Santander Complaints? You're not the only one!

Santander changed the face of UK banking by buying up many of our recognisable high street brands - Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley - and taking over the dealings of over 25 million accounts.

How's that working out for people, then?

Quietly, in a long-since forgotten corner of the intermaweb, one of our posts on Santander has been amassing a steady stream of complaints from you, the ever-avid reader. Over 70 readers have vocalised their displeasure at the way the Spaniards are doing business in the UK, and six months on we've delved into the comments to discover what the issues are.

What are our avid Bitterwallet readers saying about Santander?

"I have some cash ISAs with Santander. Being ISAs, I don't access the money in them day to day, I leave it there as an investment. When I did try to withdraw money from these ISAs I was told that the accounts had become moribund – ie semi-closed. I had to go into my local branch with various forms of paperwork and ID in order to get them to reactivate the accounts so I could access my own money." Theo
"My sister is with them and uses her card a lot online. Cheap books on Amazon get her card suspended every time, large payments are fine but penny books are a source of fraud, apparently. The card always works again by the 1st day of the following month - the bank have said that this should not be happening but it happens every month with no resolution in sight." Derek
"I was lured by the offer of the interest on their cuurent account. What a waste of time. Hassle, hassle, hassle - everything that could go wrong has. It took three attempts just to open the account – I should have taken the hint." David
"I have gone overdrawn by £1342 all because it takes four days to move money between accounts with Santander. No one told me it would take this long." Karen
"Santander have just upgraded my All and Leicester account! Now all my incoming standing orders have a simple reference number and I have no idea who they have come from. Previously they had a clearly named reference. When I asked how I was supposed to identify the payments, they said they could not help. So I now have no way of knowing who has paid me what – a complete disaster!" Michael
"I am trying desperately to get a business off the ground and the one thing that is holding me back is Santander." Monkey
"Awful, awful, awful. I've had dealings with various parts of the Santander empire, and they're all equally bad. Ditched the lot of them now, and bank elsewhere." John

And there are many, many more. In short, nobody has appears to have had a postive experience of banking with Santander - even a member of staff, attempting to defend his position, ultimately apologised for the service provided. Are there any of you with a good word to say about them?


  • tiny
    Why pick on Santander? Aren't all the banks equally dire?
  • Darren
    I quite like Santander. I have my main account, savings accounts, a join account with the wife, and she has her own account, and we both have Santander Zero Credit Cards. I have not had no real problems since the change from Abbey. and all is well with my accounts. Bit annoying that the transfers are not on the new express system though. But the online system is much better than others, as when I set up a new payment, I get sent a Text message with a confirmation code, rather than having to carry round one of them stupid calculator looking things. And any time I have had problems and complained., I have always got compensation..... so just moan more, and always speak to managers, and you will be happy customer like me :P
  • mistersmee
    Dou you think Santander are working through the Yellow Pages Banking section? They've bought the As and started on the Bs already.
  • Nick
    Santander mortgages have gone from being really good to absolutely ridiculous. Existing mort customer who's deal had ended - Phoned and told about a good deal - Spoke with my wife - calles back and within the space of 10 days my house valuation had gone from £196k to £170k and only high rate fixed term deals available - higher than the SVR I am already on!? Several letters sent and replies advising "sorry your not happy etc" but nobody can tell me why the big discrepancy. HSBC seem happy to be getting my business... The joke of "the computer sais No" is now a reality with Santander
  • Rob
    I've been trying to get a tranding tag going on twitter #santanderarepants
  • RazorD
    When i graduated last year and was about to lose my student overdraft, they offered to move me onto their graduate account. This was great. I applied, and was told it had to go through their underwriters... This was okay, because i had 4 weeks until my overdraft was due to go away. The problem is, the underwriters never actually approved or declined my graduate account application, and they took my overdraft away 4 weeks later. Frequent, almost daily calls to them just got a dullard reading a computer screen of "It's pending the underwriters. There is nothing we can do until they reply..." The only thing they could do for me was to put me through to their "debt management" team who treated me as if i was someone who'd had their overdraft removed and tried to put me on a payment plan to to reduce it, but this would be marked my credit history as a voluntary agreement - the only alternative was they'd close my account and send debt collectors around. So, yeh. Santader's incompetence has cost me huge problems with my credit history. This coupled with the fact that *EVERY* year i was a student, at the end of the year they told me i'd graduated, and needed me to go to my home branch and make an appointment to see the SAME documentation that they'd seen every other year to prove i was still a student has left a very very bitter taste. Last month the "payment plan" finished though, so I'm finally ready to switch banks. Just waiting for a good switching deal and i'm out of there!
  • Nospamjl
    I just paid a €10 to a charity in Ireland with my Santander visa debit card and on top of exchange rates was hit with a "foeign" £1.25 fee. Is this the norm for visa debit accounts? Beware if u r abroad, per transaction this could be very nasty.
  • brendan
    I have been living in my current address for 3 years. I received a letter from Santander to say my new cash card was available at....the branch of my previous address ( some 30 miles away) It took me several attempts, various phone calls, numerous excuses,and quite a few bare faced lies until my card was eventually sent to me at my current home address. One could put it down to teething problems of Santander taking over all these companies but there are WAY too many mistakes and errors that customers are going to move away . I know, I am. Just in the process of moving my cash to another bank. It seems apt that Lewis Hamilton is their advertising figurehead. A cheating liar who hasn't won a race for quite a while.
  • Paul S.
    @Tiny - the reason it was worth making an example of this, was because we've wrote quite a few articles about banks, and none of the others have ever received as much criticism as Santander.
  • RTB
    Apparently, cash paid in to your Sandtander bank account via a cash machin takes THREE DAYS to "clear".
  • SL
    I had a bank account that I've not used in over 10 years, went into a branch to try and close it. Took 4 visit's to two different branches and lots of phone calls to the phone banking lot to get this done. What was funny the staff at the branch was arguing with the phone banking lot, neither could agree on the correct way to close my account.
  • TL
    Anyone who Says Santander aren't 'too bad' needs only to wait for that moment. I assure you it will happen, you just haven't had a problem that they have had to try and solve yet. My debt of my sofas have been sold to Santander, and even though ive left the direct debit details at the store I brought them, filled out numerous paper work stating the same details and had these same details for over 8 years at Natwest... STILL they can't get it right. I got charged a missed payment, they have changed my address several times and still keep writing to me somewhere else. They have been chasing the money I owe at my sisters house and house number even though I have given them my contact details. This company is run by a bunch of idiots. I had one women answer the phone who needed a translator to help complete the call. I'm a calm person most of the time, this has had my blood boiling. I have a newborn son and don't have time to be chasing them around all the time. FINALLY when I get through to someone normal I get told that it will take 28 days to set the direct debit up... WHY 28 days? I could set one up in a day with anyone else? Ive been informed this might cause me to miss further payments and il be fined AGAIN!... Someone help me. Anyone got a free £2000 they can throw my way to buy them out. *screams into a bag* Good luck any new and exsisting Santander customers... you will bloody well need it!
  • Sueps
    A couple of months ago I had deposit envelopes but no deposit book. I had to order them twice; then they finally sent 2, one in my husband's name and the other in mine. WHY? It's a joint account! Now I have 2 deposit books but have run out of envelopes as the ones I ordered nearly a month ago and then again two weeks later were never sent. Yesterday they told me I could pick some up in my local branch so I went in and asked for some. They don't have any, of course. They said they'd give us £15 compensation, but that won't go far if the account goes overdrawn because I can't pay in any cheques! We started banking with Girobank about 30 years ago as we lived in a village with a post office but no bank. We now live in another village, still with no bank, but with a post office. We're really not happy to have ended up with a Spanish bank having started out with one owned by the post office.
  • Richard
    I went to Santander to open a business account. Now, 5 weeks down the line they have told me that they have lost the application paperwork. There could not be a much worse way for them to have started the relationship with me. I wonder where all of my personal and company info has gone and who it has ended up with. If they are not able to keep track of a large set of application documents and treat them with some importance then how would they be dealing with cheques and notes.....? I will not be giving them the chance to make things any worse and will find another bank to work with
  • Kate
    I have had a joint account for 15+ years with Alliance and Leicester. Everything ran incredibly smoothly until Santander took over. I requested a paying in book. One arrived and it was in my husbands sole name. 2nd request for joint paying in book produced the same result. It took 5 attempts for them to issue a book in joint names. I also make regular payments into another bank account and noticed that on the other bank account statements the payee reference reflected our joint names i.e. J & K Smith but since Santander took over the payee name has changed to my husbands name only. When I querried why my name was being left off they told me that as my husband was the main account holder it would only be his name on the direct debits/standing orders etc. I reminded them that this was a joint account, a joint marriage and therefore neither of us were the main account holder as we were both equal. Surely this day and age this can't be right? Also, made quick payment a few days ago into another a&l account. This quick payment was put into my 'pending payments' box and dated 2 days ahead. Telephoned them and they said there had been an unresolved problem with quick payments and if I wanted any payments to go through quickly I had to ring them rather than use on-line banking. Why wasn't this highlighted to customers trying to use this service as we all know that any late payments can be very very costly. RUBBISH
  • Claire
    This is my recent experience of Santander’s customer service: • agreed overdraft drastically reduced without reasonable notice or explanation • not permitted to pay off overdraft by affordable instalments prior to the implementation of the reduced overdraft • when reduced overdraft implemented required to pay a lump sum of £950 • unexplained massive increase on charges and interest on overdraft. I have an overdraft limit on my account of £1950. I recently tried to reduce it via the online facility to £1800, without success, and subsequently received a letter informing me that I could not reduce my overdraft until 1st July 2011. This was very surprising because I regularly use the online facility to gradually pay off my overdraft when the money is available. I assumed there must be a mistake and telephoned customer services. After holding for a long time I was told that they could not override the system, to decrease my overdraft, and I needed to visit my branch. At my branch I was told that my overdraft limit had been reduced to £1000, as of 1st July 2011, but until that date it would remain at £1950. They further explained that I could not pay off my overdraft by instalments of less than £950 because the system will only accept an overdraft limit of £1950 or £1000, nothing in between, and this apparently could not be changed. I was not informed of the reduction but evidently I will receive a letter 1 month prior to £950 being taken from my account! In the meantime I will have to continue paying charges which have increased from £1.11 in August to £14.73 in November. The overdraft of £1950 was agreed in June or July so the massive increase in charges is a mystery. I telephoned Santander’s complaints department and although they logged my complaint they were not willing to send me out a letter of confirmation or an update on procedures because ‘nothing can be done’. I joined Abbey National about 30 years ago and have witnessed the increasing deterioration since they were bought out by Santander. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to resolve this ridiculous situation which is now in the hands of the financial ombudsman. I am in the process of transferring to another bank and want nothing more to do with Santander and its underhand practices.
