Who are Splatt.co? (and why we wouldn't buy from them)

Bitterwallet - splatt logoThe interwebs have been abuzz with chat about Splatt.co lately with vibrant discussion on HUKD and MSE (the MSE discussion has recently been removed). The Guardian published a consumer article on Saturday about the company with the conclusion that they wouldn't feel comfortable purchasing from Splatt.co.

So why the interest? Well it seems this company has sprung up in the last few weeks sending catalogues to households all over the UK promising super cheap pricing on a selection of extremely popular Christmas items like UGGs and iPads. For example splatt.co is currently offering the Apple 16GB iPad for £329 (Apple sells this for £429).

The problem is there doesn't seem to be any trading history behind this company and there seems to be a bad precedent of unknown companies springing to life pre-Christmas, sending out loads of special offer catalogues… and then disappearing shortly after with consumers facing an empty wallet and an empty postbox.

The website, splatt.co, claims to be operated by "Splatt Group, 34 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 5RG" in their Terms & Conditions and also the whois.co shows the same details registered for the domain. Doing a quick online search shows the address is an instant office or virtual office provider. Bitterwallet visited the offices earlier today, to be told by staff that splatt.co are categorically not based there in any way.

A search for "Splatt Group" at Companies House turns up no companies with that registered named. A Splatt Limited however does exist. This company was registered in 2001 but is currently dormant according to their 2001 filings at Companies House. We wouldn't have made the connection (the Guardian for example reckoned they weren't related) however a Google cache of the site Terms and Conditions page shows Splatt.co used to state they were registered under company number 04296508 which is "Splatt Limited". This information has since been removed (which incidentally is also a breach of the Companies Act 2006 which requires all limited companies to place their company registration number, place of registration and registered office address on its website. A site search turned up no other pages with a company registration number).

It's possible Splatt.co made a mistake in writing this (which wouldn't explain why it was deleted with no replacement), or they have purchased the dormant company, or this once dormant company has sprung to life, or they were attempting to associate themselves with Splatt Limited. We really can't say and the current Companies House Appointment report for Splatt Limited shows only the original two directors who are only appointed to Splatt Limited and not other companies.

The Splatt.co site also fails to include their registration number or information for the Data Protection Act which is required for all UK registered companies dealing with substantial personal data. There is also no VAT number displayed on the Splatt.co site which is the norm for UK trading companies.

So does the old maxim, "Too good to be true" apply in this case? To be honest, we can not definitively say Splatt.co is a scam, there's just not enough information out there or enough time for people to find if they've been ripped off. As the company is new we also haven't found any happy customers with fulfilled orders.

However, we would say we would never feel comfortable recommending a purchase from a brand-new online store with incomplete registration details, a lack of customer feedback, and super cheap popular brand items shortly before Christmas. The fact that nobody connected with the company can be found at the only physical address associated with their operations - that doesn't fill us with confidence either.


