Brits More Content To Kick Off At Shoddy Service

Looks like the British are gradually getting better at standing up for themselves when faced with shoddy service, according to a new survey.

Whereas the traditional British way always used to be to purse that stiff upper lip and suffer in silence before moaning to a loved one after the fact, it seems that we’re now much more comfortable and confident with sticking up for ourselves when we’re not happy.

The survey was commissioned by the Local Better Regulation Office to mark National Consumer Week, and shows that more than half of those surveyed would gladly kick up a stink if they were sold faulty, unsafe or wrongly described goods or faced poor hygiene in a restaurant.

A third would consult the appropriate regulatory body with their negative mumblings, while just one on ten would do nothing or be unaware of what to do. The bloody lightweights.

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