BT swamped with complaints about TV service

Bitterwallet - BT - featured Ofcom have been receiving 14 times more complaints about BT Vision than Sky, and seven times the industry average for pay-TV providers, which is nice.

So what are people moaning about? Well, apparently, complaints range from anger at early termination charges to quibbles about a new programming guide launched on BT Vision at the end of last year.

A BT spokesman also blamed disruption caused by the launch of YouView last year. Sky meanwhile, are laughing their arses off.

In a statement BT said: "BT's TV services are growing rapidly. When you have more new customers you do see more problems in early life."

Elsewhere, Orange and Everything Everywhere found themselves generating the most complaints about broadband service with Virgin getting the least.

Claudio Pollack, Ofcom consumer group director, said: "It's important that providers continue to work to improve their performance. We're committed to providing customers with valuable information to help them choose a provider that best suits their needs. Consumer complaints also help us to identify where to target any necessary enforcement action and ensure that providers comply with our rules."


  • Dosser
    "Claudio Pollack"? Really? Like, really really?
  • Buzby
    In fairness, Sky have been at it for twenty years, they should be getting right by now. And BT's just starting. Thank God there's some serious competition in pay TV at last. Good luck to them.
  • danbottomburp
    sky couldn't pay me to have their services again - well they could pay me but i would still use other means of getting far more channels for much less money and a far better broadband service which doesn't slow down after 3 months . motorized satellite is the way to go ...
  • jt
    I just got "upgraded" to BT's new interface for their TV service. It really is crap. Instead of just entering the number of the channel I want to go to I now have to go select TV guide, select the channel, then select it again. All the text is much smaller on screen, to make room for a pointless, tiny preview of the channel. When the service started, my TV had lost all the channels. I went to the help section, expecting help on how to search for the channels, but there were just pointless videos explaining what Freeview is, which I could only get rid of by turning the box off. The old, simple interface was 100 times better than the new crap.
  • BT B.
    People complaining apart early termination charges? You mean charges outlined in a contract you you happily engaged into? Fucktards People complaining to ofcom about an EPG? Again double fucktards
  • digibanger
    hmmm unless you own bt Busby - then SHUT THE FUCK UP Companies lace their contracts with totally unfair stuff as no one reads them. BT used to charge me £4.50 just to PAY MY BILL they called it something like BT PAYMENT SERVCIES LTD Never ever paid it - the fucktards are the ones that do pay pointless items like this and are blissfully unaware of their rights How much profit is too much profit?
  • susan r.
    Dear Sir/Madam, We have been waiting since june 18th for the completion of this infinity installation. When the 3rd interior engineer left us with no phone or tv channels he said we had to phone you for a viewing card. Then 1 person told us we need a BT TV box which we already have,another 2 people said we didn't. Then a guy from India re-installed an update of the box software and channels we required. i was assured it would be activated on 4 seperate occasions and they promised a call back 4 times and nobody has! We still have no BT SPORT and no telephone line. We have had to plug the phone back into old socket as my partner needs communication for his work. They just keep saying the order is still open. I've had 2 days annual leave and feel as though i've wasted my time. Ive made 14 phone calls totalling 5 hours time. I keep going from India to England back to India. Please can you help us as all we want is BT Sport and the phone line into the hub at the port behind the tv on the wall to work properly. as i understand we have infinity and have been told on numerous occasions that we do not need a viewing card as the equipment we have does not need one, I have been charged already on direct debit, this has caused me so much stress already. Yet again today the 4th august 2013 i have been told after an hour on the phone to get a response from a call centre in India that he will faifhfully get this activated by tomorrow monday the 5th august and he will call me to let me know that this has happeened! But as ive been told before on 4 occasions that i would have a call to tell me it is up and running, i shall have to wait and s ee if he is true to his word. I am appauled at the customer services and find the whole matter disgraceful i have no option if this is not sorted to go another service provider. Could you please contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue. Thank you for your time!!! Susan Russell HMNEDZZ06900012
  • susan r.
    help bt are liars and the service is appaling.

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