  • Very C.
    There's one person who could enlighten us all. Simon Daley @ series3graphics has the missing link, instead he seems more concerned with his own reputation rather than analysing his role in the current fiasco. He must have met the 'missing link', pitched and subsequently billed for his services in the design of the splatt.co (republic copy) website. Indeed from records on the public domain, he remained the registrant for many weeks prior to the launch of the site and may indeed still have admin permissions. I reckon if he's really concerned about his reputation, he should immediately pull the site and escalate immediately, anything less may be seen as party to any possible offence (should one be committed of course).
  • PokeHerPete
    Thanks for the tip, ordered a few things.
  • Al
    Bugger does that mean my cheap iPad isn't likely to appear? They've had their account suspended on Twitter.
  • Matt
    Their Twitter profile has been suspended.
  • splatt
  • Bazinga
    You're too late, I bought them all. Now head on over to Schplatt.co and let's do business, iPads for £328.
  • orangeair
    Did your research include this? http://www.series3graphics.co.uk/blog1/?p=9 S3G even admit to running the server!
  • jumbo p.
    SG3 have responded see http://www.series3graphics.co.uk/blog1/
  • disappointed
    I've just spoken to Splatt and while confirming dispatch of what I now see are rediculously cheap UGG boots they cannot confirm dispatch date, courier or tracking number. Looks like I'll be claiming off my credit card company and Splatt will get away with the cash!!!......
  • daniel
    it says on their website that no money will be charged until the items are delivered to your door. it also says if your order status isnt "shipped" by today then your items wont be with you in time for christmas. there is an option to cancel your order as long as it hasnt been shipped already.
  • Leigh
    It shows all the telltale signs of a site selling counterfeit products. I suggest contacting your local Trading Standards Office who can confirm the fraud and take enforcement action. Also complain to the brands as they may not be aware of the sites.........some may not want to know so it is important to complain so that they take action against the sites.
  • Very C.
    @Daniel, Are you the sole voice of Splatt.co? I know who you are, so why not be upfront.
  • lord b.
    @very concerned, You sound like a crazy stalker. Lol 'I know who you are'... you've been watching too much 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'
  • Very C.
    Lord c buster, Stalking is my nature, happy to play along are you ?
  • Read B.
    [...] days ago we told you about company called Splatt.co – a company distributing catalogues across the country that offered insanely low pri... on clothing and electronics. Bitterwallet suggested readers be wary before placing an order with [...]
  • lord b.
    @very concerned More than happy. Do you have nothing else to do over the festive period?
  • lord b.
    @daniel From very concerned's comments, it seems like you are something to do with Splatt?? Very Concerned seems to know who you are (rather scary that is!). I hope that if you are involved with Splatt and it is a genuine company, that this won't damage your reputation too much. They're all going to look rather silly when people start receiving their goods from you. Take pity on them Daniel, they have nothing to do over the festive period...
  • Very C.
    Lord c buster, What's your view on this then? You seem to have an interest as yet undeclared. Daniel won't return, he's dumb, just not that dumb I imagine.
  • lord b.
    @veryconcerned I wrote you a response to this, but I can't seem to get it posted?? Doh! I'll try a bit later...
  • lord b.
    @very concerned, my replies aren't being posted :(
  • Very C.
    I don't think there's any moderation here, so your replies should be seen by all, just like your previous 2. However if you have nothing of value to add, then perhaps jog on.
  • lord b.
    @very concerned I think you are very much mistaken. There has been 3 messages by me not posted. Are you an internet policeman??
  • Very C.
    Just post them again or rephrase? Mind you, as you have added nothing to the thread, you may as well bugger off.
  • lord b.
    Aww don't be like that. It's Xmas!!!
  • lord b.
    Where's your Xmas cheer? Peace and goodwill to all men and all that
  • lord b.
    I'm just trying to spread a little cheer...
  • Very C.
    One thing for sure, series3graphics will be haunted for this. I'll pass the details on to DuncanBannatyne/KimCrowther just to make sure they are fully aware of the work undertaken by BW on this matter. They should stick to signwriting rather than mock up shitty websites.
  • a m.
    hi if anybody has bought anything from this company ,i suggest you cancel your bank cardsIMMEDIATELY ,this co has no stock they will debit your account for the goods. then not content with this they will then debit your account again between xmas and new year .they will take up to £800 and transfer your money to another company .i was scammed this way last xmas the same way by a company called focus clothing . the scam is identical. i have tried emailing and phoning fraud groups but while they tell me they are aware of the scam co they dont do nothing about them.
