and persistent and it is possible. Just got hd for 75 quid and £5 a month subscription - I'm only on a £19 a month package as well so i aren't particulary a high earning customer for them. Good company from my experience. Vodafone - Someone said earlier terrible customer service but far from that. Compared to past experience orange, O2, Three (don't even get me started on those retards!) and T-mobile, Vodafone are fantastic. No long holds and deal with the problem without passing you to ten different departments. First Direct - I actually work for First Direct so a little biased but as a customer much better than my previous experiences with Barclays and Halifax. I have had bad experience from companies and my vote would definately go to two companies:- Orange - Dreadful service, Indian call centres with terrible training. had contract phone and broadband but actually paid money to leave so i could go with a different provider for both Dell - Had to place my order five times in order to get item. Indain guy was nearly crying on the phone because I didn't take extended warranty. I wasn't even rude just politely said no. Although they are cheap and always found the items of a high quality so would use again!
  • James B. for being ongoing deceptive CUNTS, I ordered my boxset featuring me in all my films on for £9.99. Then the cheeky cunts cancel my order and ask for £100. I am James Bond how dare those mutha fuckers cross me :(
  • /\ /.
    :) I am pissing myself reading these (fun) nominations and bored with hearing from whinging fuckers :)
  • turkishdelight
    I can't believe Tiscali aren't on here- they're incredible. Right from set up where you're put through to a Indian parrot centre, right up until they refuse to give you a MAC code they fucked up royally- even to the point of in a 12 month contract only providing in total 9 months, due to faults on the line, not recording the fact that we'd moved, forgetting our password, and just generally screwing around. Oh and when it does work it's slow. Whatever package you get you should expect to pay £15 a month on top in phone bills to their cumstomer service.Don't even think of emailing them, because they'll send the reply to anyone you've ever emailed through their useless webmail service, but not to you. BT may be useless, but at least they have a freephone number. Never again.
  • David
    British gas terrible over charge and rubbish service!
  • jamie c.
    Tiscali. I cancelled my broadband and direct debit 12 months ago when migrating to sky. Then about 6 weeks ago a credit agency threatened me with legal action for unpaid tiscali bills. Turned out tiscali had continued to charge me for a service i was no longer receiving. However, they didn't ring or email me to ask what the problem was-first i heard was the threatening letter. I wrote to Tiscali who admitted it was their fault and they promised a refund with 28 days. 33 days on and i've just fired off another email to them as there is STILL no sign of my refund. Talking to a friend about this, he tells me Tiscali did exactly the same thing to him and when he complained to the credit agency, they said that this happens all the time with Tiscali, and that Tiscali are appalling! All that for what was always an intermittent, unreliable broadband service anyway! Do not use Tiscali!
  • Terry
    Gotta go with Dell myself as well. My old laptop had a little hiccup and so I called their customer India. Ended up getting passed to and fro, turned out they needed to send me out a Windows XP disc, which they didn't do with my laptop when i first got it. They then asked me at the end of the call how I would be paying for the call and the CD, a nice total of £80 for their 'service', I was absolutely stunned when they said that, though I managed to shout at them enough to get it for free. Still bought my new laptop from them though because their prices are great, the builds are great and they delivered to my University dorm which no other company seemed willing to do, so crappy customer service is a small price to pay.
  • 76junglist
    Customer Service and Coventry City Football Club - this has got to be the first time those words have appeared in the same sentence together. It's little wonder their shop has closed down. I don't really want to hear about where the spotty little ingrates get their weed from and how 'mash-up' they got the night before whilst I'm stood in the queue to buy tickets. Perhaps this is why there's been debacle after debacle within their administration. Is this the place Little Britain got their inspiration from for the 'Computer Says No' sketch????
  • Pork
    PC World for consistently dodging their price match policy
  • craig.h
    1. British Gas greedy and incompetent 2. ebay also greedy with incompetence with an evil vibe.
  • steve p.