  • peter
    My father died a few months back and I am doing the probate. Just trying to get a valuation out of this bunch of dolts proved a nightmare. I have been into the branch three times with all of the documentation to get my name put on as excecutor. Last week, I went to the branch to request the valuation for the 4th time to be told my details are not 'linked'with my fathers accounts so they cannot deal with me untill I provide all the documentation. The fact that I had already been 3 times with all of the documentation did not seem to count as they had not properly recorded it...or thrown it away ...or something. They will not even accept my complaint that I have not been linked to the accounts dispite trying three times because......get this......I am not linked to the accounts. It seems that the complaints department is there to come up with excuses why it is not a complaint rather than actually fix the problem. Today, 2 1/2 months after requesting tax infomation, I finally got it.....IN A DIFFERENT PERSONS NAME. Went through to their help desk to sort it out and told them I was the Executor, only to be told they could not deal with it and asked to speak to my father. What bit of 'Executor' makes them think he is still alive!!!! I have spent hours on the phone to the help desk being told that it is a 'head office' matter and hours on the phone to be told that it is a 'branch matter'. The day I get probate is the day every one of the accounts is closed.
  • erica p.
    We have business banked with Abbey now Santander for over 8 years, it is only the last 18 months that have become a mess. We cannot use a branch for business account, so all done by internet, posting and phone. Unbeknown to me my personal name was started to be put on all supplier payments from August. I only found out in October from a supplier. I wrote to them asking when this would stop, they don't know. In this current climate to have a Director's personal name as the payee looks like we are bailing out our own company - not the cash we have a very healthy cash flow status. I still don't know when this is to be rectified! received a letter of explanation. We also were not able to order paying in envelopes on line and have had issues with this for over a year! they apparently have no record of this problem from anyone else - ITS JUST US!!!!! many of my comments request for answers were ignored and the letter said "I hope I have offered a fair resolution" they gave us £30 compensation for the phone calls. I didn't want that I wanted all the problems to stop. I would have liked warning that they decided to use my name rather than my company name and the supplier account details. Not found out from our suppliers, common courtesy is non-existent now it is not an English Establishment.
  • PETER B.
    FORTUNATELY I DO NOT BANK WITH SANTANDER, however I am assisting retired friend with the issue of an incorrectly closed banking account which subsequently lead to loss of cheques that were sent in? There is not enough space on this entry to explain the the timeline of errors on their part, but to our horror they lost an official complaint launched from the website and which was subsequently acknowledged by letter? Could this just be a sophisticated way of acquiring funds, how many customers have given up on chasing a loss value and where does all this missing money go to, what is the slush fund value by now????? It's been 12 weeks now, chasing 1K we are onto our forth complaints office, again helpful sounding staff giving soundbites but we no longer feel hopeful that this daylight robbery will see justice.
  • Glenys H.
    I have been trying to get a statement from Santander (we have been with the various banks they took over for 30 years). We had a letter which took 6 weeks to get here (thanks TNT) because it appeared they had closed an ISA and sent us the interest due. We did a 50 mile round trip to our nearest branch to sort it out. This was 15 Oct and we hadn't had a statement since 26 July. We had requested statements in 1st week Sept, 1, End Sept, 1st week Oct and 8 Oct. After sitting with the branch manager and handing over the cheque so she could look into it, she looked at her screen and said that the reason we hadn't been getting statements was because there was a returned mail item on 2 August! No one had bothered to check despite my numerous requests for a statement! She made a few phone calls and said it was sorted. She would sort out the cheque for us. On 16 November I again rang because we had heard nothing further re the cheque and no statement received. I was again told that they had had a returned item on 15 November (no one checked despite all the fuss over the first returned item). I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told that he would ring back within the hour. My husband gave them a deadline of 1 hr to do so. No one rang back so I rang the complaints dept at Leiceser and was told I need 1st level complaints! 'They put me through to them at guess where - Bootle and the girl said she was sitting 3 seats away from the supervisor who hadn't rung back. She put me through to himand he was very rude and said he 'didn't work to deadlines'.I asked to speak to the Director in charge of complaints and was put through to Milton Keynes. The girl there said she would look into it. A week later having heard nothing and having received no statement I rang again and was put through to the'Chairman's office' (if I believe that). I asked for a statement sent 1st class Royal Mail and said I intended to charge for my time at the same rate as their CEO. I had a holding call the following day - asked why the girl in MK had done nothing was fobbed off and to date have not heard further (despite the fact that I was promised a letter that day) and also no statement. This bank has definitely gone along the lines of Spanish banks ( I know from experience that they are a nightmare) and we will be moving our account. The irony is that my brother in law keeps getting statement for his mother who died a year ago despite having told them off this time and time again!!
  • Glenys H.
    By the way they seem to have lost the cheque as well!
  • menopausalfemm
    I went into my local branch and the 4 people ahead of me, were all denied access to their own money! The reason? - ' insufficient ID'. I was concerned because I know what MY reaction would have been had I received the same treatment - I'd have been led away in handcuffs!
  • John D.
    The worst customer service I have ever come across. They make talking to internet providers and utility groups a joy! I am utterly gobsmacked when talking to the clerks. They show zero knowledge on the products and services and are only intent on forwrding you to other departments. I strongly recommend thinking twice about their rates and offers when their service is so so poor.
  • Mark J.
    Dear Sirs, I would like to convey how rude and unhelpful your Eastleigh duty manageress was to me today when I brought my T-mobile in with a critical fault. No interest was taken in my complaint because I could not find the receipt, so it was inferred that - regardless of the fact less that 6 weeks previously I had chosen your store to buy this T-Mobile phone which had only lasted a couple of weeks - the fact that I had no receipt (even though the box was covered in barcodes and references proving it came from Tesco) meant that I had wasted my time returning a phone which should have worked, in my lunch-hour, driving 12 miles, to try and trick you into replacing my faulty phone. This being the case even though you would have returned it as faulty to T-Mobile anyway. I think you have a pretty dogmatic and arrogant opinion of your customers if you think they would go to such lengths! With such 'customer oriented' service from your Eastleigh Manageress today, its no wonder so many people are moving to other retailers. Yours in disgust, Mr M Jefferson (happy now to shop anywhere provided its not Tesco Eastleigh or in fact any Tesco now)
  • ms b.
    I called my local alliance & leicester to complain about a cheq i had received that was not for the full amount that i had been told it would be, spoke to the manager she said she would give me the phone number of the department that deals with complaints, (after speaking to a foreign person to get to her ) i asked would i be able to understand them and they understand me ,I WAS ASKED WAS I RACIST, she said yes they would understand you because the complaints office is in liverpool. (i live in liverpool). my complaint went in on the 8th OCT, they have not replied to this complaint, i have telephoned twice and told i would get a letter in 5 days.
  • Beth
    Dear all, I am also a Santander customer and had numerous negative experiences. I am now writing an article/research piece on the way Santander treat their customers. For this, if at all possible, I am looking for copies of letters/emails to Santander. Please delete all personal identifying information etc. What I particularly interested in is the levels of compensation paid vs how many times you had to contact them. I am looking to publish this in January at the latest so I need to act swiftly. I look forward to you response and hope we the consumer can help to expose them for what they are. My email address is [email protected], feel free to email me if you have any questions. Warmest regards, Beth Marshall
  • Beth
    Also, the type of problem I have had is mainly with my mortgage. I offered to pay £20,000 off my mortgage to secure a better deal. After threatening to take my savings et al and making them aware that my partner would do the same, they came back and acknowledged my offer only to offer me the same deal I am on now. Also when I went in to a Santander branch in Shrewsbury to withdraw money out of said savings I was refused as I did not have a book for it (they have never sent me one) and I did not have a cash card (but who does for a savings account?). I had my passport and current account card, I spoke to the manager for a while before her telling me that it was up to her how much I could withdraw from MY account. My complaints could seriously go on for ever and I have had enough, just looking round for a better bank if there is one. Regards Beth
  • t s.
    I rang Santader because they had passed one payment but not another one I made at the same time. Eventually after lots of questions which I was not expecting i.e. cheque numbers etc (I dont even pay by cheque) i was told I failed the security. i had to present my self to the nearest branch with indentity when i asked where my nearest branch was I was told gainsborough which is in Lincolnshire but I live in north yorkshire. Rang complaints, and was eventually told i did not exist because they had not got my date of birth. yet they have been paying out of my account for years. and Santander apparently had not updated my details. I was told again I had to visit in person with ID. As I am disabled how do i get there when the roads are snowbound. once again, i asked for nearest branch, gave my postcode. I was told it did not exist. I told her the town but she said there is no santander there. So where is the nearest branch I asked? She told me ''I dont know i am not an atlas.'' I rang complaints again, and someone sorted it out in a few minutes. Why all that stress and inconvenience? I was told they would credit £10 as an apology. It is not good enough when customers are treated like this. we are told that telephone banking is easier but if anything goes wrong it seems no one can help you. It is impossible to argue the point, they just then go into Robot mode.
  • Neil
    I took out a loan with santander a few months ago via the telephone. No problems there. However, the guy on the phone got to talking about switching accounts and asked if one of his colleagues could call me after the weekend. No one ever did. However, in November, I started receiving paperwork from Santander saying that they had switched direct debits across from my bank to a new santander account. I had never given permission either verbally or in writing for this to happen. When I contacted them to ask what had happened I was put through department to department until I got through to what i understood was complaints. I was then advised that my original call regarding the loan application had to be listened to to either prove or disprove what i was saying. I was assured that someone would get back to me. No one ever did. Today I received a letter from their collections department saying that the account was overdrawn and that there did not appear to be any credit going into the account. Luckily for me my employers have resisted paying any money in. I have managed to get through to complaints who have advised me that they do not have an records of me giving permission for Santander to switch my accounts and are therfore escalating the complaint. What a nightmare!
