What's for Christmas dinner? Well, it comes in a can...

Merry Christmas! All going well so far? No? Families, eh? Pains in the arse, the lot of them. It's just gone 11 - pissed yet? Yes? Excellent work. Turkey not thawed in time? Forgot to buy one in the first place? Have no fear - thanks to Sweet Sue, Christmas dinner will be saved as we once again remind you of perhaps the greatest consumer product in the world. Ours is already in the oven:


  • Shaun
    Sweet baby Jesus thats just wrong
  • Dick D.
    Wrong wrong wrong on SO many levels..............
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Wonder if they sell these at the Shell petrol station. Tried ringing the local TESCO, and nobody is answering their phone.
  • Alistair
    That looks fabulous. Think I'll give up the McDonalds for this for my Christmas dinner.
  • Crisp
    That kid in the background is horrifically ugly, and you can only see half his face.
  • badmans
    Crisp, your incredibly ugly and I can't see you at all.
  • Crisp
    You've got me there badmans
  • zeddy
    Home style cooking!? Lazy fucker no cooking!
  • Warwick H.
  • Mr B.
    Thats just wrong!
  • ChildHater
    What's wrong with that child?! It is hideous.
  • charitynjw
    Hmmmm..................looks suspiciously like giraffe to me...........anything you want to confess, BW?
  • Codify
    Wow! You managed to find this just 18 months after the rest of the internets. Well done guys, on the ball as usual.
  • Paul S.
    Wow! And you managed to read none of the post where we explain we've ran the story in the past but are posting it again for Christmas Day.
  • Jase
    @Codify... As Paul says, this is just a bump of an 18 month old post 'cos it kind of relates to Xmas..."we once again remind you" with a link? right there in the text? yes, I think so... This is the very first Bitterwallet story that I saw!
  • Codify
    8 months old post, not 18...
  • Tim U.
    Wow. It seems this isn't available in the U.S and I'm glad for that. I'm sorry we exported whatever was in that can.
  • Alex
    Looks like something that would come out of an alien movie. Would scare the shit out of my kids if I made them eat this. On the other hand I could use it as blackmail to make sure they eat all their veggies!!! Always good to look on the bright side, as long as you don't eat the chicken in the can.
  • Andy D.
    @Codify - can you send us a link from June 2008 or before that features the chicken in a can? Just wondering...
  • Miro
    the problem is that it's fully cooked... and it still looks like that!

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