Touch the Coca Cola truck!


Yes, you might have noticed a recent upsurge of signifiers in recent days of Christmas actually coming. Seriously. It's not pissing about - it's on its way. And so naturally one's thoughts immediately turn to the Coca-Cola truck.

The red and white truck festooned with festivery, will be calling at 45 main shopping areas from November 28 at The Plainstones in Elgin, and wandering the highways of the country, before ending up - as most UK tours do - in London, at Wembley Park Boulevard on December 23rd.

There's a full interactive map affair of the dates here so you can check when you can go and touch the truck. Or just check out a hot bearded trucker who is into gift-giving.

You can, obviously, follow the truck via social media on @cokezone (which sounds like a Complete Ledge night out).

Not much else is specified as to what will go on while the trucks are parked. No doubt some activities and free carbonated syrupy gloop. Perhaps it's a trap like The Childcatcher sprung in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to abduct the town's children.


  • bob
    I hope anyone who actively goes out of their way to visit the coca cola truck like it's some sort of significant cultural event gets run over by it.
  • jim
    didnt cokeacola invent the santa in red and white that is so famous now?
  • bob
    nope, that's a myth.

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