  • Santander: B.
    [...] are hapless gits aren’t they? There’s been numerous complaints about them, resulting in their being crowned worst bank. They’ve gone on a recruitment drive [...]
  • Steve
    My only dealing with Santander has been a very poor experience. I took out a loan of £4000 to purchase a new car only a few months ago. It was always my intention to pay off the loan early. So I called for a settlement figure both in November and December - each time they couldn't provide me an accurate figure. I've now called up today to pay off the loan and once again the figures are in conflict to those that I've discussed with them previously - in fact, the figure I was given today was much higher than the quote I received in November!? The call centre staff don't seem at all certain about the information they're providing, probably down to inadequte systems (as I think I saw on Watchdog). It's not only left a very sour taste in the mouth, but also a complaint to Santander and a customer who certainly won't be doing business with them in the future.
  • A. J.
    I miss my local Bradford and Bingley branch ( Byres Road Glasgow) - it was run in a friendly manner and I was on first name terms with all the staff. They were efficient, professional and always helpful. They watched my kids grow up over the years and would take the time to chat with them, if they were ever with me in branch. Now that branch has been taken over by robots. These robots have been programmed to view customers with suspicion and find it difficult to use their own initiative - hence the constant calls to 'head office'. I have removed all my money from one of my accounts, leaving a balance of zero. Seemingly, I must 'arrange an appt' and provide stacks of ID before I can officially close the account. Eedjits!
  • Steve
    Bunch of incompetent idiots. Ended up with a mortgage with them last year. They offered the Zero account which we weren't particularly interested in. They went ahead and set up a new account and without any warning swapped all our DD's to an account with no money in it. Subsequently wading through list of creditors trying to find out who hasn't ben paid...
  • aimee b.
    Santander is the worst bank ever!! I tried to take money out of the cash machine today but it said i couldnt take any out because it had been refused by my bank or card issuer. I then rang up santander to be told they had put a temporary block on my card because of suspicious payments but wouldnt tell me what was suspicious. After waiting half hour for them to answer my call i got tranferred to the security office who then told me they had no questions they could ask me to prove who i am and that i should go to a branch with some ID, after telling them about 5 times that i have no money to get to the branch and no Identification because of changing addresses they were still saying the same thing. I told them how crap they are and how many fuck ups i have had with them in the past, since they have moved to santander, the security woman didnt like what i was saying and didnt know how to handle it so she hung up on me. After ringing back and getting tranfered to yet another adviser she told me that because the security woaman had hung up, it had blocked them out of my account so they cant do anything for the next 2 dys. The service is rubbish and they advisers do not have a clue what they are talking about. I will be taking my custom elsewhere. Who in the right mind let a spanish company take over an english bank. Fucking ridiculess. I suggest if you are currently banking with santander that u move, the sooner the better.
  • Sueps
    Me again! In reply to Aimee, they apparently think that buying stuff from Amazon just before Christmas is suspicious! They blocked our cards twice and we got the calls from "Alliance & Leicester's fraud department" to check these purchases. We thought it was a scam to start with as it said Alliance & Leicester. The appalling irony is that if you reach your overdraft limit, haven't had a statement for ages and can't even get a balance over the phone (I don't trust them enough to try internet banking) they will allow card purchases to go through, including with Amazon! We have found this out to our cost.
  • shaun
    i have two auto-loans with santander since the citi-fin deal. i got a collection call last month and come to find out that they've been applying my online bill-pay payments to the incorrect account (honda payment going to the nissan and vice versa) causing the nissan account to be way behind. fine, mistakes happen... except that despite being told that they would fix the previous payment errors (to the wrong account), they continue to remain uncorrected. now I'm to track down bank statements and fax them in. Even that would be fine if there could be someone taking ownership who I could call to follow-up but no, you have to call the 800-number and get a new person each time and explain the whole thing over to someone new with no guarantee that it'll ever resolve. I'm jonesing to refi these loans but another problem (citi-fin fault though) is that citi-fin is still showing my old auto-loans pre-santander; meaning i have duplicates of my two loans, such that it looks like i have four loans instead of just the two on my credit reports. this kills my dti ratio looking like i'm overextended which has caused my credit to go from 700 to 670.
  • Judge
    Banked with A&L since 2007, changed address twice, no probelms go into branch go on the phone, no hassle, now don't accept any of my ID that i didn't need even to open the account!!! had £28 in my account couldn't withdraw it!! had to travel to a different city to get it out over the counter!!!! still wont accept my ID just to changed bloody address!!!!! nightmare, even though their own website says i need one proof of ID if am an existing customer!!! THIS BANK SHOULD BE CLOSED!!! Will complain and get intouch with CAB & Trading Standards!!!! I SUGGEST EVERYONE DO THE SAME AND ALSO CHANGE BANKS!!!!!!
  • Rachel C.
    What a set of incompetent monkeys. I've had an account with A&L for over 15 years and never had any problems. Since Santander have taken over i've had £150 worth of charges every month, they even left me in the supermarket on Xmas eve with my children and the Xmas food shop after promising me the day before the charges wouldn't be debited. Checked my acc before I went shopping at lunchtime the money was there cone to pay and it's gone. Racgvtjr complaints team and was told that a letter had been sent stating I wasn't having the charges back! Advised we wouldn't be having Xmas dinner and was told by the advisor that it's not get problem and I should learn to manage my money better!!! all because they've changed their terms and conditions!!! Previously if money wasn't avaialble in my account the card transactions would be declined but not now!!! Asked them to stop this and they told me that I have to go into branch 15 miles away!!!! I'm registered disabled and advised them of this and I was told to get a taxi!!! The staff are rude! I've had a complaint listed with them since September 2010 I even wrote to the CEO and all I get is standard replies of the charges stand!!! I hate Santander with a passion just got a new card as well and apparently you have to go into branch to activate what a complete joke they really make my blood boil!!! Will definately
  • Dave F.
    Banked with Abbey for over 10 years with no problems and always recieved interest payments on my current account. Suddenly about 3 months ago they stopped when I enquired by phone as to the reason, 1st excuse "we have changed the statement dates, it will sort out on next months statement". Month later next excuse "looks like you dropped off the page, we will sort it out and pay you what is owed". In December I visited their Commercial St Branch in Leeds and after answering security questions and them checking my bank card I was told "I did not get interest anymore because I had a Preferred overdraft A/c" (news to me). So I told them although I always had an o/draft with Abbey, I had not used it in over 6 years, did not want or need it they could cancel it and start paying interest again. The lady asked me for photo ID to do this, I produced my US Driving licence (I live and work in the US) she refused it and asked for my UK Passport which of course I was no carrying with me. I said this is stupid you have already checked that I am who I say I am and discussed my account for the last 40 minutes. It's the rules she said so I cant do anything more to help you. I then went back to my daughters house and cancelled the O/draft online, did that do the trick, nope! When I returned to the USA a few days later I then complained to the Santander complaints dept by e-mail, no response. I then used their online contact for the complaints dept, this time I got someone who "as they had written a response to me on 5th Jan, could not advise me further" (up to 3rd Feb still no sign of the letter). I asked him what the letter said, he refused to tell me as it was not his position to do so. I asked for a senior manager to call me and gave my tel number, no response. I e-mailed the same joker I had recieved the e-mail from asking why no-one was responding and he told me I must have given the wrong number as they got no response from my phone. After several more e-mails he finally called sating that he only found out he was not authorised to make international phone calls and had to seek permission to phone me. This time he told me again he could do nothing further as I had been sent a letter (the same one from the 5th Jan). I made yet another complaint online and e-mailed this idiot again to get a senior manager to contact me and I was told my copliant had been passed to senior managers who would respond, two weeks later, nothing. I am now done whith this shower of cretins and in the process of opening a new offshore account with another bank. Santander are the very worst to deal with and care little about their customers, avoid them like the plague.
  • mike
    i have a truck financed thru santander, have paid EVERY payment but yet they claim i have 5 deferred payments.They sent me a payment history that shows a payment each month.Now they say i will have a ballon payment at the end. these people are complete idiots. when you do get to talk to someone all they can do is repeat themselves like a robot and you go around in circles, REALLY AGRIVATING. bUT THEY CAN NOT PRODUCE ANY DOCUMENTATION SUPPORTING THERE CLAIM.
  • D L.
    I have recently had to make a complaint about Santander after trying to cancel a credit card agreement within the 14 day cooling-off period. Initially their customer service gave incorrect information, on a second call the call centre staff member was confrontational and obstructive. They do not seem to be customer centred and seem to want to tie people into accounts. As a result of this I am now looking at changing my current account, which was with Alliance & Leicster but was absorbed by Santander.
  • Brank
    After making numerous phone calls to Santander to sort an incorrectly paid standing order, a month later, they still have not rectified it. Everyone I've spoken to on the phone, from managers to complaints people, had promised to sort it out in 3-4 days or 4-5 days and so on. What amazed me most is that their lies were so blatant. Their complaints department tried to get rid of me with some ridiculously long security checks and must've been annoyed with me having all the answers (had my account in front of me on the internet). I have logged in my complaint now with the Financial Ombudsmen so we'll see... I'd been with A & L for fifteen years before Santander took over and really miss their professionalism. Now, it seems that I will have to, eventually, look for another bank.
  • christine C.
    My grandparents passed away in January within 6 days of each other. Unfortunately they had an account with a bank which was 'swallowed' by Santander. This bank has had my family running around like headless chickens trying to get 'the right documentation' for them. Last week, my father went to the solicitors with the other executor to sign a document (witnessed by the solicitor) to state that they were who they said they were (the fact that they had been t the bank several times with death certs, photographic ID, wills etc obviously wasnt enough). The solicitor signed to state that he had witnessed it and now they want copies of utility bills from both executors! What was worse was that I complained to them about the stress they were imposing on a grieving family only to have a letter sent to my grandfather apologising for the poor level of service! Everyone I speak to does not have 1 good word say about this bunch of bandits. I for one will never bank with them and have made it a personal mission to make sure that everyone I know is fully informed on how bad they truly are!
  • Bobo k.
