Disabled five year old refused entry to Tesco

Security guards may not be known for their subtlety and intelligence, but the meathead who stopped a disabled child from going into Tesco has taken idiocy to a whole new level.


Sarah Francis and her autistic five year old son Mason, who suffers from a genetic disorder, was stopped from going into the supermarket in Osterley, West London, by a thick necked lunk, who allegedly said: ‘You’re not allowed in with that – it’s got wheels.’

'I was completely taken aback', said Ms Francis. 'I explained to him that my son needed to use it to walk but he wouldn’t budge. It was unbelievable.'

Ms Francis went to complain on Facebook, and her complaint had soon done the rounds with 2000 reposts. Tesco however, were slow to apologise for the incident, which happened on Wednesday, and then said that the security guard had mistaken it for a bike or scooter.

'We apologise sincerely for this misunderstanding and have apologised to Ms Francis directly.At first our security guard thought this was a scooter or bike, which are not allowed in stores. As soon as he realised it was a mobility aid, he apologised and welcomed the customer and her son into the store.’

They didn’t mention how long it took to dawn on the guard that the kid might not be about to do back flips through the dairy aisle on his crazy disabled trick scooter.

Maybe Tesco needs to give their security team some sensitivity training? Or maybe just a kick in the balls would do.


  • HW
    Sounds like a mistake, so the guard and Tesco apologised. Whats the problem?
  • AK
    '' went on facebook to complain'' Is Facebook the new general complaint place?? why did she not ask to speak to store supervisor?? No free publicity in that is there. Reminds me of that stupid woman who called the press about the refusal to be served while on the phone. Here is another stupid one.
  • fibbingarchie
    Let's all get a look at a picture of this bike-scooter-mobility aid, before jumping to conclusions about how stupid the security guard was for not recognising it.
  • tcs
    "Maybe Tesco needs to give their security team some sensitivity training?" You can't teach people common sense. Another thing that will cease to be a problem once robots take all our jobs.
  • Noghar
    Few years ago I found a huge metal staple in a tub of cottage cheese from my local Tesco (Osterley, as it happens, the same one as i this story). Did the proper thing, as I thought, and reported it to local Trading Standards. I knew if I had taken it back to the store they would have just offered me a new tub and thrown the other one away and forgotten about it, when I thought they should at least try to find out how the junk had got in there. It took Trading Standards two months to do sweet FA about it. I never even got a refund or an apology out of Tesco. If the only way this woman could get a decent response was by embarrassing Tesco on Facebook, good on her - I am sure they embarrassed her plenty by refusing her son entry. This way enough stink will be created for someone upstairs to take notice and kick a few arses and just maybe it will save another parent and child from the same sort of humiliating bullshit.
  • Captain W.
    By a strange coincidence, I once found a lump of cottage cheese in a box of staples. That also was at Tesco Osterley. I blame a mixup among the packers.
  • Chewbacca
    In another strange coincidence I found a 5 year old autistic child in a box supposed to contain a scooter. Also in Tesco, Osterley. I disposed of it responsibly. In a bonfire.
  • TeddyEdward
    Don't forget to visit my Facebook page to complain about the comments on Bitter Wallet.
  • Sideysid
    I noticed a disabled child stapling tubs of cottage cheese in Tesco Osterley the other day... coincidence???
  • Big M.
    Should have taken the boy to Asda. They have an 'Extra Special' range.
  • Big M.
    Would'They didn’t mention how long it took to dawn on the guard that the kid might not be about to do back flips through the dairy aisle on his crazy disabled trick scooter....... ................Maybe Tesco needs to give their security team some sensitivity training? Sensitive like you Lucy?
  • shiftynifty
    In a strange coincidence I found a woman on a scooter complaining about a disabled boy who was trying to staple cheese to a tub held by a security guard...think it was Tesco Osterley ..but I could not find a shop assistant...just some random shopper who worked for the local trading standards..funny how life turns out
  • Steve
    @Big Mozzer - your first comment shows what a grade A trolling bell-end you really are. And you then have the cheek to criticise (indirectly of course) Lucy's sensitivity? You really should be proud of yourself. Steve
  • Big M.
    @Steve To answer you points - yes, yes and yes. You're three-for-three on holier-than-thou think of the children comment wank-o-meter - well done you! PS. Thought my criticism of Lucy was fairly direct. PPS. I love Joey Deacon.
  • shiftynifty
    Big mozzer and steve...why not take your bitchfest elsewhere...bitches
  • Sideysid
    No fucking moron, can't spell Tennents, bum foxes or flex wid t' herb comments?
  • Kiera
    U all need to get a grip my son uses a walker n there really is no joke in it
  • Coran
    This just in, woman inconvenienced....goes to Facebook to get attention... news at 11..
  • Paul C.
    Poor article Lucy. I expected far better given your other diatribes on here. You're sounding more like Mumsnet every day.
  • Big M.
    With all these esoteric, newfangled, three-wheeled, multi-wheeled, bright-red, neon lighted, skateboard-cum-scooter things that kids have I can see the confusion. Remember the out of date sausage roll and the shit-fit throwing mother?
  • Big M.
    My son uses a walker too. Although he is an Imperial Army Pilot and specialises in AT-ATs and AT-STs.
  • fibbingarchie
    There's nothing better than a Murray Walker.
  • Hoover D.
    Fuck that! I've got a Johnny Walker.
  • So T.
    @Snidey Sam It's Tennant's, not Tennents. You fucking moron.
  • Barnsley P.
    @fibbingarchie What about Walker, Texas Ranger?
  • So T.
    @barnet Peter fuck off
  • Big M.
    @So retarded I can't spell Tennant's Why not you fuck off chewspacca
  • I f.
    I found a bunch of morons on Bitter Wallet instead of a picture of an Autistic child riding a scooter eating cottage cheese with a stapler, this site is going to pot man. Where's my fucking erb!
  • Big M.
    On a serious note: why does an autistic child need a scooter, or 'walker' if you prefer. I don't think we've been told the full story. Let us go to the Sun website for pictures and, I hate to say this, a fuller picture. No, no joy there either - fuck knows. Feel free to wade in on this one too Steve when you're back. Don't feed the trolls. Cock.
  • So T.
    @Tozzer Because he's a spazzy. Just like you. You fucking spazzy Tennant's drinker.
  • Big M.
    @Tennan'ts That's right, now get the fryers on and make me a pizza crunch and haggis supper. And heroin. See that Marvin off 'The Scheme'? That's you that is.
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb. Proper monged.
  • Chewbacca
    @Massive Tosser Think you got the wrong guy there. Although he does have a point about you being a massive fucking spastic. By the way, have you dropped anything on the floor outside after you've brought it? See those spastics licking windows on their way to spazzy school? That's you and your entire spazzy family You utter fucking spazzy moron. Oh, and you watched "The Scheme"? Did you feel jealous?
  • Big M.
    Chewy! See that dug up corpse I'm skull-fucking? That's your mum that is.
  • The N.
    Thanks for the 'Mary Whitehouse Experience' plugs. Please buy the DVD.
  • Angry R.
    I used to use a Roy Walker. He did make it difficult for me to 'say what I see' when it was shoved up my arse though.
  • Milk, L.
    "Although he is an Imperial Army Pilot and specialises in AT-ATs and AT-STs." I laughed a lot at this.
  • So T.
    Good old big tosser. A spastic necrophiliac. Says a lot.
  • news
    A staff member from this branch of Tesco is appearing at Croydon ET at 10am on 27th August 2013 for 4 days. One for disability discrimination and one for whistle blowing. Interesting ...

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