    VIRGINMEDIA Will someone as VM please bring your Customer Services and Tech support back to the UK. I cannot undersatnd them in India, they are reading scripts, they are NOT technical and dont listen, their tech expertise (bar one exception of 25) is appalling bad. Luckily i dont have to use them much now just had a lot of teething probs when i moved house - when the 10mb/s xl was actually near 56K! Charging my mum every month so that her phone rings for 8 rings, instead of 4 (I work in telecoms, this is a scam) VODAFONE Worked for them for several years when they were a good company. Now run by people who seemingly coudnt give a toss about their customers. Im a shareholder too. I left them after 10 years as a customer, though my wife kept her account with them when she was offered a samsung tocco phone free and on a low tariff. She thought about it for 24 hours as agreed, rang customer services and they didnt know anything about the deal and tried to offer it for £120! Went down to £10 as they said they couldnt go any lower...reluctantly agreed, then 15 mins later soemone from vodafone rang offering the phone free...said ok, but they couldnt as wed already signed wife then said ok, well cancel as per the distance selling regulations.....oh ok well give you £10 credit talk about have to fight for what you are offered
  • samkiller42
    Tiscali, Customer Service.... What customer service basically, took the threat of ofcom to get our money back. Sony, Just overpriced for the name
  • Atiq M.
    LeasePlan For Profiteering against Lease Drivers
  • Adam
    Tiscali Choked my bandwidth down from 2mb to 0.9kb/sec. took 2 weeks to get to speak to somebody and cancel. Several calls to 0870 numbers etc...
  • Adam
    How can Excel (Holidays/Airways) not be on here? Though Irish, no one on this list is worse than Ryanair.
  • ANON
  • ANON
    ANY company that has their customer services dept overseas. Penny pinching useless ignorant companies, dont deal with these type anymore. Never ever deal with BENSONS FOR BEDS either. 13 months on, still won't/can't cancel an order they didnt deliver for 5 months after many broken promises. Totally incompetent staff, yes im talking about you, Alan Porter. manager of the Preston store. Moron just isnt the word. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.
  • Reef
    T-Mobile is really up there, customer service staff who make snide comments. Service and reception is really all that!!! Get all the best phones last, Dont really reward loyalty!!!
  • Cookie
    Harveys - deliver the wrong item, then complain to us about it. Managaers have no people/ customer service skills. Ridiculous!!!
  • Asi
    BMI - the customer service team abroad have NO IDEA what a bassinet for a baby is and had to call at least 5 times to get someone who knew anything about flying!!! Grrr!
  • Dave T.
    BT - left them because they were too expensive, now bombard us with 'Please come back!' mail and even phone us up just to go "sure you don't want to come back, we're just as expensive as we were then?" Really p***es me off!!!
  • Tina
    WARMFRONT - am so surprised that these are not mentioned. Literally hundreds of people are completely messed around by them. It took me 18months to get a mere £300 back for my carpet that was trashed by them. They installed loft insulation, went through the ceiling. 4 months later we were still sleeping on the floor waiting for their incompetent people to repair the damage to our home. They have the most useless and immoral contractors working for them and olt the threat of legal action pushes them to sort things out.
  • pc1962
    E-tailer- Currys, Dixons, PC World, Pixmania all scary scary stuff if you ever have a problem and I think all owned by the same company. They apparently are immune to Sale Of Goods Act & DSR. ISP- Orange, Mumbia Syndrome anyone?
  • BigDave they also have a site saying how bad they are.
  • Bejeezus
    Carphone Warehouse or should that be Wh*rehouse see my comments: Virgin Media - cr*p service cr*p product cr*p staff British Gas for their constant upselling and lies BTShop/Dabs - for their online text customer service ROFLMAO
  • bob
    Overclockers (OcUK) are beyond awful
  • Paul M.
    Royal Mail get my vote, I only called up for my local delivery office number - because it's nowhere to be found on the site, and THEY have lost my package, yet I spend 20mins just to get through to someone for a phone number, after millions of messages telling me to go to their website. USELESS. I know post is cheaper than taking it myself, but don't offer a service, if you can't provide it.
  • killie99
    I haven't got any company to nominate but I'd just like to say that I've just about pissed myself laughing at some of these. Superb!
  • kenny
    Got to be British Gas
  • Sasha
    Capital One, worst company in the world, I hope they go under and take all their indian staff with them.
  • Doug
    Debenhams for me took my money then didnt deliver the goods then i had to phone to get my money back bloody cheek
  • adelleh
    PCWorld - customer service skills are nothing short of shocking TOYSRUS - also very poor customer service skills
  • kane123
  • steve p.
    HMRC for all their red tape and unneccessary form filling to keep people in non-jobs, to keep unemployment figures down
  • abarthman
    Pipex really need to be added to the list for their ironically named Customer Services. I challenge anyone who has ever had the misfortune to have had to contact them regarding a billing issue to name a more frustratingly incompetent company. After several months of inaction and broken promises, I was totally ground down and had to report them to the ISPA. Utterly, utterly abysmal company.
  • steve p.
