Wishing Chew A Merry Christmas

Earlier today, I bought four cards from Clinton Cards. Nothing too overtly fancy or showy, nothing that you’d need to hand in at the post office because it wouldn’t fit in the post box, just four ordinary-ish cards.

Do you know how much I paid? Seventeen pounds and fifty six frigging pence. The sales assistant seemed to know he was robbing me blind, he seemed almost shame-faced about it but there you go. Business is business and if you’re in the greetings card game, it’s a massive business at this time of the year.

What would soften the blow a little would be a card that has a secondary use. Because let’s face it, they don’t really. You give one to someone and if it’s special enough to them, they might put it in a drawer somewhere and forget about it. If not, they’ll bin it and wheezing Mother Earth grows ever so slightly sicker.

But now there’s this – the edible Christmas card. It looks like an unheated oriental pancake and we can’t imagine it’ll taste much better either, but it’s a start. It's made from potato starch (mmm, starchy...) and printed with edible ink – and has a big picture of some sprouts on the front. Oh.

So it's probably not very appetising and it certainly isn't aesthetically pleasing. Back to the drawing board with you Oxygen Design – wake me up when you’ve mastered a chicken balti flavour. Probably in time for my 60th birthday. But thanks for trying - I've got a craving for shredded roast duck with hoi sin sauce in pancakes now...


  • doofus
    so buy cheaper ones from the cheaper card stores???or is that too obvious?
  • ArtyMarty
    Baaaa Humbug! It is quite sad that somebody who seemingly has the cerebral qualities to write some quite interesting articles cannot look up the clearly marked prices... ...And anyway you can't discount sentiment and emotions!
  • steve b.
    didnt hold a gun to your face and force you to buy, its morons who pay these prices, if they didnt buy then the price would come down.
  • steve b.
    secondly, i am 51 years old and now appreciate a card more than a present from my sons and daughters ect and because they make an effort to write a few nice words it a ) proves to me i have bought them up to be thoughtfull and considerate and b) the kind words stay with me throughout the year.

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