Commercial Break: Is this the most offensive UK ad ever?

30 May 2012

The bean counters at the Advertising Standards Authority have been totting up their stats for reasons that we’re completely unable to fathom, and have revealed that this is the advert that they’ve received the most complaints about over the years.

It’s for KFC and it features some call centre workers singing their way through a turgid 30 seconds with their mouths filled with the fast food provider’s ‘product’. Admittedly, if you watch it more than twice, you’ll feel yourself compelled to leave your home and strangle the nearest animal. But is it the most offensive ad ever? Tell us what YOU think dear readers… and the top ten can be found here.


  • Her L.
    Yum! brands. Keeping fat blonde women in employment since 2005.
  • Mike H.
    Looks like that fat whore, who ate 'every single one of the pies' that had to be cut out of her house to the taxpayers tune of £100'000 saw this ad before it got banned. And promptly ordered a months supply eating it in 1 minute.
  • Sicknote
    Freshly produced ingredients, prepared by hand by our trained staff - then deep fried in industrially concocted frying agents. 'KFC - Serving dog shit to the nation daily....yummy in your kids tummy'
  • Richard
    It's most complained about, not most offensive.
  • Mike H.
    They must have been offended to complain though 'Dick'? You... dick!
  • Alexis
    The Santander "You wank, you save" ad offends me. And it's nothing to do with the wanking.
  • Dick
    You don't have to be offended to complain. You can complain for all sorts of things if you want the ASA to waste time. It is also a good way to get free advertising. Make an advert and get your followers to complain about it - even if it is not offensive. Once the advert has run its course, then the ASA will look into it and give you more free advertising, whether they judge it to be offensive or not. That is what the ASA are for, after all.
  • Mike H.
    Right then, in that case, I'm going to complain about this advert for not being offensive. How very dare they?! Who says that < anymore?
  • Paul C.
    Sounds like a load of deaf people singing to each other. Can't understand the fuss.

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