    NATWEST wanted to open a business account with alot of money as currently in another account which is way over the FSA cmompo limit....... spoke to some clueless lady calling herself a business account manager. she said there is no need to move the money from Cater Allen (owned by Santander via Abbey) as they, like Natwest wont go my fits of laughter/disbelief...i said tell that to Lloyds/B&B/etc customers!!....... i said will you personally guarantee my money then? ..... then she added water to her agument by saying she didnt have that much money to worry anyway i mean, its no wonder banks are in a mess with these clueless people....i worked as a consultant at one bank and there were some good people but then again ive never met such a such a bunch of selfish, clueless, out of touch, arrogant arseholes...the fact that these banks HQ's are in tosser city, London, is rather apt Wow, they open on Saturdays, so does every other bank...oh er hang on my local Natwest doesn'! LIARS BARCLAYS As above but useless, wanted to open a business account/bond for the same reason as above, with alot of money but the ladt still insisted i had to queue up behind 30+ people...wha? I walked out..useless...a fine example of the appalling state of banks BRADFORD & BINGLEY What happened to my shares? Sent an email 3 weeks ago, no response....the tossers must be to busy sipping champers in St response is NO EXCUSE! As for other banks, well impressed with Nationwide BS (well run and correct in not opting for privatisation) and Cater Allen private bank (and HSBC so far) ROYAL MAIL For constantly losing deliveries (still i get alot of claims for it) CROSS COUNTRY TRAINS For constantly being late, breaking down, massive overcrowding still a problem on Reading to Birmingham new street line - of nearly 100 return journeys in the past year nearly 90% have people standing in the aisles.....this is UNNACCEPTABLE...this should be illegal, it is on any other form of transport!! TOYS R US Take something back, even if faulty and see what i mean!
  • MD
    Has to be BT. Signed me up to a "contract" for home line rental without my consent, then charged me a huge fee for changing supplier. After a dispute, I paid the charge as I had no option. They then "lost" the payment and I had a debt collection agency set after me. Eventually they "found" the payment and I did not get a whisper of an apology. Not only that, every time I called customer service they just left me on hold for hours on end. Emails took an average of 3 months to respond to. Absolutely outrageous. They make me sick. I would also have nominated XL airways, but glad they have gone bust. Finally, how about Jamster. They make money off children stupidly texting to get the latest ring tone, and they then bombard the number with unwanted messages for an outrageous charge per month. It should be illegal, no doubt about it. These companies should be shut down.
  • miszaqq
    CITYLINK - the worst courier company in UK, and special prize for local Edinburgh office which is located in Livingstone somwhere in ind.est with no public transportation. It's about 25 miles from Edinburgh, well LOL it's LOCAL for them, and how many times they lied to You about your parcel or delivery or simply lost it ?
  • F
    NTL. Absolutely utterly incompetent.
  • Sam
    Debenhams Online - absolutely useless! Ordered from them twice and each time it was a "bitter" experience. It is never easy and takes many calls to their customer services department to get the order right. This time for some reason they charged our card twice - and then kept taking random amounts out of our credit card - even the customer service people didnt understand why that was happening. Not that they fixed the problem - we've called them 5 times on an 0845 number and the situation is still to be resolved.
  • matt
  • Cal
    Virgin Media, hands down
  • ryan
    BP - British Petrolium £6.4bn profits in the third quarter NPower British Gas All the other energy companys profiting from us!
  • ryan
    Three is on your list twice.
  • I T. What bunch of thieving, cheating kents with non-existent customer service!
  • Jochen
    Currys !!! Selling goods claiming to have technologies that they do not have (ie. LCD-TV with LED backlight technology). When you want to purchase the product with the advertised technology it is suddenly £400 more expensive than advertised. When you outline to them that this is bait advertising, they call security to kick you out. Do you call this customer friendly?
  • gary_rip
    Thanks for allowing the word "CUNT" to be used in a family site. A real credit to HUKD... not!
  • J T.
    When my father died the companies that just wouldn't beleive it - despite death certificates were: TALK,TALK- they must have sen arounf 12 pay up letters. HOMESERVE - the very worst- as even when a person is dead and they have read the certificate, they insist on refunding out to the person who has died. Having failed to do that - sicne the bank bounces back the cheques, then they make the cheque out to The estate of - which the bank won't process as there is no account by this name. It can cost you more in telephone time etc than the company pays back - so do think if you sign up to this company. Every other company was fine - even Sky, who were very good.Surprise!
  • J T.
