ASA roundup: Turning dogs into unicorns, Keira Knightley too sexy too early and feeding pets Christmas pudding...

We genuinely look forward to Wednesdays here at BitterWallet as it is the day which we get to take a look at what the British public have been complaining about for the past few weeks. Whilst some retailers are certainly deserving of a ticking off, we cant help but think some people might just have a little too much time on their hands.

Some of the highlights from the recent Rulings publication from the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)...

Boots ran a television advert which showed a child using a hair dryer on a dog whilst whispering "Let's make you into a unicorn". 21 viewers took issue with this advert and believed that it might encourage children to make their dogs look beautiful with a blow dry whilst not actually turning them into a unicorn. Boots argued that this advert was not in any way looking to encourage people to use a hair dryer on a dog and if it wanted to, the dog could just have walked away. The ASA agreed and the complaints were not upheld.

One complainant had said that she used a hair dryer on a dog as a child and was bitten...

Bonita loved her first blow dry.

The next company that found itself in the firing line was Chanel Ltd. As ever, a high profile celebrity graced one of their alluring adverts, and this time it was the turn of Keira Knightley. Just one person found the advert, during a break in Ice Age 2, was overtly sexual with Keira Knightley wrapped in a bed sheet and crawling towards the photographer before asking him to lock the door.

How that poor family can watch Ice Age 2 ever again is beyond me. Disgusting scenes. The complaint was actually upheld and must now only be screened at a time of the day more appropriate to its sexual nature.

Lastly, Morrisons were the subject of 234 complaints following one of their festive adverts. In this advert a young boy passed a Christmas pudding to his dog for him to eat. The point of the advert was for Morrisons to promote their other dessert range by showing that Christmas pudding isnt to the liking of the whole family and that they therefore have many other options.

Complainants (including vets) said that the contents of a Christmas pudding could be lethal to a dog and should not be fed to them. The ASA decided to not uphold these complaints as the dog did not eat the Christmas pudding and therefore it should be clear that dogs tend not to like Christmas pudding. It was a lighthearted advert and animal owners should already know that feeding their dogs certain foods will not be ideal. They therefore felt there was not need to take any action against this advert.


  • Tim B.
    So one person getting a bit pissed about some bint looking a bit slutty is upheld, but ones showing children doing stuff to animals which could potentially cause actual harm if copied are just fine? Well...OK.
  • Big B.
    I'm off to feed a horse some radishes
  • OoOoooH Y.
    Well done ASA you bunch of pet abusing condoning arseholes. Hope someone drops a pile of pills in your Christmas dinner and a hairdryer in your baths
  • Angry R.
    I want a job at the ASA. Looks like a doozy to spout some bollix several months after the alleged 'offense' occured. I'd just get a stamp made saying 'Get a grip you doss cunt' on it. Maybe I'd even cut and paste it. Like this site does. Bet they're good payers as well, being some kind of pseudo-authority.

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