Asda changes minimum spend on home deliveries to £40

There's going to be some furrowed brows and promises to shop elsewhere as Asda have changed the minimum spend terms & conditions for a home delivery.

Previously, the minimum you spend was £25, meaning you could get a weekly shop delivered to you and not worry too much about your spuds growing tentacles and your salad leaves not liquefying in the kitchen.

However, that's all changed and now, similar to Tesco, the minimum spend for an Asda home delivery is £40. Read more about this here. and link to free shipping coupon (if there is one).

The delivery pass gives unlimited deliveries over a 12-month period for £60, seven days a week, or £24 per year if you can receive deliveries midweek. They also offer a so-called guarantee that if the pass doesn't save you more than the spend for standard delivery, they'll give a voucher for the difference. If you want to give it a go, you can read more about it here.

There's some grumbles online too. One Asda customers ranted on Twitter: "Not happy with @asda @AsdaServiceTeam changing their minimum home delivery from £25 to £40. You've just lost a customer. Next stop @Tesco"

Another said much the same thing: "So pissed off that @asda is now doing £40 minimum spend on food shop home delivery's ... guess ill be buying from Tesco's now."

Another added: "No longer a happy customer. Since [when] did you have to spend minimum £40 for home delivery?! @AsdaServiceTeam @asda"

So, by the looks of things, Tesco will be doing alright in the coming weeks, who still have a £25 minimum spend on their grocery delivery service. Other supermarkets are available...

And if you're in the mood for some free shipping, if you register for Tesco's Delivery Saver, they'll give you free delivery for a month (with a free trial). And in the fine print, is outlines that "you can change your mind and switch, or cancel, at any time during the trial." So, go get yourself some free grocery deliveries!


