Time to start Christmas shopping?

christmas pawnIt’s barely even autumn, but lots of are already thinking about winter, and not just because of rising fuel bills. This Sunday marks 100 days until Christmas, and with a fifth of us already worrying about how we are going to pay for all that jolly festivity, Christmas shopping might be on your list sooner than you think.

A new survey from One Poll and vouchercodes showed that 15% of us have already started our Christmas shopping and that over a third (36%) will have begun by the end of this month. That’s September, folks.

But is this just Christmas-hysteria getting in early, or is this a sign that people are thinking, and budgeting ahead, rather than relying on plastic or, heaven forbid, payday loans to get them through the season of goodwill? According to the research, 36% of people will spend less on this Christmas than last, with 62% not expecting an increase in disposable income before the end of 2013. Put that way, it makes sense to start buying things, or putting a bit aside to make sure there is enough come December time. Just don’t stash your savings with Farepak. Or Arthur Fowler.

Last year, YouGov estimated the average UK household Christmas spend at £835, down from £865 in 2011. This amount is made up of gifts for friends and family (£634), as well as food and drink (£161), and cards, trees and decorations (£40).

Given that most of us don’t have a spare £835 in any given month, let alone one filled with excuses to spend money on drinking and partying, isn’t it time you started your Christmas shopping?



  • tt
    The co-op are already selling mince pies labelled "Christmas treats"
  • LD
    Selection boxes in my local Tesco's - or were they ever away?
  • Toxteth O.
    Chewbacca has his selection box of Tennannt's already. Oh wait, he drank it.
  • Olde S.
    @Toxteth Tennannt’s - wait for it...

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