Watch an exorcism in a Starbucks!

In 'absolute twaddle' news now, and some Texans decided to do an exorcism in a Starbucks. Obviously, the news that Starbucks' red winter cups weren't Christian enough for some lunatics, was missed by these lads, who decided to remove the devil out of someone while using Starbucks' WiFi and having a skinny latte.

The exorcists went to an outlet in Austin, and obviously, some people decided to film it on their mobiles. As you should. Always capture nonsense like this and share it with the world.

Here's the video.

Now, to us, it looks like someone who has had too much ale, or has been throwing space cakes down their neck, and have all the throat gunk of someone who thought a bit of caffeine might pick them up.

However, as the video shows, three men holding down someone while saying "by the blood of Jesus Christ" and saying stuff about someone or something having 'no business being in there', this does sound a lot like some people trying to remove a demon.

Unless, of course, the other lads have been on the mushrooms as well.

What do you think?

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