Tesco look set to slash prices in time for Christmas

22 September 2011

Bitterwallet - Tesco price check Tesco could be set to spark a monster price war that would be great for consumers while hitting the profits and share prices of their rivals. So that’s great then!

The murmur in the ‘industry’ is that the UK’s biggest supermarket is planning to get rid of price promotions in favour of ‘everyday low prices’, slashing prices across the board to make for a cheaper shopping basket, in some kind of supermarket ‘day of reckoning’.

The news is already making the share prices of their competitors look a little green around the gills with share prices in Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s all falling as speculation grew.

The ‘everyday low price’ method is favoured by WalMart in the USA and is Tesco are believed to be ready to be reveal it as early as next week - managers have received a document and are all scheduled to report for duty on Sunday. The cuts could also be seen in their smaller Express stores, where prices are often up compared to the larger branches.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and report back to you if and when Tesco announce the price slashing. It’s exciting stuff if you’re a shopper – a glorious part of life’s rich pageant.


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  • Dan B.
    Tesco are already more expensive than Asda and Sainsburys! My shopping through Asda is nearly £50 cheaper than Tesco and Sainsburys is about a £5 cheaper than Tesco. The quality of Tesco products is laughable especially regarding meat and fish. The only thing they have going for them is people lethargic attitudes to shopping and the number of stores.
  • Bob F.
    They will have to go some to beat ASDA, since switching I have saved a small fortune and suprisingly the quality at ASDA is good too, The final straw was when they devalued club card points pah!
  • Pip
    "Monster" price war... "Murmur" in the industry... "Green" around the gills... ...ready to be "Reveal" ...received a "Document" ...a glorious part of "Life's Rich Pageant" REM referencing ahoy! Okay, I've spotted them, what's my prize?
  • Pip
    Oh, and ...day of "Reckoning" too!
  • Pip
    Oh, and ...day of "Reckoning" too!
  • kv
    this is the usual tesco bs, advertise the fcuk out of their price drops, and then about a month later start edging them back up, and by January they're all the same price again or higher
  • Big G.
    So, look out for price hikes in the next two weeks so they can claim massive cuts when they put the prices back down again.
  • Shaz
    I shop at tesco and prefer shopping there the Asda etc. I dont see the prices that much difference between the two aswell.
  • M M.
    I'm sure this will appeal to someone, probably the people who shop there already, i.e. those who have a low IQ and those to whom English is a second language.
  • Dick
    It's a good idea. Announce this price drop, let others shops' stock price fall, then buy shares in them and sell tesco ones.
  • Alexis
    Everyday low prices like their Double Gloucester cheese? Yesterday I was helpfully informed I could buy one for £1.50 and two for £3.00.
  • Dick
    Two would be quadruple Gloucester, which is enough for anyone.
  • Delenn
    Asda tried every day low prices last year - it did not work and they lost market share, so they went back to special offers.
  • Music S.
    How can Asda be £50 cheaper than Tesco on a regular weekly or even fortnightly shop? And as for Sainsbury's being cheaper than Tesco this is statistically very unlikely. Are you using an Tesco Express as your comparison, or a small tesco with limited range and thus comparing ? From Tesco point of view it has made great headline and PR but as currently 40% of all purchases are products on offer, a move to EDLP would be suicide. I'm a Morrison's shopper and they usually have more promotions than anyone else.
  • klingelton
    I entered my shopping basket at a popular supermarket comparison website and the difference between asda and tescos was little. (pence) sainsburys was about £5 more expensive (on a £40 shop, that's alot) and we won't even speak of waitrose. I wonder what you're buying to find it cheaper in sainsburys... the only thing they're good for is southern fried chicken breast!
  • delrio
    yes walmart do that, but aren't their stores full of cheap tat that no one would want if they could actually afford better? sounds about right for tescos actually, their fruit, veg, meat and fish have all been awful when i've been forced to use them in the past (usually use sainsburys as we had no asda til recently - we now have a small asda and they are WAY better quality than tesco aswell). as for their luxury range (forget the name) it takes horrible, sainsbury's luxury stuff (taste the difference) is lovely. real difference in quality in my opinion.
  • Aled J.
    Quit bitching all I have in Aberystwyth is a piss poor Morrisons that does not pass on national price reductions-our nearest Tesco is 38 miles away and we have a small Sainsburys 30 miles away in a town half the population of ours.Due to the poor travel infrastructure around here it takes an hour to get to both of these.
  • phil
    we stopped shopping in supermarkets about a year ago. we now shop around in different shops. i.e butchers for meat, greengrocers for fruit etc etc, the only reason supermarkets are popular is for convenience, people are now too lazy or too busy to spend time going into various shops. we also go into shops like home bargains and some of the pound shops which now do small amounts of food (tinned products mostly) we never eat frozen, always freshly cooked products.....apart from the odd tin products and i am not lying when i say that by not shopping in supermarkets we have saved £75 per week.
  • gifts s.
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