  • lord b.
    Eh? Anyhoo.. how's the window regulator business?
  • Very C.
    @Lord C Enough shit being spouted by s3g/splatt Why re you insistent on adding to it ? Just curious :)
  • lord b.
    @very concerned It seems like you have a vested interest in pulling down the web design company? It makes me wonder.. Are you in fact in the graphics business yourself? Are you a rival design company?? Anyway, I was always told 'never to argue with a fool' - so I will bid you farewell. Enjoy the rest of your 'bitter' life, you and 'Bitter Wallet' go hand in hand.
  • Very C.
    No, my interest is in consumer protection, however you appear to be stating you're in the business. Are you in any way linked to Series3Graphics and or Splatt.co ?
  • Very C.
    I await your response Lord C Buster, however I'm now intrigued by this post http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/splatt-co-anyone-heard-of-them-ipad/822393?p=10200537 and subsequently referred to in http://www.series3graphics.co.uk/blog1/ Carla16/Simon/Lord C - they couldn't be related, surely not.... I see personal attacks in the blog above now, that's one helluva way to go.
  • lord b.
    @very concerned I assume this is your website.. http://www.e-crofting.com/ Let me know when it receives a design award won't you, lol.
  • Lord B.
    And your point is ? I noticed you avoided my other questions, safe to assume you are indeed the same person. Porridge ?
  • GMummy
    I had to laugh at the latest blog from Series 3 Graphics - since when did raising legitimate concerns about a fake company equal defamation? LOL
  • lord b.
    hi GMummy, it's not the article, it's the comments after I think that they have issues with..
  • lord b.
    the mod team should not allow them, but they don't seem to be that bothered
  • Very C.
    Lord C Buster 1:37pm - Hmmm, still ignoring that point, your silence is deafening. Don't forget the soap.
  • GMummy
    It's the comments I was talking about Lord C. I really can't see anything defamatory in the comments on this article, or the more recent one, or on the HDUK thread. People are just raising genuine concerns, many of whom have placed orders and handed their address and credit card information over to 'Splatt'. I can't see why S3G are getting their knickers in such a twist, why not just tell us who's behind 'Splatt' if it's a real site? Very odd. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! xxx
  • Dick B.
    From Hot UK Deals: Admin - Dec 26, 2010 16:00 Simon I don't know if you are knowingly involved in this Splatt.co scam or simply defending Splatt.co out of honour for your client. Take a sober look at the facts involved and think on whether you want your company associated with Splatt.co. In the meantime we'd appreciate it if you stop posting with multiple users and accounts in what seems to be an attempt to create the illusion of support for your blog/company.
  • lord b.
    Their answer is on their blog..
  • Very C.
    Simon, The cheap digs you made on your blog (and subsequently removed, just shows you how much contempt you have for everyone. Imagine creating additional aliases then using those same names to back you up on your blog. Wow, just how many other aliases do you have. Infact, I challenge you to confirm and prove Splatt.co are genuine and not just a figment of your imagination. For all the public information available, Splatt, like Carla16/Lord C only appears to exist within your own head. You are the only proven point of contact. So how about it, appreciate the situation, realise that you can't be that dumb or so self protecting any further and take the lead. Everything stinks, so do the right thing, regain your credibility and take a stance on this. One thing for sure, it will be much more than the local trading standards office who will be interested. Seriously, take this as the best advice possible and come out of this with some honour. Your perceived selfishness may even be forgiven by some. If you really are in any doubt whatsoever, take a dozen or so random orders from the database, give them a call. For what I can see I'll give you shit odds on there being an 100% failure. Oh, I've seen all your back office stuff as well re processing offline including zero stock availability.... Do it now.... Drop BW a line, or just publish the whole lot for the sake of the many....
  • Very C.
    Simon Daley, Series3Graphics Just thought I'd remind you of your own advice as posted on your windowcleaningroundsforsale dot com site (suspended within the last few days I see). To protect yourself from potential fraud we strongly recommend the following course of action when purchasing a window cleaning round: Request to be shown recent records and accounts. Ask to be introduced to some of the customers. Put the business agreement in writing. Consider asking for written references. Consider working alongside the seller of the round during the hand over clean. Seriously consider making use of a solicitor for larger transactions

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