'Annoying' calls to be quashed

30 July 2013

Have you been missold PPI? 17 times a day? If you have, you’ll be pleased to know that ‘annoying’ calls are about to be taken more seriously. A group of MPs are lobbying to change the threshold of what is considered a nuisance call – and crack down on cold callers - from kitchen company call centres to those infernal recorded messages.


As the current law stands, nothing can be done about any particular call centre until thousands of complaints have been received. But if the government change the law, if you complain about being annoyed by a cold caller, that information can be shared by a number of regulators, and your complaint can be dealt with more quickly.

A government source said: ‘At the moment, the calls have to be distressing, whereas if they are just annoying it doesn’t reach the bar which would allow action to be taken. If you lower the bar then annoying calls can have action taken against them.’

With 6 out of 10 people saying they don’t want to answer their own phones because of the problem, this might be a breakthrough - but it still relies on people actually complaining. At the moment only 17% of people actually make official complaints about annoying calls. Instead they absorb their rage and lash out in other ways, at friends, family, and in the comments section of websites.

Still, it might put the frighteners up Nev from the Call Centre, and that can only be a good thing.

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  • Justin A.
    Sounds like some MP's got cold called then. Only move on it when it affects them.
  • Captain.Cretin
    How are we supposed to report them when the number is withheld?? If you talk to them long enough to get a name and number, they could claim you had agreed to them during the call. Banning commercial "number withheld" calls would be a start.
  • Captain W.
    Just do what I do, and ask them what colour panties they're wearing. They soon quit hassling you. Mind, I do that with all my callers, not just the spammers. Don't get many visitors at all nowadays.
  • zeddy
    @Captain Wank : White. With a hint of skid.
  • Hello S.
    @Captain Wank: Black - with a hint of cream (at the front).
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    I find heavy breathing with a hint of menace always puts them off ...failing that its £1.50 per min
  • Number D.
    As much as I dislike ppi cold calls, if the government gets their way, a lot of people could be out of work before you know it.

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