    What makes me laugh are all these people that complain about Santander. I moved my accounts from Barclays and Halifax to them and it was so easy and straight forward. They took care of everything for me and it was hassle free as they said it would be. I had been with the woolwich for 20+ years and then it was taken over by Barclays - now if you think the Santander takeover of A & L has "caused" so many of you problems, well to be frank you are all actually really lucky. Just received my telephone banking number today from barclays that i requested in August 2009 for the account that i switched to Santander 7 months ago lol If it weren't for Santander then all of you A & L customers that are moaning about them would be up shit creek right now, because it was the government that begged Santander to bail them out. I actually feel sorry for the advisors at Santander because quite a few times when i've called, you can hear managers guldering about cross sales and updating boards. The pressures on staff is overwhelming, yet everytime i've called the staff have always been polite and courteous and very willing to help. My advice to all these moany Santander customers is back off and take some responsibility for your own actions. Its always so easy to blame the people at the other end of the phone and of course its never our own fault. I got charges on my Santander account for going overdrawn and not having an overdraft in place but i could write on here and rant about account charges but at the end of the day i am the one who over spent not santander so its fair that i get charged. Its about time people stopped bitching and started taking responsibility for themselves. Santander remained in a strong position during the recession and still manged to keep all of their staff where as other banks crumbled and made thousands of people redundant. I would recommend Santander to anyone all day every day.
  • AJC
    My father recently died suddenly. My mother went in with the will naming her as Executor and we went in to sort out the account, which had been frozen but with unexplained charges added. The customer relations 'executive' couldn't even bring up any of the account information because the 'system was not working'. Phone calls were made, but still nothing of use or helpfulness was done. I found the customer service appalling. It was like dealing with robotic machines. "Computer says no!" etc. very apt. Nothing could be accessed. It was like they couldn't be bothered to help us out in any way. A grieving family, with all the correct documentation and substantial assets in the bank, yet we were treated with suspicion like dodgy fraudsters. Great for the Santander fatcats who get to sit on my dead fathers savings for a few months while his business goes bust and people lose their jobs because of their refusal to unfreeze any of the money. The highlight (or lowlight) was the adviser saying he felt threatened by myself and my mum (aged 67 years old) because of our vocal dissatisfaction with his failure to simply write down a name and phone number of someone I could actually speak to and make a proper complaint to. He even mentioned calling the police. Good job that wasn't on his system. Santander's new motto: We can't be bothered with you so don't bother us with your money!
  • PN
    Santander is the worst bank ever. I was a Alliance & Leicester Premier account customer and got transferred to Santander. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen, and I bank with several banks. I am planning to take legal action against them for defamation and derogatory comments. Recently I went into the Harborne branch in Birmingham to make a deposit. I asked for a receipt for the deposit but they said the printer was not working. I later found out that only one printer was faulty whereas the other one was working fine, but they did not tell me this. I was asked to go to another branch, which I refused. There was no apology either. I said I wanted to see the branch manager to complain. They then printed out a receipt for me. (how did the other printer suddenly work then?) The branch manager verbally apologised for the poor customer service and I asked to log it in as a formal complaint. Instead of logging it in as a complaint and putting that apology in writing, the branch manager has had a letter sent to me now to say I threw the receipt at the cashier, which apparently then hit her face. Blatant lie. The letter advises me not to visit that branch again and that my account could be closed!!! I have now made a complaint to their central complaints dept. Have requested that the CCTV footage be viewed to lay bare the misleading lies that the cashier and the branch manager have connived against me. If I do not get a fair resolution, I will initiate legal proceedings against them for such a foul letter. I actually don't care and I am sure my other banks will be more than happy if I brought them additional business and money. However I want to teach Santander a lesson and will not rest till I do so.
  • John
    I have a Santander credit card with a resonable amount of credit on. I recently lost my wallet so the only access to funds I had until my new cards turned up was to use this card which was the only one not in my wallet fortunately - or so I thought!. I work away from home frequently and travel by my own vehicle. Today I travelled up north to work a good 4 hours from home armed with my trusty Santander credit card for any eventuality. I worked my shift and pulled into a petrol station to fuel up before travelling home and brimmed my van with fuel. I went to pay for my diesel to find my card was declined!!!! I could not beleive it - the card had at least £5K of credit on it and I couldnt get fuel!I decided this must be a huge misunderstanding and stood in the petrol station and called Santander to sort it out - oh dear card services dont work on Saturday afternoons but if my card is lost or stolen then I can speak to a human. As I had no other way of paying for my fuel and I was getting desperate I called lost and stolen to be told there was nothing I could do until Monday morning and oh by the way - theycould tell me that they had removed my £5K agreed credit and I can have 1.6K which was already on the card so there was no credit left. Nice of them to call me or write to me to inform me they would be reducing the credit on my card!!! I am now stuck 4 hours north of my home trying to get home to my wife and sick child - (reason I was rushing home) who has, by the way just been rushed into hospital and at present I cant get there!!!! and Santander are unable to help until Monday!!! I have no money, no way of paying for any accomodation and unable to pay for fuel. I have held a very healthy bank account with Santander and they have now seen fit to pull a stunt like this! Can someone tell me what kind of Customer Service is this? This is the second time in as many months I have had an issue like this with Santander - the last time I got a very apologetic phone call from my Bank manager after I threatened to close and move my account to a more reputable bank - they talked me round and promised nothing like this would ever happen again- and here we are 2 months on. As you can imagine I am furious at the moment and still trying to get home. This service is outrageous and I intend to ruffle as many feathers and rattle every possible cage this time! I will be closing all my Santander accounts and will be transfering my mortgage to an alternative supplier as soon as I get home. Santander you can shove your inadequate highly unproffessional customer service where the sun dont shine!
  • JW
    I openedan Isa with Alliance and Leicester last year, which is now part of Santander. As the bonus is coming to an end, I went on their website to see what alternatives were available. I could not find the information I wanted so I rang the number shown on the website. The first four options did not seem relevant but it also said "to speak to an adviser press nine", so I did. The automatic response said "sorry, I did not recognise that number". This happened three times. I thought the quickest way to get a response would be to e-mail Complaints. After two days I got a phone call from complaints and the person asked me to explain what had happened. After this, she transferred me to an adviser. After a brief conversation that the call was cut off and they did not ring me back. The following day I rang Santander again. after going through to the wrong department initially, I got to speak to an adviser who seem to know what she was doing. Unfortunately, again the call was cut off. I rang again, but this time got through to a person with a very strong foreign accent who asked a load of security questions - many more than the other adviser - including my national insurance number, which I did not have availableat the time. I told him that all I wanted to know was whether it they had an alternative ISA offering a decent rate. He kept asking me to hold while he queried the system. After being on the line for about 10 minutes I got frustrated and hung up. I have decided that I will transfer my account to a small building society who will offer a decent level of service, even if their rates of interest are lower than Santander, and will never, ever, open an account with them again!
  • Shan
    I stranded overnight without money, food or shelter in freezing cold temperature, while also suffering from ill health, because Santander Bank had bocked the account due to a branch error... I have written a full description along with supporting evidence and published in the blog link given above.
  • humbug
    santander branch so unhelpful i go on line - brilliant web site - i ring up and the service is also excellent - but whenever i go to a branch of santander the staff are rude - clue less - or both and simply refer any query i have to the phone booth. thank god i can ring from the branch because the people who staff it are incapable !!
  • Marco
    Utterly abysmal customer service and laughable systems. I was with Abbey, but now: I am only able to make a payment to my Santander credit card over the phone if payment comes from a Santander current account. Their systenm won't accept payments from any other bank apparently. The payment then takes four working days to clear! Ridiculous. I went over my OD limit by £2 and was charged £30. As I was still £2 overdrawn 3 days later when their "next charging period" occured, I was charged a further £30. Despite complaining I was basically told to suck it up. Unfortunately for the time being I'm trapped with this shambolic bunch of bankers because after losing my job I didn't work for 6 months and maxed my overdraft with them. As soon as I'm clear I'm off.
  • Caroline
    I have just switched to a Santander current account, and am already surprised at how badly it compares to RBS / Natwest where I have banked previously. - Apparantly I am only allowed to set up ONE payment daily. Er.... what? Why can't I just make payments whenever? - Payments are not immediate (my new payment has been sitting there for several hours - will I have to wait for it tomorrow to arrive in the payee's bank account? Again, with RBS / Natwest this was always pretty much immediate). - To register for online banking in the first place, I was sent a 2 letters, one which had an incomplete personal ID number,.. it didn't seem to occur to them that would need to complete number. - Finally, to log in to online banking I can allegedly use either my personal ID number (yet another number to remember) OR my card number... except that it won't allow me to use my card number. Not impressed. I'll probably switch back to Natwest in a few month's time!
  • Mrs. R.
    Santander a bank? Don't make me laugh! These wretched people took over Alliance and Leicester from whom I had had excellent service. When an A & L bond matured (31 March), and I asked for repayment, Santander put every obstacle in my way, demanding a visit to a branch with proof of identity - which I had already provided to A & L. I could not visit the branch and asked for a staff member to bring the cheque to my house. At the same visit the staff member could check my address and identity. My letter was completely ignored. Santander would not release my funds unless I opened a Santander account! Absolute blackmail. I had no choice, did so, and the A & L money went into it. A Santander cheque was then issued to me, and the Santander account was immediately closed. The result was a delay of ten days - further while the cheque has to be cleared by my bank. The result was that the deadline for additions to our 2010-2011 ISAs passed. I had told the branch exactly why I was withdrawing the funds, but the clerk to whom I spoke was too busy trying to persuade me to re-invest with Santander. Needless to say, I did not receive £100 for opening the Santander account, and I have told Santander that no compensatory bribe would ever induce me to use this fiasco company in future. The only good word I have is for Ms. Sheila McGowan at Santander Complaints department who did everything she could within Santader's ridiculous system, to sort the problem. I have written to the CEO of Santander (Ms Botin) recommending that she stick to flamenca dancing, sardine fishing, and hiring pedaloes. Get out of banking!
