Tesco ready to stomp into tablet marketplace with its own iPad-smasher...

19 August 2013

tesco bag Tesco is strong. Tesco is fearless. Tesco believes it can do things that no other supermarket can do. Tesco is prepared to take a punt on launching its own version of the iPad. No, really. Probably.

Word is that the sell-everything behemoth is plotting to bring out its own tablet, using the Kindle Fire as a template. Due in the shops pre-Christmas, the as-yet-unnamed device will come pre-loaded with books, films and music (according to The Sunday Times).

There’ll also be loads of other Tesco-related content on there, including apps for the supermarket’s grocery site, banking and its Blinkbox streaming TV/film/music shizzle.

What about THAT then, dear readers? Would you be seen dead (or even alive) with a portable Tesco machine clasped in your hand? Or will it sink without trace within six months?

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  • Spencer
    By the mother of satan's unholy testes ... let this be true... Please let this be true... The market is SCREAMING for an overpriced rebadged Chinese tablet overflowing with supermarket bloatware... Seriously though, simple truth is, it will not be purchased by anybody style conscious - so you can forget trying to prise away Apple customers. That means potential customers are either folks who want good specs for their money or the elderly/bewildered. Owing to the FACT* that this WILL* be mediocre and overpriced any tech savvy person will know better tech is to be had for less monies - so we can conclude that this is basically a way to fleece confused old people out of their cash. For shame Tesco. for shame. * I am prepared to bet my finest hat on this being true
  • Joe
    Next tablet Mk2, anyone?
  • nickko
    Bet it's shite.
  • shiftynifty
    Tesco....another word for shit....
  • Chewbacca
    @Spender I bet you eat in Giraffe restaurants and drink coffee from Harris & Hoole... Youfuckingmoron.
  • Kristian
    Will it be blue and white striped? Lol
  • JonB
    @Spencer: "mediocre and overpriced" Isn't that the description of an iPad?
  • Tesco R.
    [...] Via: BitterWallet [...]

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