  • Peter T.
    I wish I could spend less than £40 on a weekly shop.
  • bingus
    @peter learn to budget then. its pretty simple
  • Big G.
    This is only for those buying one of those delivery passes that lock you in to buying from ASDA, regular deliveries still have the £25 minimum.
  • Her L.
    @Peter, that's the beauty of the £25 minimum spend - it doesn't have to be a weekly shop. Instead order every 4-5 days and perishables will be fresh
  • Lewis G.
    I use Asda for my shopping but the delivery in my area (hoddesdon) has seriously dropped in quality. It's never on time and I am currently waiting on an order which should have been delivered between 8 and 10 pm. It's now 12! Tried calling customer services but they shut at 10:30. No other avenue to contact for this. There was no phone call or email to say anything was wrong and we were in from 6 pm! There is no chance they knocked and we didn't hear and to top it off if by some chance they did knock they didn't leave a note! I am appalled at this level of service! We are low on baby formula and this delivery was going to replenish that as well as my son's baby food and our months shopping. If this isn't resolved in the morning I won't shop at asda again. Seriously if you live in hoddesdon broxbourne or Harlow do NOT use the online grocery shopping for ASDA. It is not worth the risk/hassle.
  • Jimmy R.
    @ Lewis Learn to plan ahead instead of putting your darling babies life at risk, either that or do us all a favour and stop having kids completely - with Tesco shutting shops everywhere we don't need any more shelf stackers for a few years.
  • Marke
    I live in West Wales and if i book an order for Sunday or Monday its £25 after that its £40 and i do not have a pass - tweeted ASDA and they replied that they are trailing this in a number of stores across the country
  • fiona m.
    I had just got into getting fruit etc which costs quite a bit in itself but i need it for health reasons. As a single parent i can't afford a fortune each order when need other bits and pieces between orders. So f*** you right of Asda,conning people to start then upping the Ante,shame on you. Back to Tesco then.
  • Margaret A.
    Not A Happy Bunny I am disabled and shop online at Asda,i will now be shopping online with Tesco Good buy Asda you have now lost another customer
  • Sindy
    I am really not impressed at this, i have suvere scoliosis and cant life heavy bags. not to mention it is so much easier to shop online. now i have to either travel down by buss+taxi to avoid hitting 40 or spend 40 + delivery + bags anyway will be chaging to another store. i allways prefered morrisons's food anyway
  • Dave
    Spend around £30 a week at Asda,now it's gone up to £40 minimum spend,so Long Asda I'm off to Home shop at Tesco...well how many customers have you now lost ??
  • a.robinson
    Goodbye Asda, Hello Tesco, not willing to spend minimum £40 - not helpful for elderly people living alone, very disappointed.
  • Laylani
    I said goodbye to asda a few weeks ago, their terrible service left a lot to be desired!
  • Les
    In the Asda t&c it says the minimum spend is stated on the website. At the bottom of the homepage ( it says that is £25 if you pick a £1 delivery spot - that is, after 4pm Tuesday to Thursday. Haven't tried this but if you start filling the basket without picking a spot first, sure enough a yellow banner comes up with minimum spend = £40.
  • geoff
    i cannot believe asda ,at a time when things are tight they decide to put the minimum shopping price up ito 40 pound ,am sure if they dont want the bottom part of the market ,well im sure tesco will take your order for 25 min ,i was with asda for 3 years i am now with tesco
  • Nuala C.
    I cant believe asda have hiked up there online shop limit but only on certain stores which is unfair , also harder for families who live on a low budget , might of been to bad going up about £5 but from £25 to £40 is quite a big rise , considering we can pay upto £5 for delivery on top , come on asda im sure you need to keep customers happy or u lose them to rival supermarkets
  • Henry
    Bye Adsa after years of shopping online you have just kicked the Ass out of it now bye asking people to spend a minimum of £40!! stick your shop up your Ass!!!!!
  • jim
    Hi I am another disabled single person who rely,s on online shopping don't shop at asda no more hello TESCO
  • Emma
    Actually, to be fair to Asda, they still offer home delivery on grocery orders over £25 and you can choose a delivery slot for just £1 (but only after 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). Doesn't sound too bad to me. Better than some of the supermarkets, who used to have similar minimum delivery thresholds but have raised them over the last year or two.
  • jim
    Gone to tesco add a don't cater for the single person or the disabled. Good bye Asda
  • Adrian
    And now Tesco are upping their minimum to £40!
  • Jean
    Not happy with Asda at all increasing their delivery amount. While i will no longer shop with them online, i will continue going to their store as its the only one we have here.
  • steve-0
    Do bother going to Tesco - they're putting their minimum up to £40 too as of 23rd July 2015. Why are these companies so greedy .....
  • steve r.
    Do bother going to Tesco - they're putting their minimum up to £40 too as of 23rd July 2015.
  • Callie
    Morrisons are already £40 do Aldi deliver??
  • loz
    Well Tesco have just informed me by email that their minimum charge is £40 after 23rd July. I haven't heard about this with Asda in my area unless it is on its way! My problem is I can't spend forty pound as I only have fresh stuff and I am on my own. I am housebound, so not sure what to do now! Like everything, things change so have to get creative, may team up with a neighbour who uses the system and order together comes to mind, trouble is I am housebound and can't walk to a neighbour or even talk that much as I am very ill. Its a bugger, no thought to those who rely on it, but then again, I can understand why, because people have become lazy and use the cheap delivery when they don't need to, can;t be bothered to go to the store, wonder if they would feel different if they 'can't' shop for themselves, that privlage taken away through ill health
  • Tina
    I justs aw the price hike on Tesco site and I will be switching to other stores that do home delivery for 25.00 mimum I don't need more food nor do I want it. 25.00 to me I cna get a months food yes I don't each much and I cna even get catfood and litter for that value! I hope that asda and other supermarkets don't follow suit when they do I won't be buying online I will be going on foot to get my groceries bit by bit what I need when I need it. The main reason and only reason I buy online is due to cat litter its heavy for me to get also my health isn't that good so, for me this price hike is really a stressful thing to incur other's will feel the same too. This is upto all of us to say NO! This isn't OK it's too drastic this change. They will lose customers I won't be buying off them that's for sure. so Tesco's you've lost me as a customer told family 8 people who won't buy offline it's now spreading. I can't say anyone I know is prepared to spend that amount except those with large families. seems it's only caring about fmaily spends with lots of kids and single people those who don't want to spend less are told get stuffed! that's how I see it it's their cash and stuff all of us! thanks tescos every little helps your pockets not ours! sort it out the price hike is too high.
  • Kevin
    I'm another person living alone and can't drive for health reasons. £40 is a bit steep for a single person so I guess it is goodbye to online shopping if, and until they drop their prices. Somehow I doubt it!
  • mons
    Thank you for all your posts it helps me very much now I know it's helps me not to even start becoming a customer
  • may m.
    Bye Asda hello Tesco.
  • June h.
    Tesco do same now minimum £40 a rip off I'm a pensioner and can't afford £40
  • alison
    Not happy at all. I Can't afford £40 shop, I don't need £40 worth. Tesco let u spend less then £40 but u have to pay £4 charge on top of ur delivery. Complete and utter greed.
  • Carol
    I tried Asda as Tesco delivery for weekend very high. Iceland may be cheaper, or see if your local fruit and veg or smaller supermarket deliver. I buy fresh fruit and veg via either fruit and veg box (can pick you own items from the website or phone an order through to the shop. The smaller supermarket, Budgens, do free delivery , phone by 11.30, delivery that afternoon. Not sure if they deliver everywhere but they are excellent. Some things may be more expensive, but an order under £20 delivered free is worth considering, especially if like me you are incapacitated.
  • sasha

    l always  shop at asda but from now  on l will be shopping on line some were else if asda dont  bring there price down.

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