  • Andrew
    After battling against Santander's overzealous fraud action team, I today relented and finally contacted their complaints department, expecting to be confronted by another useless phone drone. Much to my surprise, I received considerable monetary compensation and a bottle of whisky. The money will likely fall short of covering the cost of calling their 0845 number several times. I would, however, encourage anybody experiencing problems to contact the complaints department. The staff there are strikingly competent compared to other Santander employees and are quick to resolve your problems. I have had my card reissued four times so far this year, and have probably spent more time without access to electronic services than with access. It is only now, three months after the problem first arose, and after countless lengthly phone calls and visits to my local branch that I am assured the problem has been solved. Needless to say, I have yet to be convinced.
  • Lucy
    This bank are driving me insane!! Constantly giving me the wrong information, wasting time and losing me money!!!
  • peter
    A day for celebration, I now have probate.....or more to the point I am free of Santander The Tax office has obviously accepted why I was able to give them exact valuations on all my Father's estate.....except the accounts from Santander where I coult only give them valuations due to their obvious inability to provide the simplest information. I have now been into the Santander Branch to close all of my Father's accounts. Over £100.000 worth, and they could not even be bothered to asky why. Why am I not surprised
  • louise
    Since these jokers have taken over abbey my husband and i have had awfull service and as soon as our overdraft is paid off its goodbye santander,never again !
  • Johnny D.
    Excellent blog - I too hate Santander!!!
  • Richard R.
    Opened an account with Alliance & Leicester some 4 years ago. Drew out all funds but left £95 in credit. Yesterday I find that the account is £173 overdrawn!!! I'm told that the T's & C's with this 'type' of account has been changed which is why I'm being charged? Also it would have affected my credit record. Unbelievable!!!!! do not bank with these people who direct you to their phone support who then direct you to a have guessed it..the branch refers you to the help line? VERY CROSS THEY HAVE STOLEN MY MONEY AND ARE VANDALISING MY CREDIT RECORD
  • Cathy
    I switched my bank account from yorkshire bank to santander and was told it was "Hassle Free" I kept a tab on things and to my dismay I started getting letters from creditors saying direct depot cancelled I went into the local branch and they had to ring up as (they don't deal with things like that locally I was assured that the problems would be sorted and that some companies would not change without my permission (which I was not told) I then started contacting many of the companies to be told that santander had given them a account number this was going on for weeks so I put money in both accounts to make sure all my bills where paid. I went on holiday worried sick but hopeing that they would sort it.When I got back I had numberous letters from the same companies that I had contacted saying that the account was closed I also had a letter from Santander saying they had closed the account (I had nearly £2000 pounds in) It turns out that Santander had made a mistake and opened 2 accounts and give 1 account to some of my creditors and the other account to the others then realised the mistake they had made and cancelled the 1st account.The problem also I have is that my wages has been rejected by that account that has been closed and they don't know where they are at the moment!! it is over a week since i should have had my wages complaints have never rang me back!! the local branch are in tears as they can see how upset I am my credit rating has suffered the 1st time in 30 years and my mortage is now 2 month's in arrears but I can't pay over the phone as I dont have a card because they sent a card for the account they closed and this was declied when I tried to pay the mortgage over the phone. I am disgusted and distraught I can't sleep and I am taking this further! DO NOT TRANSFER TO THIS BANK. I feel like ringing the police as they have my money somewhere!!.
  • Wayne
    My story basically mimics a lot which are already posted here, complete nightmare opening the account (took several visits). Their switching team are complete morons and rude with it. Bank and Credit cards were sent out to wrong addresses, have no idea where my paper statements ended up, 3 months after receiving my credit card (and of using it) started receiving letters and then harassing phone calls claiming I! hadn't signed the paper work and i would have to go in to the branch again and redo the paperwork again! (that would have been the 3rd time) Even closing the account was a farce, gave them 3 days notice and told them i would require cash, on turning up was told they did not have the cash available and i would have to have a cheque. I tend to work all the hours I can get (which is normally a lot) for 6 months of my life the very occasional day off i did get would be partially wasted dealing with these idiots.
  • annonymous
    I work for their switcher teams. its a joke, dont switch to them its not worth the stress or hassle.
  • kirsty
    I received a phone call from Santander telling me there had been a fradulant transaction on my account last Sunday(29th May)someone had rang up(I am not registered with telephone banking)pretended to be me,transferred £820 to another account,which Santander approved,this person then rang back a hour later to up my overdraft to £1700 from £500,which Santander approved they then rang back again and tried to withdraw the £1700,Santander declined this!!!This is a joint account with my hubby but they said it was my card details that had been compromised his would be ok but I would need a new card etc.The fraud dept rang back and said I need a whole new account as the whole account had been compromised.MAKE YOUR MIND UP!!!!Santander will deal with swapping all my direct debits etc,I received a lovely Email from sky yesterday thanking me for giving them details of my new account.WTF!!Sky have details of my new account but I don't,Santander have not been in touch since last Tue,I have received a new bank card with my old account number,2 new Pin numbers,1 new pin number for my hubby but no new account details,so I still have to go into branch to get cash out. Once this is sorted I will be changing to a different bank as this service is absolute rubbish. DONT BANK WITH SANTANDER
  • Gareth
    They are abysmal and border line criminal, after myself and my wife being assures over a 3 month period by their UK Folkestone Branch mortgage advisor that we could increase the amount on our Mortgage to purchase our dream house and keep the same deal, being a fixed tracker, tracking at 1% above base rate. The Mortgage advisor called us 36 hours before the deposit was due to be paid on the house we were purchasing, all this after being Credit Scored and details sent to their Underwriter and she told us that they had made a MISTAKE, admitting it was THEIR ERROR and informed us that the extra we were borrowing could only now be offered on a new product with a two year tracker rate of 3.09% above the base rate, they admitted upto Regional Manager level it was their error BUT will do nothing to resolve it ! Meaning that it real terms our monthly payments would have to increase by OVER £200 as a starting point, they wouldnt budge despite saying it was their error and will not help us out, only claiming that nothing was signed. Well they assured us it was the terms of our Mortgage several times before then dropping this Bombshell. The result is we have now lost our Dream House and sale on our current property and have left us with nothing more than a shrug of their corporate shoulders and a well S**T happens attitude. They are nothing more than government protected criminals.
  • R
    When I switched ISA from another bank, Santander lost my fund in transfer. After numerous phone calls at my expense, many accumulated minutes being put on hold and endless meaningless security questions by each person on the phone, they finally found out my money was in someone else’s account. Got the money back but lost the interest for the period when the money was missing. I wrote to complain but had no reply back from Santander at all. I went into a branch to complain but was told to call the call centre. Santander is an absolute scum. Don’t bank with them.
  • Mark
    What a bunch of complete and utter bankers! I applied for a loan online: They lost the paperwork, blamed the mail (apparently their forms are all mailed from Poland), contradicted themselves, advised me to go into a branch to sort it out, the branch told me that they couldn't help as it had to be done online, had me on hold ad nauseam, put my calls through to the wrong place etc etc. Their automated system at their complaints unit actually says "if you want to complain about your current account, press 1; if you want to complain about...etc". The killer is that when I pressed my number, it put me back to their call centre, (not the complaint department) , where they asked me for my details yet again and put me on hold again - at my expense - again. Eventually, I got put through to Santander's 'Stage II Complaints Department' (apparently my initial complaints were not worthy of being dealt with by someone who gave a ****). It transpired that the Stage II people aren't that great though because when I asked what they were going to do to sort my problems out over and above what had already failed (several times), the specimen I was dealing with sounded pained and asked whether I was "expecting special treatment". Eventually I gave up and have placed my business elsewhere at a (very slightly) less attractive APR but it's well worth it - I'm not dealing with this absolute shower.
  • Anna
    I started to run into real problems with Santander in March this year. I agreed to use a large part of my authorised overdraft. Shortly after, they cancelled the overdraft to a limit which made me exceed it through interest and started to charge me extra for the now unauthorised use of the overdraft. At the same time they blocked my internet access and wouldn't let me pay money into the account because they could not reveal to me the account number and sort code 'for security reasons' while I was abroad. They made me believe that going to the branch would resolve all my problems, but the people at the bank proved to be completely powerless. Five days before I paid off the debt they informed me that they cut my credit card limit by 90% even though the card never had any delays in payments or any other issues through its 3 year history. I think this bank would be much happier without having to deal with customers altogether. I'll help the process so that they never have to deal with me again.
  • Andrew
    disgraceful bank, joined about 2 year ago when i turned 16 to pay my ema into few months ago paypal took £1 out of my account which i didnt even authorise and this put me on -£0.34 i didnt check for a few days as i didnt think any money was going to get taking out and when i went back on it was on -4.44 i transfered money from my sisters account within 10 minutes as it was my first time overdrawn and i nipped it, few weeks later i check it then says my credit is -20.00 for going overdrawn wasnt to fussed but i rang them up paid £10 and said i will pay the rest within a few weeks as i wasnt getting paid ema so had no income they said it was fine few days ago i checked at my balance was -£54.94 all over 34p. so SANTANDER CAN SUCK MY BALLS!!!
  • David
    My wife and I have been with Abbey/Santander for many years and have been amazed at the continual problems. Missed transactions, completely incompetent customer service on the phone (you would do well to even understand Santander at times), and rip-off charges for going overdrawn by tiny amounts. A recent example of this is that we had 2 transactions halted as money had not cleared in our Santander account - fair enough. However we were charged 2 X £25 for each transaction from Santander when the transactions didn't even amount to £50 collectively!! To add insult to injury we have received another £60 charge for going into an unarranged overdraft (we do not have an overdraft) because of the two charges for failed transactions. A total of £110 worth of charges in one month. I can see why they can afford to market so heavily and open new branches. Needless to say we have had to wait for these rip-off payments to go out before we can finally close our Santander account. In my opinion Santander are by far the worst bank I have ever dealt. I would advise anyone to steer well clear, particularly those who actually use their account and rely on good service. You will not get it from Santander. The Halifax offers a much better service. P.S. Santander phoned me the other day desperate for me to transfer my mortgage to them as we have a decent amount of equity. It was a pleasure telling them to get stuffed!
