The Santa Clause - you've gotta see me naked if you want toys

Bitterwallet - lego advent calendarAlready wanting to punch the next person who makes a gag about returning home to find all their doors and windows smashed in? Of course you are. Tis the season for advent calendars and beginning tomorrow, it's chocolate breakfasts ahoy until Christmas Eve. Unless you buy the Lego Advent Calendar for £24.99, and then your kids can enjoy a new toy every morning. Super times!

Well, it would be if your children weren't likely to be playing with a naked Santa dude. A click on the More Views tab for the calendar reveals a bizarre choice of toy, in the shape of Father Christmas taking a shower. Maybe he's wearing a thong:
Bitterwallet - lego naked santa[Consumerist]

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  • Nobby
    You pick on a naked Santa? Look at the double ended dildo the mother is holding. The dog seems to like the smell.

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