    CITYLINK. Apparently they give their couriers too mnay parcel drops a day. So if your house is not easy to find - forget it. A courier told me that they all had to buy their own sat-navs too - so of course, they buy the cheapest. The couriers are not to blame - poor things. They always look as if they are on minimum wages.
  • cockney r.
    has to be secure mail services. currently recruiting at lower pay rates than existing workforce with minimum of info at interview. the mail may be secure but the same cant be said for the current workforce
  • Mr V.
    Biffa waste services.Absolutely useless customer service...took 3 months to cancel the contract,their bins still here...rubbish
  • John H.
    Insight Direct - keen to sell to you - however, when they have your money they will go out of their way to be unhelpful, using their T&C's as a route to screw you over. Beware of dealing with this company before reading their T&C's thoroughly!
  • Andy D.
    BIIFA WASTE SERVICES - Randomly decide not to collect your rubbish and when you call to resolve, they bounce you from department to department with different opposing reasons for non collection. They are absolutely disconnected from reality, awareness and intelligence. Biffa waste increase their prices regularly without warning, to the point they are double! Biffa waste bad service. Biffa waste poor service. Dont use Biffa waste services. Blessing in disguise or last straw? Biffa even accidentally cancelled my contract in the end, so when I asked why they said it was a freak admin error! Wow... Dont use biffa waste services. I am now signing a new contract with another supplier. In addition I am telling Biffa that the last two months bills owed will not be paid!
  • Andy D.
    AOL - A useless abyss of sh!t. Aol bad customer services. Poorly run with a stream of low intelligence from the top to the bottom
  • john h.
    do not use biffa waste if you are a small buisness. They have a simple attitude, charge as many hidden extras as they can. They will even charge you for things you dont need to pay. They tried to charge me for multiple collections, contaminated waste, carboard pick up, wasted journeys and transfer note charges. None of these need to be paid. After many phone calls, bouncing between departemnts and snotty attitudes, and of course the "lost paperwork" routine you may get get the charges removed. Even after i terminated contract, i end up with another bill for them to pick up the bin. "Oh yes," says the woman on the phone, " its another standard charge , didnt anyone make you aware of it ?". Now, after18months (minimum contract time) i am glad to be shot of them. and i am trying to find their cheif executives address, to tell him how to run a professional business !!
  • Simon E.
    Cant believe noone suggested boffer yet? I hate dealing with that company. Especially since their staff have a habit of publicly ridiculing users that are unhappy. One of the favourite examples of this companies style was when they offered x number of randomly chosen packs of AA batteries, showing a picture of Duracells, energizers, and all the top name batteries. EVERYONE that posted got a box of woolworths own brand batteries. These guys have had too many dodgy deals for me to trust them ever again.
  • Ward O.
    Sorry for the huge review, but I'm really loving the water filter, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it's the right choice for you.
  • Now S.
    Now CD Projects Page5 - Electronics Super Sale... You can add a button to your browser's bookmarks toolbar that will create Page2RSS feed for the page you are currently viewing. This is an easy and convenient way for you to create feeds for pages you are surfing....
  • R S.
    Biffa WORST WASTE COMPANY-DO NOT USE. After approx. 10 years as a Biffa customer I wrote to them to inform them that I was vacating the premises in 3 months time and wanted to cancel the contract. Received a call from one of their reps telling me I cant cancel and had to continue paying even without the bins as I was still in contract or pay damages to end early-WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT-10 YEARS PAYMENTS COUNT FOR NOTHING!. Also did not pickup as per contract-often missing out collections. Talked ne into transferring bins too new premises so that would not get charged a penalty. Then received invoices for overweight bin which was full on no more that 3 occasions-WHAT ABOUT A REFUND FOR THE MAJORITY OF LIFTS WHEN THE BINS WERE ONLY HALF FULL. After a fight (many wasted hours on phone and e-mails which went unanswered)-received a refund 3 months later. On several occasions they lifted recycling bin and general bin in same vehicle but still charged both lifts and obviously dropping all waste in landfill-SO MUCH FOR THEIR RECYCLING POLICY -is it legal? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOUCARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AND DONT WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF
  • dan a.
    dont use biffa ,m they are terrible , they increased mine from £9 to £25 per lift and i cant get out of their rolling contract as just passed commenced date , fighting my corner thou their terms and conditions are faul , do not ever sign a contract with biffa i m saying it again do not ever sign a contract with biffa waste .. they will rip you off !
  • Annoy
    Don't use biffa,they treat employees rubbish. Then managers fake emails and other accounts to get you fired.They all **** in the same pot.

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