  • david
    My mother is in a nursing home, Santander blocked her payment to the home as unusual activity on the account, and locked her account, she now has no access to her funds, I have power of attorney and was told to visit a branch in Chippenham to sort it out, they refused to deal with me despite having documentation, all they could parrot was 'fraud says no' despite her years and confusion my Mother rang, spoke to a very rude and aggressive person in Belfast who accused her of being someone else (come on who are you really? several times) she put the phone down in tears. She is now stuck in a perpetual loop with no way of paying her nursing home fees and other bills, this amount of distress caused to a old lady is unforgiveable. 250K is going back to Barclays pronto. Do not go near this company under any circumstances.
  • Col
    They are not only incompetent but liars For a reason they cannot explain except a vague "you did not answer security questions2 Uuuuuh! Never. Stopped my account, stopped internet access bounced cheques including payment H.M. Customes an d Excise, credit cards, a supplier of materials, utilities without telling me they were doing it I have been embarassed incurred financial penalties because of thgis "We do not tell people when we have stopped their accounts" Why " It might perpetuate the fraud"!!!! The only fraud is them I had some 20 x the amounts I wrote cheques for and asked for letters confirming this. Still not forthcoming They have also charged me for a overdraft facility I have not used. The Manger states is is incorrect but cannot tell me why, nor has she reversed the charge which she promised to do. And STILL people open new accounts with them. Am writing to Sunday times, Sunday Mail Ombudsman and everyone else I can think of, oh and Trading Standards to as they do not do what their literature says, probably can do Advertising Standars too! Sadly, they don;t care!!!
  • suzi
    I have just had the worst experience with santander ever!!! Today I tried to use my card in a wallis store to be told that my card was declined. Rather embarassed I contacted customer services. I spoke to a customer services representative very difficult to understand the gentleman took forever to get my details across ended up having to spell everything phonetically, He asked to pop me on hold while he checked my account details....20 minutes later he advises me that my account is non existant I can not be a customer as there is no details for me! After another 15 minutes trying to understand the representative he finally passed me onto a manager, on hold for another 10 minutes. The customer service "manager" told me that there was nothing he could do for me he did not have any authorisation to look at my account and abruptly said that if I wanted any answers to my questions to call back tomorrow. I asked if there was a problem with my account, who it was I needed to contact tomorrow to which he replied he was "not sure". So does that mean I have to contact customer services tomorrow and go through the same drama again in the hopes that the next manager knows who I have to speak to? I am totally disgusted with the treatment that Santander gives its customers. I only wish I had called the customer services department in the store as maybe the foul treatment I was receiving would make any new Santander customers think twice before getting involved with a company that is so rigid and indifferent towards its customers.
  • David
    I asked a friend to make a payment to into my account, it normally taks about 30 seconds for funds to arrive in her account from mine when I make payments online, but lo and behold, it'll take santander four working days to make a payment from her account to mine! the money has been removed from her account the moment she hit the submit button and the incompetent staff at santander will do nothing about it! they make a profit off every penny for four days and deprive you access to your money! The staff in the branches are keen to sell you their services but not to deliver!
  • Elaine
    Where do I start! I earn a higher than average salary (mid thirities) and applied for a mortgage. So far so good. Apparently I was earning more than necessary for a £99,000 mortgage and had the mortgage go to the underwriters. I also sent a letter and proof from my employer that I had just recieved a pay rise plus my tax credits award letter. After 3 weeks of repeatedly asking me to re fax and re send documents (I faxed the same documents 4 times and posted these 3 times) I then scanned the documents and sent them in. I was then told 2 weeks later that I wasnt earning enough and they could only give me a mortgage of £93,000. I complained about this but was willing to accept this and then today (another week later), Santander tell me that the maximum mortgage they can offer me is £72,000! I have no credit cards, I have no monthly commitments and I have savings. Santander has held up a mortgage for nearly 2 months in coming to this ridiculous decision and now I have to start all over again somewhere else. Santander has never rang me, I have had to repeatedly ring them to check that everything was going through as expected. I am sick of complaining and no-one ever ringing me back. I have never known such abismall customer service. STAY AWAY from Santander
  • Alison
    I am absolutely disgusted with santander.I was very happy with alliance and leicester and never had any problems with them.However I put in a cheque at santander 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt cleared.Just rang them and they have now lost the cheque!!they are looking into it apparently.the cheque amounts to a lot of money so im very worried and concerned at the moment.I will definitely be leaving santander after this.
  • Andy H.
    My card was eaten by a cash machine which decided to re-boot itself during my transaction. I called Santander to report my card lost and order a new card. I have had the same account number for about 30 years although it has passed from National Giro to Alliance & Leics and more recently to Santander so they should know me! What I thought was a simple phone call turned into my worst nightmare. I cant remember the last time I had to phone the bank, it is probably 10 years ago; the first thing they asked for was a log in and pin number; how am i supposed to know what these are when I am away from home and a computer? Then after being put through to an adviser I am asked continual security questions until I get one wrong when they tell me I have failed security and have to ring back and try again. I spoke to 3 advisers and 2 managers; all of them were the most unhelpful, unsympathetic automatons I have ever spoken to; none of them had any idea about looking after customers. After the 3rd attempt and about 30 minutes on the phone I completely lost it; I only want to order a new card for them to send to my name at my home address which they have known for years!!! Why is that so difficult? Now they have very kindly locked me out and the only way I can progress this is to go home, get 2 separate forms of identity with photos and go into my local branch; I have never been in a bank for years, I don’t even know where the local branch is! I would warn anyone against opening an account with this lot; I am moving banks as soon as I can!
  • Lyn B.
    I banked 27,000 last year after allience and leicester (santander) promised me 4.0% on my savings. A year passed and I got nothing, 1 year and 3 months passed and they gave me £20 interest. I explained to the assisstant that, that amount is less than 0.1% of my savings. She relied 'well interest rates are low'? WHAT?? I was promised 4.0%, the only reason I went with the bank. As soon/or if this is resolved I will be leaving the bank. Another thing, the assisstant asked me to give her 2/3 days to sort it out? And I did not get my £100 promised for switching banks.
  • Dan
    Guys, I have had a lot of experience with Santander and unfortunately, a lot of the problems that you seem to have had could have been resolved if you had made the correct enquiries. Firstly, if you go overdrawn by under £10 in your statement period - they will refund any and all fees incurred - that is policy. Secondly, if you go in to anywhere effing and jeffing about how piss~d off you are - you will just get their backs up and they won't want to try and help you. In regards to identity issues - you complain that they ask for all these different forms of id, but on the flip side, if they didnt ask for Id, then anyone could get your money? Andy H - im sorry, but with a brand like Santander - I simply do not choose to believe that you don't know where your local branch is! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!! With ragards to faster payments issues - they will be part of that scheme no later than Jan 2012 when it will become compulsory. Oh and if I read one more complain from someone who says "i didnt get my £100" - its because you didnt meet the criteria!! Simple as. All the calculations are carried out by a computer that is a million times more accurate than myself or anyone! They have problems, all banks do, but your ranting is pointless and doesnt really benefit anyone. 99% of complaints could be avoided if people were as narrowmindedly ignorant as everyone above. Here is my final comment: EVERY COMPANY HAS POLICIES, AND WHILST STAFF CAN BE RUDE AND SOMETIMES A LITTLE "FOBBY OFFY" THEY ARE ULTIMATELY FOLLOWING THE RULES.
  • Mitzi
    Interesting comment Dan....However Santander customer service do not "ultimately follow the rules". My Sister had a account with Santander and struggled to meet repayments due to unfortunate personal reasons. Santander passed on the account to a debt collectors which my sister dutifully contacted and arranged a payment plan, to which all debts were paid in full and final settlement. However, since the debt had been passed on Santander did not, they have constantly sent letters and calls requesting payments ???!!! Adding interest and charges !!! Six months worth !!! When queried with their ' EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE' , she was told to ignore their letters and carry on with her arrangement to the debt collectors. Today she was told by those " rude and fobby offy" customer advisors she still owed £115.00, Even though she settled the debt two months ago and has written proof. Yes they do have banks everywhere I agree, but it seems when you ring them you'd need a passport to visit because they dont seem to understand the english language or law. And although my sibling was incredibly polite to Santander, I can fully understand frustrated and angry customers "effin and Jeffin" down the phone ,because it takes a person to lose " their rag" when santander customer services refuse to assist you in any way and demand payment instead or say they will "look into it" and you never get the complaint resolved !!! By the way Dan ...How long have you worked for them ??? You'd be perfect in handling my sisters complaint !!! Or could you let me know Steve Williams email and I could contact him direct !!!
  • Anna A.
    I too am SICK of Santander and will change banks as soon as I get back to the UK. I live in the Caribbean half the year, and was an A&L customer for years without complaint. Today [from the Caribbean] I needed to transfer funds urgently, so I rang Santander and in an expensive call [with A&L the call was free] lasting 20 minutes, gave them every possible ID, only to be told that I wasn't in their system. I then gave them my debit card number, only to be told that it was an invalid card number! I responded by asking how this was possible when I'd just used it to buy my ticket back to the UK! Again I was told I wasn't in their system! In that case, I said, why is my account on the screen in front of me as we speak? I repeated my account number and could feel my blood pressure rising. I have to say the guy I spoke to in the UK was polite and patient: obviously it wasn't his fault that my bank account doesn't exist! I was told my account doesn't exist, and that smeone would look into it and get back to me. They did so less than an hour later, explaining that the problem was caused by a blip in the system. However this isn't my only complaint with this tiresome bank. While in the UK my debit card was stopped 3 times in 2 months, and I had a lot of trouble getting it unblocked. Each time the card was blocked I explained that for half the year there won't be much activity on my UK account because I'm using my Caribbean bank account, but that when I'm in the UK there will be a lot of activity, and to be sure to put this on record so that my card isn't blocked the moment I try to use it in the UK. The alleged reason for the block was due to the card's intermittent use. These blocks, or should I say blips, are embarrassing and make one look like a criminal for trying to use one's own money. Well, Blip-Santander, you are losing yet another customer.
  • dennis s.
    I too am stuck with santander as i rang them to check my balance over the phone whilst i was on the phone going thru security the phone cut off off.rang them again only to be to told that my account has a block on it as i failed security and will have to go in branch with I.D so I have gone down and they say there is no block on my account so i ring to check my balance over the phone again and guess what they said to go into branch again.i seriously need advice does any know if i can close my account down by post if it has a block on it.
