Apple - they made a man rant

Customer service can be a frustrating affair sometimes. Often, muttering under your breath will purge you of your anger... but sometimes, people need to maintain their fury and take it to the internet.

Now, as we know, most people aren't very good at complaining on the internet, and are neither helpful or funny. We're more concerned with the latter in this case, with a man who has so much impotent rage, that it all came spilling out of his guts after a trip to an Apple store.

Enjoy. Contains swearing. Lots of it.

apple rant

As you can see, this man was not impressed by his visit, and indeed, sounds like he's kinda angry at Apple as a whole.

Still, nothing makes us glow quite like a miniature Falling Down moment, and this is a grade-A effort from a man who is still probably seething at something else now. Marvellous work.



  • Henry C.
    Applauded and encouraged.
  • LD
    15 quid for a lead - who's the daftie?

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