Cold callers to get fined for withholding their numbers

cold call fine

Cold callers are one of the most wildly irritating blights of modern life. If you're using a landline, you might not see them coming and, on mobile, they just appear, withholding their numbers and bothering you four or five times a week.

Well, that will all be changing, as thanks to a crackdown from the government, companies who make unsolicited calls are looking at big fines if they keep ringing people up, unless they stop hiding their numbers.

Hopefully, this means we'll all be able to block these pests with greater ease.

These nuisances could be on the receiving end of £2 million fines from Ofcom, as well as being hit with further penalties of £500,000 from the Information Commissioner's Office.

New rules come into play on May 16th, and it fines could still be imposed on companies that are making the calls from overseas.

"Nuisance calls are incredibly intrusive and can cause significant harm to elderly and vulnerable members of society," said Baroness Neville-Rolfe, who is the minister for intellectual property.

"The Government is committed to tackling this problem, which is why we are making it easier for consumers to report companies by forcing them to display their phone numbers."

"We're sending a clear message to rogue direct marketing companies. Nuisance calls are unacceptable and we will not hesitate to take action against the companies behind them."

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  • CliveL

    Once the government have sorted out this, perhaps they could ask the likes of Virgin Media to stop charging extra to actually see the numbers that the cold callers are presenting to their land lines...?

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