  • Mark
    Santander are useless! I've had fraudulent activity on my account twice in the last 6 months. The first time they didn't send me a new card. They reset my internet banking which I was then locked out of. They sent me a new pin for my internet account which didn't work and locked me out again! I rang up to be told that for some reason that pin had been blocked and they are sending me another one, so at the moment I have no bank card as waiting for new one after someone paid £280 to a taxi company on my card, and I have no way of checking my account online as I'm locked out my internet banking! I was also told when I went into the branch that they could sort me out with a more secure account if I go in and see their advisor, all accounts are secure as each other, they just wanted to try and sell me an account with a monthly fee! I also received a dodgy email 2 days after i was locked out of my internet banking stating that had happened and asking for my details, something that santander say is just a coincidence, but I'm really starting to question their security measures! They also messed up a mortgage application and took 6 weeks to tell us that we couldn't have a 10% mortgage anymore and that they needed another 5%, something they knew we didn't have, causing us to almost lose the house we were buying! DO NOT USE SANTANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anagram of RED 'N' SATAN
  • Sue
    In a striving to create a new standard of hoplessness they have just sent us new debit cards. Mine was stuck to a letter bearing my husband's name, his card was stuck to my letter. Fortunately we both live at the same address and have a joint account; otherwise I dread to think how much trouble this could have caused.
  • Dave
    Santander is the worst bank ever. I got locked out of my online account, through no fault of mine, and had to phone them to unlock it. I spent over 50 minutes on the phone being patronised by an astonishingly inflexible 'customer service' person while he subjected me to their ludicrous security system while reminding me that it "was for my benefit". I repeatedly explained I only wanted to check if interest had been added to my Two Year Investment Bond but he insisted on completing his security questions. Having finally satisfied all their secuity requirements I logged on to my account only to discover that the Bond was not listed. Luckily I had kept Mr Unhelpful on the line and when I told him what had happened he calmly informed me that information on Bonds could only be obtained by visiting a local branch! Needless to say I will be closing all my accounts with Santander as soon as possible and will never use them again. I would rather keep my money under the mattress!!
  • Katherine N.
    I am now taking Santander to the FOS, they are useless bafoons who think it is ok to charge customers every which way they can and even when the error is clearly theirs they fail to act by their own rules. They are a Do as I say and not as I do bank. I will be leaving, I will also telling as many people as possible to stay away from this rotten apple called Santander.
  • Gareth
    I went overdrawn on my account in August by 3p - that's right, three measly pence (which I was led to believe was not possible on a debit card - debit cards are supposed to automatically decline if you don't have the funds in your account), and as a result, in subsequent months I have gone overdrawn on my account due to the £25-£30 unauthorised overdraft fees - once getting two in the same day (and a further charge of £20, which put me nearly -£80 on my account)! I thought I had it sorted out after contacting their customer services - who incidentally were more competent than the in-branch staff - and they refunded me the charges and told me I would receive no more ... until today, when they stung me again for £20 (I'm not overdrawn). As soon as I can, I'm waving goodbye to the poor standard of service that Santander has offered. I suggest to others that they do the same.
  • Sue
    Gareth, I was under that impression too; until just under a year ago! I bought a few Christmas presents from Amazon and they kept blocking the card, on purchases for under a tenner sometimes. Then for a while I couldn't get access to our account as the phone system was down (I've always used telephone banking), have never trusted them enough to try internet banking and the statements were going down a black hole; but I assumed all was well as my debit card kept being accepted. Then when a statement finally arrived, about 3 weeks late, we found that the card had kept working after we passed our overdraft limit. We ended up paying £150 in charges; £25 a time on purchases mostly less than £25. Well, it was a nice little earner for them wasn't it, so why would they block the card? Of course it was my fault for not making a trip into town to the branch to get a balance!
  • David
    Thanks, Dan Didn't know Santander employees would use this site!
  • David
    Just been begrudgingly promised the £100 I should have been given by changing current accounts in early April! It is now mid-December! It took four visits to local branch, then producing the original agreement forms (would have thought they might have had some record of swapping documents!) Obviously Santander are trying not to live up to their commitments in order to save money. Hope Lewis Hamilton is being generously rewarded for pushing their dodgy promises! Spanish practices indeed!
  • David
    Hi Dan again! Yes, just following orders, eh? No excuse for rude staff!
  • Mary W.
    What a rubbish switching service. Lured by the offer of £200 I decided to switch accounts but not close my NatWest account because despite a flawless sales pitch in the Santander branch I knew that the service was unlikely to match up. How right I was. Firstly a letter sent stating that under banking law, companies must respond to requests to switch direct debits, lies, damn lies. Next was the loss of my mobile phone service when the DD failed. Vodaphone only accept requests direct from their customer and I am pretty sure Santander switching team know this. Next my Santander loan is paid out of my NatWest account, the Santander switching team tell me they having 'technical' problems with other internal departments and so cant always make successful switches of DDs, so instead keep their options open and dip into my NatWest account! When I contacted NatWest to find out what their position was, I was told simply that Santander had not written to them with a form including my signature stating I wanted to switch however this did not stop Santander from cancelling DDs. As far as I can see this practice needs to be outlawed as I could see it costing some people a heck of a lot of money with failed DDs. The £200 wont cover the inconvenience which in actual fact might work in favour of Santander since I wont be able to switch all my DDs and so will fail to meet the criterial to get the incentive. However, the person I am annoyed with is myself for believing the absolute lies these institutions are allowed to spin. Disgusing practice and appalling service.
  • Liz
    This morning I tried to move money from one Santander savings account to a current account. It failed so I phoned the technical helpline who confirmed there was a problem with transfers but I could do this by phone bank. As I was at work I didn't have any details of my accounts with me except my bank cards so I failed security on one of the accounts as I didn't know of direct debits on it. I phoned back on one of the other accounts, successfully got in (after the system failed to recognise my date of birth three times) and the woman transferred the money for me. She then asked if I wanted a phone bank pin number so I could avoid security in future. I said I already had a five digit online pin and didn't want that changed. She said that it wouldn't, this was just for the phone bank. I agreed to it on that basis but when I got home and tried to access my accounts I found that I was locked out of them, because this stupid woman had cancelled the online banking pin. I phoned the bank yet again and apparently I have to wait to get the 'new' pin. Then I can change it back to the old number I want for the online banking. I am absolutely furious because I made it clear to her that I didn't want my online pin affected in any way. As a result, I can't check my transactions at all over the bank holiday so I am likely to go overdrawn (which I never have been in 40 years of banking). Of course, there is no fax number, I have had to email and write to complain. Santander customer service must be about the worst in the UK, I have NEVER come across such appalling incompetence and failure to carry out the customer's wishes. The phone bank service is a disaster. However, this is not the first time I've had them lock me out of the account, it seems to be a regular feature of their incompetence.
  • Victor B.
    wow, awesome article.Much thanks again. Cool.
  • pownall j.
    hi i took out a santander account went overdrawn & to rectify this paid in a cheque for 1000 pounds, but they took 2 weeks to clear it & charged me for a unorthorised overdrafts before it cleared again bin santander 8 feb 2012
  • Tonya R.
    Santander employees are a special breed of stupid! I made a payment using my credit card to a company I have used countless times before but for some reason, this time the fraud department thought it was "suspicious". After about 4 phonecalls to some pretty impressively stupid people I was told I would have to go into the branch with ID to get the block removed from my card. To add further insult, the advisor phoned the very same number for card services that I had been dealing with all morning. The block was removed and I was told I could use my card in 5 minutes. Unfortunatly an hour later my card was still declined. Wait for it because here is the real gem.....the card services department told me I would have to go back into the branch with my ID because the person should never have removed the block because he wasnt with the fraud department. So two trips to the branch (in the day and age when all other companies are trying to shift people to exclusively use online or telephone systems) to get a block removed that Santander mistakenly put on my card???? I had to double check the date because I thought it was April Fools. What a useless bunch of idiots!
  • Raj
    Santander Used blackmail in order to fix my mortgage product by saying they will give additional loan only if convert whole mortgage to locked fixed rate, then withdrew the additional loan . Claimants case was struck out in court lasting 4 years , and damages awarded to me . Again they employ Huge law firm to re instate claim based on lies. The psychology of Spanish bank management is quite clear , evade and defraud the u.k people with their rogue ways, as no one here to punish them , a every one can be bought with big money . Post your comments or similar case experience would love to know more.
  • Jess
    I had the best feeling of relief yesterday when I managed to close my Santander account!! I had only been with them for about 5months and they got £300 worth of charges out of me - should have been about £500 but I closed my account just in time! I never had any warning or notification that any charges were going to be taken, so if there wasn't enough money in my account to cover the charges they would take it anyway - and then charge me for it! This is a never ending cycle which gets more and more expensive each month - with no warning! They are not a bank, just a bunch of dodgy scammers - even their own staff would agree! AVOID SANTANDER!!!! I stick by Lloyds tsb 100%
  • Richie
    i took a loan out with A&L back in 2007 to the total sum of 28k (with all the added crap) i was told that if i paid the loan off over the 60 months and did not end early i would receive a cash reward from them to the value of £1500. This was a nice lure so i have stuck to the regime and have gone full term with the loan.... we received paperwork finalising the loan from Santander i noticed there was no mention of the cash reward so rang them only to be told "Never heard of that before sorry we dont do that and we have no information on your file about this arrangement"... totally stuck now what a kick to the stomach.. i have no idea how i will prove that that i am owed money from them.
  • martyn
    I'm going on holidays. I took out a Santander card to use on holidays. I went into town to tell Barclays and Santander I would be abroad. Barclays-no problem. Santander- can't be done on branch. Went home and tried to inform Santander through internet banking-can't be done. Checked Barclays- easy as winking. Phoned Santander. Was asked what my last purchase was by card. Wasn't sure, got it wrong. Told couldn't use card abroad. Is there another security question you could ask me? No. Phoned Complaints. "Those are our procedures". "I know, it's the inflexibility of those procedures I'm complaining about. " "Those are our procedures"-repeat ad nauseam. How does this useless and inflexible bank fool customers into banking with them when there are plenty of competent banks around?
  • Andrew m.
    Trying to pay off credit card balance and bank loan clydesdale bank and santanders system of direct transfer are incompatable
  • Phyllis H.
