Circuit City Lied About Guitar Hero Release

4 November 2008 City is going down the tubes, and for good reason.

CC employees at a Tennessee branch recently lied to a U.S. customer about the availability of popular video game, Guitar Hero: World Tour Complete Band Set, in order to cover up their own pricing mistake; one that would have made the store numbers “look really bad”.

The game was actually released on October 28, but due to a computer error, the product was priced at $10,000 in their systems. 

A manager instructed sales associates to tell the customer that he could not buy the game because it hadn't been released yet- even though they had already sold multiple copies and previously admitted to the pricing error.

It only got better when the misled customer knew it was a lie: he sent a very detailed email to Circuit City, demanding an apology and an explanation. (and obviously had some spare time while waiting for the game to arrive, so shared the story with the world).

On the bright side, the District Manager did call the customer to offered an apology.  He also got the game for free.

[The Consumerist]

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