Why do supermarkets think we care about Easter in December?

This was the scene that greeted me in Somerfield on Sunday - that's last Sunday, the one two days after Christmas Day. Now pardon my French, but what the fuck is going on here?

Bitterwallet - getting ready for Easter in December

There's the obvious rant about the commercialisation of relgious events - Easter occurs in April next year, so marketing Easter in December is not unlike launching the Christmas sales in August. But manufacturers and retailers presumably believe there's a market and that yes, a person will buy a Lindt chocolate bunny the day after Boxing Day. No chain of supermarkets would ever provide precious POS space on an aisle end for a product nobody will buy.

What is the justification for this activity and how profitable is this advance trade? More importantly, who are these deviants? Who is buying Easter eggs two days after Christmas? Is it you? Start naming names, people.


  • Kevin
    John Lewis have the Valentines chocolates out and Poundland have out the mini creme and Caramel eggs on sale.
  • Bullet
    not at £3 for a tiny fooking chocolate bunny I dont, I buy all my stuff after the event has happened, Doing this I save myself £3 million pounds a year, I buy my christmas presents on the 26th and my easter presents the day after whenever easter is an so on and so on.
  • chocolate p.
    Twat's ..that's who, get em now whilst they're still grabbing unnecessary crap in the August to march run up to xmas in the shops! nobjockey's
  • Drunkmonkey
    My sister wrapped me up a bag of creameggs for Xmas! Hmmmm..........
  • d72
    Chocolate is chocolate....who care's what shape it is?....oh obviously people fooled by comercialism
  • Junkyard
    Aren't Lindt bunnies, Creme Eggs and mini eggs on sale all year round? If you'd shown me a shelf full of Easter eggs I might have been impressed.
  • Al
    I refused to go into supermarkets that were playing Christmas songs before December and I'll huff and puff and cuss under my breath every time I see these up until early April. What we need is a reason for a holiday weekend in February, the marketing plebs can then stop planning so far in advance. I think we need BitterWallet day - nah maybe not
  • MATT
    what else are supermarkets supposed to put out in xmas space thats sold i happen to know that where i work we sold over 1000 creme eggs in the week before xmas of 2 small stands so some idiots buying them
  • numbnuts
    are you absolutely sure you were at Somerfield? when did Somerfield start selling Co-operative solid milk chocolate eggs
  • Geoffs C.
    I'd imagine since Co-Op bought Sommerfield out and started to rebrand them?
  • Tom P.
    @numbnuts, Somerfield is owned by Co-Op. So they have to do as they are told, and sell Co-operative solid milk chocolate eggs.
  • oliverreed
    I got a pack of three Creme Eggs from Poundland, that's okay though as they are from easter '09
  • Deepz
    I think its because they were not sold in 2009 and they are now approaching their best before date.
  • Anon
    Paul Smith, swearing is neither smart nor cool.
  • MATT
  • magicbeans
    local spar had new 'malteasters'!! madness i tellz ya!
  • AndyM
    @junkyard - There were SEVERAL shelves, all full of Easter eggs, in my local Tesco and Somerfield yesterday.
  • bigajm
    We celebrated Jesus being born on 25th December, and a mere two days later we're being sold chocolate to celebrate him being nailed up!
  • rreason2001
    Think that's bad! In my local Tesco there is an aisle dedicated to a variaty of christmas paraphernalia, already!! 'Hello, there's just under 12 months to go'. Can't they just hold out a little longer.
  • Fiyero
    It happens every year and has for as long as I can remember. If the Easter chocolate wasn't on display straight after Christmas it was certainly in the stores' warehouses (My dad drove a Kit-Kat lorry when I was little). What annoys me more is that the back to school stuff is in the shops before the kids even break up for the summer holidays (and there are still massive queues at the uniform shop the weekend before they go back).
  • Capitalist S.
    "But manufacturers and retailers presumably believe there’s a market and that yes, a person will buy a Lindt chocolate bunny the day after Boxing Day." Consumers buy whatever they get advertised at them. If they have easter eggs pushed into their face then they will believe they need them and buy buy BUY! I'm sure you aren't naive enough to believe that the supermarkets "simply sell people what they want".
  • JJ
    Morrisons in tynemouth have also got an easter stand out near the bakery full of chocolate egg related goods. pathetic.
  • Jase
    Cadbury's have a countdown on a section of their e-commerce website for Creme Egg's counts down to the end of this year..saying that "Creme Egg Season starts...#countdown#" (referring to their here today, goo tomorrow campaign). So according to Cadbury's, Easter promoting starts in the new year. http://www.cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk/asp/prodtype.asp?pricing=1&prodtype=72
  • Joff
    As Paul's said in the article - supermarkets wouldn't waste their time stocking crap if people weren't buying it. Personally I always wait until the stuff is reduced or being thrown out before getting out the wallet. I've just stocked up on Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year.
  • PGS S.
    I refuse to buy shaped chocolate as such. Blocks ony - more choccy for the $. Really, though - Easter crap should not be on the shelves until 2 weeks before Easter. Christmas crap should not be out before the start of December. Notice Christmas Day (the supposed birth date) doesn't change, but Easter (supposed time of death) changes yearly. Any religious leader like to put up a worthwhile - read: non-commercial - reason for this?
  • Junkyard
    @ Fiyero: "My dad drove a Kit-Kat lorry when I was little" Did you used to take bites out of the bumper when he wasn't looking?
  • Ken D.
    Joff, don't be silly. Consumer demand doesn't dictate what is supplied. This stuff is marketing & economics 101. PGS - lunar not roman calendar, because religious nutters are nutters. Soon we'll all be obeying the mayan calendar, at least until the world ends.
  • Wonky D.
    They do this because all the fatties buy them, but eat them before they give them to the person their intended for. They then have to buy them again to replace what theyve eaten, and the cycle begins. The same happens with tins of toffee that are intended for xmas but go on sale in august or whatever stupid month it is. I know a few peeps that do this, including my other half.
  • DALP
    they leave the easter products couse they just can't keep'em on stock!!!!! they don't care about the season they want to SELL!!!!!!!!

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