The (tricera)top present for Christmas 2008?

Stop everything. Now. We've found what might just be the best Christmas present in the whole world. It's a dinosaur for crying out loud! A real (not really real, obviously), grunting, burping triceratops! Brilliant! It's called Kota and we'd quite possibly sell a kidney to get our hands on one. Turns out we'd need to to afford it.

Ok, so it doesn't walk, but then you don't have to toilet-train it either. What kid wouldn't love one of these for Christmas?

Something's been lost in translation regarding the price, though. Amazon's US website lists Kota at $299.99 - £173.10 as of right now, but Amazon UK are selling the toy at £289.90. Most UK shops are selling them for even more, so if you spot a cheaper price, let us know.

What do you think?

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