Captain Morgan ad, banned

Captain Morgan ad, banned

Alcohol - it makes you better looking, more witty, a superior dancer, and of course, gives you the confidence to actually believe the aforementioned things you've told yourself.

Confidence you say? Careful now, as a television advert for Captain Morgan rum has been told off for that precise reason.

Featuring a boat party and a dodgy cover version of disco banger, 'Le Freak', the advert implied that alcohol can make you more confident, which of course, alcohol clearly does.

The commercial shows a man, with Captain Morgan's face superimposed over his, while he has a whale of a time. Rum will do that to you, everyone knows that.

It all ends with the line, "Live like the Captain", and the Advertising Standards Authority ended up getting complaints from Alcohol Concern and a member of the public.

Here's the advert.

The complaints focused on the idea that drinking alcohol could contribute to someone thinking that they're more popular or have more confidence.

Diageo, who own Captain Morgan, said that their advert shows someone having a good time, and in fact, no alcohol was shown in the party scenes at all.

The ASA said that viewers would equate partying with drinking booze, and clearly no-one could hear what was being said out-loud, because obviously, products are sold with the premise that you're cool for buying them, and it is blindingly clear why people drink booze on a night out, rather than jugs of rice pudding.

Gee whizz.

Anyway, the ASA said: "Viewers were therefore likely to understand that the central figure's behaviour resulted from his consumption of Captain Morgan rum."

"We considered that the use of 'captain' as a verb to mean being in charge or in control carried connotations of enhanced confidence, dominance, and ability to lead others."

"In that context we considered that the phrases … would be understood by consumers as invitations to achieve a confident, uninhibited attitude through consuming Captain Morgan rum."

Even though no literal drinking is shown, the ASA said "we considered that the superimposed Captain Morgan face implied that he had already consumed the product and thus linked his confident behaviour to this consumption."

As such, the advert is banned, under 'responsible drinking' rules. Funnily enough, to deal with this nonsense, we're ploughing through six bottles of dark rum in a most irresponsible fashion.

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