Yodel aiming to get it right this Christmas by doing less

yodel If our Worst Company Of 2011 competition is to be believed, they’re the courier that you all love to hate. Yes, it’s Yodel, and they’re dealing with last Christmas’ catalogue of delivering disasters by DOING LESS this year.

Yodel’s new boss, Dick Stead, (yes, really) has said that they want to handle 18% fewer parcels this year and ensure that the ones they do handle are delivered properly.

The company has fessed up to failing to deliver a whopping 15,000 parcels per day ahead of last Christmas and is this year going for a ‘less is more’ approach, aiming for delivery of 4.25 million parcels a week across the UK, roughly a million fewer than the same time last year.

Partly as a result, the likes of Mothercare, John Lewis and Debenhams have taken their business elsewhere, which might explain the real reason why Yodel are saying they’ll be delivering fewer parcels this Christmas.

Dick, who has joined Yodel from Parcelforce, says: ‘I’ve never seen or heard of planning of this detail. Yodel is determined this year to have a good Christmas.’ Let’s hope he isn’t overwhelmed by the size and scale of the operation and ends up driving to Dundee in his bare feet on Christmas Eve.

He adds: ‘We’d expect to see 97.5 to 98.5 per cent of parcels delivered next day. Every time we fail I feel we’ve let an individual down.’ The pressure must be unbearable for him. Pray for Dick.


  • Her L.
    I would bet literally pence that Yodel's employees secretly refer to him as "Dick Head".
  • Her L.
    A tip to all parcel delivery companies - use technology available to you to give advance notice to customers of when they can expect a delivery. If people receive their delivery first time then it is much less work for your drivers and back at the depot.
  • Who s.
    What a dick...Dick Yodel are a nightmare, I'm still waiting for a phone to be delivered....
  • yoda
    prick is Dick i see
  • Alexis
    "Yodel is determined this year to have a good Christmas" They're determined to do their job? That speaks volumes. I don't see Tesco saying they're determined to put food in all their supermarkets this year.
  • amazon s.
    I used to work for yodel, I bent over backwards for my customers for years (under DHL then merged with HDNL to yodel), but I quit as they kept delivering the parcels after lunchtime (i told them I was not heading into another busy xmas when I was still waiting for parcels at 2pm!)- i waited in all day (and so did the customers) a prisoner in my own home not knowing when they'd arrive - then had little time to complete my deliveries properly-the fact that I had kids to look after and dark evenings bothered them not -they even chucked 100's or 1000's of catalogues on top of the work when I had no time to do them efficiently (deliver them WITH the parcels to save fuel)- the pay cut of nearly 30p per parcel was daylight robbery when amazon barged their sorry asses in (modern day slavery) when petrol was increasing by the week, they did not give one shit about that or the late delivery times. Awful people to work for. They kept lying to me also. They even advertise the job "Work the hours to suit you" & "Flexible" Load of BOLLOCKS! I knew a chap who got his parcels after 5pm for businesses & schools! wtf!? He quit after a few weeks. YODEL = a lot of yapping, but not an awful lot of listening.
  • Chewbacca
    Yodel are fucking awful and should be left to die.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Well they wont be delivering stuff for Comet this Christmas, so they have got their wish
  • ex s.
    ye i to worked for yodal same story they own you from when you get up as you can leave the house and they cant give you a time,i was doing 60 miles a day in my own post code after scaning and delivering it could be 3 to 4 clock, then go back out for peopel not at home, after fuel etc o a average 40 drops a day i was on 1.08 pence an hour,but best of all they dont tell you by law you need courier insurance,so you are driving iligally,if you were to be involed in a crash you would have no insurance, i think that is jailabel,hey wats the worst that can happen, get a job with yodal,

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