Why every day is like Christmas day in the Big Apple

Not only is NYC the city that never sleeps, it's also the city that'll happily cram Christmas up your arse every day of the year. While the concourse of JFK's Terminal 3 is currently being refurbished, nobody seems to have spotted that Santa is still whoring himself to tourists in May:

No wonder the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl bang on about the bloody place every year.


  • SJT
    They're not late, they're already tapping into Christmas 09. Once the barbecues are gone, the baubles are in Coming to a high street near you in the next couple of months!
  • Mike H.
    Perhaps they should open all the old WOOLWORTHS stores as Chrimbo shops, I think they'll make a mint (In reality, I think they'll flop like your grans tits)
  • Stevie
    there are christmas shops in Edinburgh and London also
  • Tom P.
    I listen to Chris Rea (Driving Home for Christmas) every day on the No.22 bus, so i'll be very happy when the shops (what's left of them) bring out the baubles and tree's.
  • Nobby
    If it is Christmas every day, then the world will soon be overrun by Jesuses. What we really need is Christmas one day and Easter the next to redress the balance. One in, one out.

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