We really need... Slightly Wrong Quotes t-shirts!

Some bright spark has come up with a brilliant range of t-shirts that feature slightly wrong quotes. Our favourite is the one pictured below, but there's ones starring Victor Meldrew, Joey from Friends, Star Trek and loads more.

They're pretty amazing.


Even better, is that you can buy them! Have a look at the wondrous slightlywrongquotes.com to see the full range. They'd make an excellent Christmas present, especially if you are utterly adamant that the quote is correct if the recipient tells you it is wrong.


  • shakesheadsadly
    The star wars one is brilliant! But click on Buy this Shirt gives you a 403 error.....
  • Skrillex's H.
    Epic trolling Shakeheadsadly, epic trolling. :D
  • Dick
    Dis ist gut.
  • Alan.
    Back of the goals.

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