Costa coffee: now with added blood in your drink

costa coffee In what might be great news for vampires, others may not be so pleased to hear that a customer at Costa coffee got a load of blood in their brew.

That's right - a customer by the name of Janine Hughes bought a latte and found that it tasted a bit weird and, on inspecting the hot beverage, found that it was mixed with some worker's blood. It might be a simple accident, but we've convinced ourselves that this is some Illuminati business going down.

Hughes bought her bloody coffee from the drive-through in Swansea and, on finding some human innards in it, she went back to find out what was going on. She was told that her barista had cut his hand while doing her drink.

Now, the customer is awaiting blood test results to make sure she's not caught anything from her contaminated drink.

And what did Costa do about all this? Well, they gave her a new brew for a start and then the area manager sent her a letter apologising about the whole incident. However, the apology letter was written in Comic Sans, which is like kicking someone repeatedly while they're down, if you ask us.

costa blood apology

She's made an official complaint to Costa HQ, but as yet, she's not heard anything.

She said: "I drove off and took two sips of my latte and it tasted like iron. I realised something was wrong, but did not know what at the time. Then I saw blood on the inside of the lid and realised there was blood in the coffee. I was filled with horror when I realised what I had just drunk. I drove back and asked to see the manager."

"The person who served me was mortified. But I should have been given a completely new coffee and not just a new lid. I was given a new latte in the end but I had to report it - it was too serious to ignore."

Hughes has vowed to never again visit a Costa, after all this malarkey: "Not once have they contacted me. They have hidden behind the brand. That is terrible. I have had the worry of the blood tests. I don't think I will ever go to Costa again. I will support my local coffee shops."

A Costa Coffee spokesman said: "Our area manager has spoken to Ms Hughes and apologised for the distress this obviously caused her. This was an isolated incident and does not reflect our high standards of safety and hygiene."

Feel free to make your own 'grounds for complaint' or something about 'the daily grind' here.


  • James D.
    Why would they still serve it? This Costa has just opened I live nearby, maybe they did not know you should throw away a coffee if you bleed in it by accident.
  • Father J.
    A mate's daughter is at Uni & works in one of these places. The stories she tells about the lack of cleanliness would make your nair curl - I wouldn't go near the place anyway, what with the fucking ridiculous prices they charge for their indifferent coffee, but if you do you might want to think again.

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