Westjet Airline do Christmas better than anybody

North Americans do Christmas stunts sickeningly well, making the rest of us look like tightfisted killjoys. While EasyJet have waived a measly couple of quid from some dreadful punitive charge, Canadian airline, Westjet, have knocked it out of the park.

The stunt saw employees pulling off a tremendous surprise for passengers on a flight, that left them all in tears. People asked for presents and they got a pleasant shock when they touched down in Toronto. Of course, this is all so lovely that it'll irritate you, but deep beneath that sneer, you'll be glowing with glee.

Watch the video and, if you must scoff, mock the guy who asked for socks when he could've had something superior.


  • Don D.
    How RAGIN' would you be if you were on that flight with just hand luggage...
  • susan
    Brilliant !!!
  • susan
    Thats just brilliant the look on there faces what a airline !!!
  • Name
    And don't forget that Westjet is a Canadian low-cost airline. Just imagine Michael O'Leary doing something like this...

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