Tesco now selling giant champagne

lanson A fine example of fiddling while Rome burns now, as Tesco have taken to selling six-litre Methuselah bottles of Lanson White Label Champagne.

A snip at £499, the troubled supermarket have limited it to four London stores as stockists, otherwise there'd no doubt be riots.

The bottles are only available from the following City of London stores : Bishopsgate, Tooley Street, Canary Wharf and Cheapside. Customers must place an order a day in advance, rather than swan in and clear the shelves, obviously.

According to Tesco Champagne buyer Charlie Craven (that's his job title, he doesn't just buy Tesco champagne out of habit or anything): “As the Christmas party season kicks off, we thought it would be a great idea to make some larger-format bottles available to customers,”

“Magnums have been popular over the past couple of Christmas’, but this year we thought we’d go even bigger.”

Maybe they confused Magnums with the jolly ice cream treat. Everyone likes them. Anyway, expect to these these huge bottles in the VIP section of a provincial nightclub near you, while someone 'makes it rain' with the contents of their 2p jar.

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  • Dacouch
    Nice to see Tesco's Champagne buyer is called Charlie Craven. It's Friday night, just been paid and I've had a few drinks and now I'm Charlie Craven...

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