Amazon minimum spend for free delivery doubles to £20

29 April 2015

amazon-logo Once upon a time, Amazon's Free Super Saver Delivery meant free. However, in 2013, they changed their mind on all that and introduced a £10 minimum spend for delivery.

That clearly isn't making Amazon enough money, so now they're raising the limit again, doubling it to £20.

It looks like they're doing this as an incentive to move customers toward coughing-up the £79 for Amazon Prime, so you can get next-day deliveries and a host of streaming and media services. If you're not interested in the latter, tough cheese.

Seems like Amazon need to start paying for all their various forms of delivery options. Those flying drones won't pay for themselves now, will they?

So when does this new £20 minimum come into play? Well, they're not messing about and the new threshold will kick-in at 6pm tonight (that's UK time). So if you've got some cheapo items sat in your basket, you should hurry up and get them right now.


  • Albi
    I go elsewhere now. Even buying a a simple DVD takes 4 or 5 days to arrive now, plus the postman never brings their stuff anymore.
  • monkeyhanger
    Looks like I will be kicking Amazon into touch for all but the most compelling bargains. They already unnecessarily delay posting in - stock items whenever you're not a Prime customer. They sat on an order of mine for some in-stock SD cards in Feb for 2 weeks just after Christmas.
  • Alan M.
    I tried the free trial of Prime and found the deliveryse no quicker, ordered three different times and items arrived between 2,-3 days....contacted Amazon to ask where were my items received an apology along with an explanation that there would be a delay in shipping. Did not continue with membership, saw no benefit

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