    At the age of 80 I married for a second time in 2002, and my husband died intestate at the age of 92 in December 2010. I applied for and was issued with Letters of Administration by the Probate Office. On seeking information from Santander about his bank accounts (my husband kept details of his financial affairs to himself) I was informed that in July 2009 two accounts had been converted from his sole name to joint names with his daughter by his first marriage, and that it was Santander’s policy to transfer a deceased person’s share of a joint account to the sole entitlement of the surviving named joint holder on presentation of a death certificate, which apparently my step daughter did. I have sought copies of the bank mandates presumably completed when the accounts were converted to joint accounts, but this has been denied to me – even though I have sought the assistance of the Financial Ombudsman’s Service, who have supported Santander’s right to adopt its policy. At no time was any money deposited in the joint accounts by my step daughter. I find it difficult to believe that Santander can deny the right of the Probate holder to obtain access to what at least was 50% of the 2 Joint Accounts, thus enabling the legal representative to distribute the estate according to the law relating to intestacy. If Santander are legally entitled to do what they have done – i.e. allow a death certificate to have more importance than the probate certificate, then customers with joint accounts should be warned of the consequences should they encounter circumstances similar to mine.
  • Pete
    My god what a nightmare. I basically cant buy anything online. Every time I do my account is suspended for "fraud" reasons. By every time I mean every time. The customer service team dont care. I have been told that there is nothing that they can do about it. Calls that you make to customer services aren't logged. If you are transferred to another department you have to go through all the security checks again. I had my card cloned on new years eve. It took them 4 weeks to fix. I was promised that all my DD's would be honored. Nope! Not only did every single one bounce but they refused to pay the charges that I received. On top of that they tried to apply a £250 charge to my account in bounced DD's. I actually had to argue with someone for an hour to get the charges removed. When they eventually told me that they would reverse the charges I was informed that it would be the last time that they would do it.. ever! For the rest of the time I have the account they will refuse to reverse any charges! They absolutely suck! at everything! Nothing is simple. Nothing! I've gone else where now. When I cancelled my back account they had no interest. Rubbish bank, terrible service, steer clear!
  • Debbie
    Santander what a joke they are! The way they treated me is disgusting. They simply don't care. A former friend of mines and a Satander employee Kelly Taylor who now works in the Falkirk branch asked me to take out car finance for her as she told me she had a bad credit rating, couldn't get credit and was only allowed so much credit per year as she works in a bank. As she works in a bank i thought that it would be ok for me to do this. I did this in good faith and she said she would set up a standing order for the money to be paid into my account for the car. This did not happen i ended up paying for the car. She wouldn't return my calls or texts. Then when it suited her she got in contact with me only because she wanted to trade the car as she allegedly couldn't afford the payments even though it was me getting the letters from the finance company regarding missed payments. I only agreed to sign v5 document as the car finance in my name would be cleared and she promised me she would pay me back. Yeah right! It ended up in the small claims court with the sheriff granting a decree ( county court judgement) against her. Its now at wages arrestment stage which happened 2 weeks ago and im still waiting to hear from Satander! I forgot to mention in all this that i am a Satander customer but not for much longer. Santander are taking nothing to do with it saying it's a civil matter. In some respects thats true however i told them it's dishonesty and that if she can do it to me she will have no qualms whatsoever doing it to a big company like Santander. How can she advice people about money when she can't manage her own finances? She is not trustworthy! Santander didn't seem to care that i was going to name and shame her!
  • catherine
    I have had a lot of hassle and bad service from Santander recently. I have been with them since they were Abbey National 19 years ago. Last week I withdrew £300 from their own atm after banking hours. It deducted it from my account immediately but gave me no money!! After a call to customer services and transfer to fraud dept I was promised the money would be credited to my account within 2 days while they investigated the atm log. Needless to say, almost a week and numerous long expensive phone calls later I still have not had my money returned. This morning I was promised it would be in by close of business today, which it wasnt. Now I have been given yet another reference number and phone number and told to call tomorrow morning if money still not credited! I will be closing my accounts with them after this, the service is an absolute disgrace.
  • Steve
    Just closed my account, cancelled credit cards and closed two childrens saving accounts after realising that my very small arranged overdraft was costing me £1 per day regardless of overdraft amount. I ended up paying £47 in two months before I spotted it and then they could (they said) close the account due to the pending fees. But of course whilst waiting for those pending fees to appear I was - you guessed it - paying £1 per day.... and even today when I went in it was going to be very difficult to calculate because I had pending fees......But of course it isnt interest. Its a fee. But if it were interest it would have been a whopping 165% APR. Oh and even on the worst money market rates the 2 months overdraft would have cost the £12.
  • Just M.
    It's appropriate time to make some plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. I have read this put up and if I may I wish to recommend you some interesting things or advice. Maybe you can write next articles relating to this article. I want to read more things approximately it!
  • Keith
    The only reason I didn't close my account was because of the money I was making from the compensation payments!
  • gikrobson
    I shut my ISA. Closed my account. Stopped Insurance. Changed my mortgage. Goodbye and Good riddance. Incompetent, uncaring, gob-sh*tes
  • Shaw P.
    Santander - worst bank ever. Worst service I have closed most of my accounts. I have never dealt with such an incompetent staff who are making blunders and the amount of time I have spent putting things right.
  • Sue S.
    Accounts closed! Yippeeeeee!
  • maz786
  • Junee
    O' where to begin.........countless times I have been let down really badly. Nearly lost a house purchase because they would not let me access my money. I was on the telephone for 7 hours during one day to try and sort that out. Apparently, because I was in France, the telephone pin would not work and therefore they wanted me to 'pop' into a UK branch. My partner was also on the telephone to them at the same time so we had two telephones going. I have also experienced my account being blocked by the fraud department - maybe that is a good thing but only if put right straight away and Santander do nothing straight away except hassle. This time, I am in a nerve wracking situation whereby I cannot prove with paper trail that I have paid monies to the currency exchange company for buying a house as the French only receipted my partner having received shared monies in his name from the exchange company. So, I have called Santander with a request to look at their archives. This will cost me £10 per statemant, may take 14 days to look and even then, may not be possible to obtain. The team leader for customer services would rather argue with me than take the reference number and check it out. He does not have the ability to call the archive team and has no way of contacting his head office. If he had a problem, he would call HR at Milton Keynes but customers are not allowed any recourse to this option. They do not care about their customers in the slightest. Only reason I have not changed is because I am worried about changing my transfers in and out especially as they messed that up so badly when I started with them. Am also so utterly exhausted and tearful after speaking to them that I have not had the energy. I shall change now as the nightmare has to end. They boast that they have been voted world bank of the year for 2012 - How? Who voted them in for that and why? Advice is find the energy to change.
  • carol w.
    Hi I have been with Santander for quite a while. I went in to my local bank a couple of months ago and cancelled a direct debit. The following month the direct debit was paid. I then noticed a month later they were still trying to pay this direct debit. I discovered this had been paid when I had a letter from my landlord telling me my rent had not been paid, I put in a complaint, online and said this had to be put right immediately. I borrowed my friends mobile to set up my complaint as my phone wasn't working at the time. When I received my phone I rang up and cancelled my friends number and gave them a new contact number. My friend received a call saying they were looking in to her account. I rang them to tell them not to use my friends number but to use the new one. Four times in that day my friend received calls and each time I had to ring them back. The same day the same thing happened. And the next day And the next day And the next day And the next day And the next day To say the least, my friend was feeling rather hacked off and so was I. Eventually I rang and said any more calls and I would be putting in a complaint to the police for harassment. Calls stopped Santander has not offered and apology or any kind of compensation like they promised on the phone when I spoke to them on numerous occasions. Come on Santander get your act together
  • linda h.
    I became overdrawn on my account which was due to an unexpected under payment in my salary going into my account. My direct debits came out 2 days later and due to my insufficient wage going in I became overdrawn. Later in the month I was charged for three of the direct debits which had gone out at £25 each, totalling £75. I contacted Santander explaining that I had been paid with basic rate tax and it wasn't my fault that my wage hadn't covered the direct debits which had been paid. Santander would not waver these charges. I have banked with them for a number of years and am considering changing my bank. I think I had a valid reason for asking for them to reimburse the charges. I think they are totally un caring for individual cases and would not recommend them at all!!!!
  • michael d.
    On May 4 i deposited a bankers draft (Crewe branch) 3 months still waiting 4 e mails 1nasty letter 6 phone calls still waiting must be idiots running the bank I would advise anybody not to join santander
  • cash l.
    These are in fact wonderful ideas in on the topic of blogging. You have touched some pleasant points here. Any way keep up wrinting.
  • Andy W.
    Apologies for the troll posting, but my recent experience needs recording somewhere. Two months ago I was scammed by a website, only apparent when I noticed large numbers of transactions against my debit card from a number of different sources. Santander's security department were sympathetic, efficient and reassuring, placing blocks on these unauthorised sources. Everything was fine until last week, when I realised that I had no money to draw on. I checked with Santander, and was told that multiple withdrawals had been made (you've guessed it) by the same sources as a few weeks ago. I was told not to worry, as the money hadn't been transferred but was held in a 'pending' account whilst security dealt with it. I was also told the money would 'bounce' back into my account within 24 hours. Well, I still only have £1.43 in my account, after five days. No food, no petrol in the car, electricity meter is on emergency and the coal has run out. I live in a remote rural area, am disabled, and have a heart condition. Bring back Alliance and Leicester, for heaven's sake.
  • judithpgarbutt
    have a Santander credit card, I have had it for quite a seem`d ok to begin with. But over the last couple of years, I have been unable to use it to buy things on the internet, when I do it comes up with I have to ring the provider, to get the service restored. I have been paying the thing off, early, so as not to get into trouble, and be fined. However, it would seem that recently, even though I paid money off early, they sent me a letter telling me the month had been unpaid, and it would affect my credit score, that my card had to be paid off, there and then, and would be suspended......Having rung about the payment I made, they admitted it had been paid, but not at the right time according to the person on the other end of the phone. so now I am left with a blotted credit score, and am totally exasperated by the whole thing....the card is being cut up, and I am going to have nothing more to do with them. I have been diligently paying early every month, and it would seem they are still not satisfied.

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